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You Pay NOW!

by Southern Programmer

Well, another interesting lunch episode happened recently. I went out with a few co-workers to have lunch and it was decided that we would eat at a local "all you can eat" Chinese Buffett.

Personally I am not found of Chinese food, nothing personal it's just that I grew up on a Southern diet which consists mainly of beef, poultry and catfish and almost everything is fried. But majority ruled we were to have Chinese and so off we went.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were seated by a man who appeared to be the owner of the restaurant. He was quite nervous and sat us down. As we waited for a waiter to come by I noticed a timid young lady who appeared to be of oriental descent trying to talk to some young men at a nearby table.

The table consisted of three men who were attired in 'gangsta clothes'. One of the young men had his head laying on his crossed arms which were on the table. His eyes were shut and he had a toothpick in his mouth, he had the self satisfied look of someone who had just eaten a large meal.

The young lady was addressing the other two and was saying "You pay NOW! You eat meal, you must PAY! Pay twenny five dollahs!"

The other two men burst into laughter and one of them told the girl, "We ain't gonna pay! What choo YOU going to do about it!?" At this point, the young lady twirled on her foot and left with tears going down her cheeks. Instantenously a very tiny older woman (I assumed it was the young girls mother) came to the table and said "You look HERE! You must pay for food you eat! GIVE ME TWENNY FIVE DOLLAHS!"

Again, hoots of laughter occured as the young men thought this was the funniest thing in the world. The other young man said "We paaaayyyyy NOTHING!" and both laughed.

As my co-workers and I stared at each other wondering what to do, the front door of the restaurant opened and two cops stepped in. One of the cops was one of the biggest men I had ever seen, he appeared to be well over 6' 5" tall and I could not see an ounce of muscle on him.

Both cops were talking to each other and laughing about something when it happened.

Have you ever been around a cop or a war veteran or a seasoned security officer when they sense something is wrong? Their whole demeanor changes and they appear to 'go on alert'. The moment these cops walked in it was as if a switch was thrown. The big cop quickly went quiet and scanned the restaurant.

He immediately saw the table and began taking large strides until he was standing right by the distressed woman who barely cleared the cops belt in height.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" the cop said in a voice that showed HE was in charge.

"These men no pay for their food!" the woman said.

The cop glared at the men with his nostrils flaring.

"We we we we ain't gots no money!" One of the men stammered.

"Well let me tell you what!" The cop said, "If you can't find a way to pay your bill, I'm going to take you to a place where you can have all the food you want for free!"

At that point the young men "woke" (his eyes were watching the entire altercation) their companion up and began digging in their pockets for money which they threw on the table.

As soon as the money was gathered, the cop said "Come on guys, lets go chat outside!" As he was taking them out the other patrons broke into applause.

As we began eating our meals I watched the cops talk to the men outside. They were checking ID's and soon let them walk off.

When they came back in the owner and his wife immediately rushed up to them to thank them and I heard the cop say

"I told them I come here to eat EVERY DAY and will be checking on you, I gave them a warning that we have their id's on file for this and they better not come back unless they work on their manners!"

Overall it was one of the most exciting lunches I have had!

Thanks to those who wear a badge! You have a tough job and I thank you for doing it!


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JobSchmobber Community Comments

Veronica (05/15/2008)
Yay!!! What a great story!!!! I hung on every word. =)

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOSouthernProgrammer (05/16/2008)
Thanks V.

Typo on my part above.

FIND = Ounce Of Muscle
Replace With = Ounce Of Fat

Corporate Ladder Rung: VPBookwoman (05/17/2008)
I love this story! Having grown up in small town America back in the day, I always was in awe of police. Still am, in some ways.

Would any of your party have done anything or said anything if the police hadn't come in?

Loved your typo correction. Your word story built clear pictures in my head and I gotta say, a police officer as large as that without an ounce of muscle wasn't a pretty sight....

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOSouthernProgrammer (05/17/2008)
Thanks B-Woman.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if any of us would have done a thing. The young men involved in the story were quite aggressive and the way they were dressed and acting it's hard to say if they had weapons or not. I realize I will probably be accused of stereo-typing but the fact remains that the young men were causing trouble and obviously felt as if they were on top of the world until the police got involved.

thelma (06/10/2008)
About a year ago, some guy was shot and killed by the police after he left a restaurant without paying. They manager got his license plate number and called the police. The police tracked him down. The police claimed he tried to run them over and shots were fired. It turned out he and his friends walked out without paying as a joke. It wasn't funny.


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