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Bad Boss = Bad Employee

by The Confessor

Got a bad boss?  Does he or she lie? Steal? Misappropriate company resources or funds for their own use? Fire people  at the drop of a hat or worse, encourage others to drive them out?

Chances are, at some point they were a bad employee themselves. That's why hard-working, honest types drive them crazy.

One radio station owner I knew had worked for another broadcast group as a young man.  I found out that he had been a total pain in the ass, insisting on a new office, personal secretary (whom he hand-picked and started screwing), etc. This was all at the company's expense. He also ruthlessly backstabbed any other co-worker that he thought might challenge him. The owners clearly were afraid of him...

The straw that broke the camel's back came when the owner's realized that he could not be reached outside of work. His increasing dominance of the workplace, plus the sudden departure of valuable employees and other issues demanded that he be available. Even someone like the President of the United States is ultimately on-call 24/7 if the situation becomes dire.

Turns out that the jerk didn't have a home phone, claming it was an unwarranted expense (this sadly predates his legendary cheapskates traits that showed up later in his own company).

The owners reluctantly agreed to pay to a phone at his home (this was back in the mid-1970's).

He did allow for the phone to be an attic closet on the third floor of his home.  Plus he allegedly turned the ringer off, and used the phone to make long-distance personal calls that the business had to pay for.

He was subsequently let go.

However, the contacts he had made, plus his new ruthless reputation allowed him to eventually gain his own station. One former colleague of his was so bitter that he said that he hoped that his wife would divorce him and turn the kids against him...

By the time I eventually left his employ, he was doing his grocery shopping at 2 am in the middle of the week to avoid running into people that hated him in our small community.

He eventually had to do shop elsewhere because he tried to used mis-matched and outdated coupons at check-out, raging at the poor clerk that was unable to accept them.

One time I ran into him unexpectedly. He said, "thanks for all the rumors."

"The fact you're a lying a$$hole is no rumor" I shot back.



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Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOCK (05/09/2008)
Simply put - he is a bully ... the the max!

I read that in a small town they had a bully much like what you discribed. The whole town got fed up with this guy and with the women at home every man in town ganged up and shot him dead!

When questioned no one knew who shot him and no one would admit the act ... worse case of mass amnesia in history!

Cookie (06/18/2008)
Thanks for telling it like it is. I've been in that situation. It's no fun. But all I can say is, if you stick up for yourself and don't let ANYONE disrespect you, it pays off in the long run. There are employers out there who respect their employees...the trick is finding them. It's hard, but worth it.

nohandle (01/21/2009)
Just curious if you've seen this site. After reading some of your comments, and being relieved that there's more crazy work situations than just mine, I thougth I'd share it.

For three years my boss brought her admin assistant to tears at least once a week, "slept" her way into the safety of the top executives, stole work, subjected all of us to her tyranical raids, showed her middle finger to those she did not like in meetings... and, the final straw for me, was when she began to book her personal trips (to rendevous with her married boyfriend) on the company dime. I went to HR... and got fired. Yes, I (not her) got fired... Well, after I "left," she ended up "resigning."

Corporate Ladder Rung: CIOthe confessor (08/13/2009)
Thanks for the website, nohnadle. Unfortunately, that is what can happen. I believe you might be covered under the Whistleblowers Act, and may want to check with a lawyer.
It is true that leaving a company is sometimes the only way to win against these creeps. Though, if you and others are good at what you do, the bully or mob can be exposed for their own incompetency and subsquently (but usually quietly) removed.

allbymyself (08/18/2009)
or how about the boss who takes pleasure in hurting you, mentally of course. He finds ways to crush your spirit. Takes projects away from you and gives them to others, talks smash talk behind your back. Openly makes fun of you in front of others... This is a pattern my boss has. He did this to another employee before me, she quit, he started in on me.

dupped friend (01/26/2010)
Boss that takes 401k money out of your check and does not match it or invest it!


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