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 Working to Resolve (not Absolve) Workplace Wickedness


by The Confessor

Along with and, is one of the best online resources for anti-bullying  and personal bully-proofing strategies.

Laid out in an easy-to-use format reminiscent of a good power-point presentation, this site breaks down category by category, the causes, environments, and personalities that ignite workplace bullying and mobbing.

Beyond that, offers personal insights into behaviors that one might not realize encourage or inflame bullies and mobbing cliques. Do feel uncomfortable saying no, even if the request is outrageous? If someone attacks you directly do you shrink from it or cry? Do you blindly trust others? This site gives truly useful information about this and more!

Best of all, the site is realistic about battling bullies. It will get worse before it gets better. At the same time, the simple act of standing up to these workplace jerks is a victory in itself. And winning may not mean continuing to work there. It may mean leaving, after letting the powers that be know exactly the price they're really paying for having such a sociopath around their business.

Visit the site, and let me know what you think!

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Corporate Ladder Rung: CIOtwiz (07/05/2007)
Informative site. Thanks. BTW - The link doesn't seem to work. I just typed it in...

Corporate Ladder Rung: CIOthe confessor (07/06/2007)
Yep, I know. The folks here at JobSchmob are aware. In the meanwhile, just do what Twiz did everyone...


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