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Back in the (Reindeer) Saddle

by The Confessor

Well, it's your old buddy the Confessor once again bloggin' and feeling good! If you wonder where I've been the past few months, I became quite ill in early August when a cyst was found in my right lung (non-cancerous, thank God!) Many thanks to Abigail and all at Jobschmob for their support.

Thought I'd quickly share some holiday office survival tips:

  1. Consider the office party as a truly "official" sort of gathering. Though the atmosphere maybe relaxed and liquor available, you are probably being watched by rival co-workers or boss quite carefully. Make an appearance, listen more than you talk, and save the real revelry for your family and close friends outside of the work setting. It amazes me that some folks show more awareness of the politics at play at a big family get-together than they do an office party.
  2. When doing a Yankee Swap or Secret Santa, insert a gift certificate or lottery tickets into a toilet roll and wrap. It always brings smiles!
  3. If you are an owner or manager and find that an office clique is doing their own secret santa thing that excludes others, shut it down. Ask in a staff meeting if everyone has been asked to participate. Point out that team unity, not disunity, promotes productivity.
  4. Go to and have some fun! (Though not necessarily during office hours...)




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Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOSouthernProgrammer (12/11/2008)
Glad you're doing better.

Corporate Ladder Rung: VPavid reader (12/13/2008)
SO GLAD all is well!! I was wondering where you'd gone. Welcome back and happy holidays, Confessor!!!

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOHaveADamnNiceDay (12/17/2008)
Welcome Back, Confessor!


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