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About Us

Who We Are

We're people just like you. In our case, we had tech jobs. We got pretty sick of the way things were going in Corporate America, sick of being referred to as "headcount" and "resources" and generally sick of being crapped on. Soooo...we decided to make a change and make a positive contribution to the working Schmoes of the world. Our founder actually quit her job to start Job Schmob!

Why We Care

We think things could be a lot better. We think work is taken waaaaaay too seriously and too many hours are being spent on things that are not important in the overall grand scheme of things. Everyday life is important. Everyday life is hilarious. Your hilarious.

We consider JobSchmob to be a cross between a water cooler, a happy hour and a group therapy session. Our goal is to provide a place for workers just like you to come together and share their experiences. Our mission is accomplished if you laugh a bit, vent a bit, and contemplate life a bit.

How You Can Help

We can always use help! Here are ways you can help us to help you!

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