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Bankrupty, Bounty Hunters And Scammers - Oh My!

by Southern Programmer

June 01,2009 - Today marks a day I had hoped I would never see, General Motors has filed for bankruptcy.

General Motors in the 50's was seen as the company that could do no wrong, each year it
turned loose new cars to such an eager public that people would actually take days off to go see the new cars.

During the 60's, GM missed the mark with the Corvair (though I thought it a neat car) and actually hired detectives to 'find dirt' on Ralph Nader. They then had to admit this in court and tarnished their image.

From the 70's to the 90's GM made horrible cars and during the 90's GM (IMO) became fat and lazy and turned out high priced SUV's that were bland and guzzled gas because they made an outrageous profit on each SUV!

Some people may argue "Well, if the public did not want SUV's, GM would not have made them!"   That could be true but Toyota and Honda did not make SUV's and you don't seem them filing for bankruptcy!"   

What I don't understand is that it appears the Government (in other words, the US taxpayer), is going to get 60% of GM which apparently consists of "Bad GM' while the other 40% of GM rebuilds into a profitable company.

Regardless, I am confident our Government will run our 60% share with the efficiency that they have run Amtrak.....


I have been enjoying going to my Gym lately due to the new floor show.

The floor show consists of a 40ish year old Gentleman who has skin that is tanned so dark it appears to be leather.   He is husky to the point where he is almost fat and has a large belly.   He covers this up with a weight lifting belt that has the word "Bounty Hunter" written on the back in magic marker.   He wears weight lifting pants and a ripped shirt and walks around carrying a gallon jug with some concoction in it.  The jug has the words 'Gorilla Juice' written on it in magic marker.

I have seen this guy pull up to the gym in a Viper with the a personalized license tag that says "LiftRDie" written on it.   Rumor has it that he is a bounty hunter of some sort.   If this is true I don't know how he has not been killed yet because his antics are hilarious!

When I first saw him, I was walking to the free weight area when I kept heard someone yelling "ARGH!" and "YEAH!" accompanied by weights being slammed together.

I arrived to the weight room and saw the "Bounty Hunter" slamming weights onto a leg press machine, I estimated the weight to be a good 900LBS.

During my 20 minutes in the weight room this guy would:

#1: Walk around the leg press and shake the machine while yelling.

#2: Go to talk to the young ladies while making sure they saw various 'medals' on his shirt by brushing them with his right hand.

#3: Wrap his knees and ankles while slapping his thighs.

#4: Stand in front of the mirror and flex.

#5: Talk to the guys whom I consider 'hard core' lifters.

Finally, right before I left to hit the treadmill for my run (I hate that machine!)  the 'Bounty Hunter' managed to get two big guys to 'spot' him.

He climbed into the leg press and instructed the men to get on either side of the machine.   

They got ready and looked intense....this was going to be momentous, the Bounty Hunter was going to show them something!

The Bounty Hunter began yelling, he placed his feet up on the press board and shook his legs and with a mighty yell he began pushing...

His face turned red and he yelled louder.  

His face turned even redder and he strained mightily.

His face turned white and he strained even more, I expected body parts to begin shooting off of him...

With a final scream he pushed hard...lifted the rack approximately 1/4 of an inch, let it drop with a resounding 'CRASH!" and then leaped off, said "Thanks" to the two men and strolled out.....

I laughed about that for days.

Hopefully I will see him again, he is very entertaining.


It seems economy downturn has increased the number of SPAM messages I receive.   My company has a 'SPAM Filter' built into it's firewall but the spammers and scammers are determined to somehow reach my wallet through the email system.    Everyday I receive letters from people claiming to have millions tied up and they desperately need me to wire them thousands of dollars to help them and they will repay me with millions!   

Somehow I am supposed to believe that out of the entire world, these people have decided an unknown programmer in the US can help them!

But, apparently people do fall for these things.  I have read many stories of college Professors falling for these schemes, one poor fellow actually used  his entire life savings of 250K in one of these schemes.  I guess this proves one can be highly intelligent yet lacking in common sense.

I ran across the story of how one man began playing a joke on a scammer, after reading his story I believe I may do the same!


 Summer is almost here and so starts the Summer swim season for my youngest daughter and youngest son at our local pool.   I really enjoy watching them compete though I am not a 'competive parent'.   I think sports are very good for kids as long as the kid is taught to take a loss with grace because no matter how good you are in a sport, there will always be someone who is better!  

Some parents really push their kids and I don't like this.   One father in particular has a child who is very talented but can't seem to please his father no matter what he does.   I observed the boy absolutely destroy his competition in a 'butterfly' event but when the kid came up to his dad after the event the father simply said 'You could've done better if..' and began to critique the kid.

A few days later I was at my GYM and saw the same man with his son, apparently the boy had been working out and was hurting but the dad was telling him "You have to just IGNORE the pain if you are going to be on top!"

I really don't like parents like this, kids only have 18 years to be kids.  Let them enjoy being children (within reason) while they can because they have the rest of their lives to be adults!

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy watching my kids compete and will be proud of them whether or not they win or lose!   




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JobSchmobber Community Comments

FloridaBeachBum.. (06/05/2009)
SP, I 'stumbled' across your blog a while back but have never commented until I read your latest.

I am SURE I have seen 'The BountyHunter' at Golds in Jacksonville, Florida. Do you work out there also?

I go there a lot these days, got laid off a while back but have been getting interviews lately...

dontask 0 (06/05/2009)
Thank you for writing about GM's gradual descent. I feel like mourning a close relative. In the late 80's and early 90's more GM cars were swiped from employee parking lots then any other vehicles. According to the local cops even a pimply dyslexic young teenager could pop the locks with easy.
When companies only concentrate on hires who 'fit' they also block good people with new ideas to become part of their organization.

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOSouthernProgrammer (06/06/2009)
dontask - Glad you liked it. GM has disappointed me with their build quality. I used to own a 97 Suburban that I bought in 99 from the original owner who was a retired GM dealership owner. The car had never been abused and was garge kept when I bought it and during the time I owned it. The number of repairs needed by that car was astounding and included two transmissions, a complete rear end, a complete AC system, water pump, two starters, an alternator, computer system, and more. The car was a complete lemon. When I finally sold it, the door locks had begun locking/unlocking themselves constantly when I drove the car in the rain. I would drive the car with the doors locking and unlocking as if the car was possessed. I would be hard pressed to drive another GM vehicle.

BeachBum - I do work out at Golds but not the one in Jacksonville. The Bounty Hunter may have the membership type that allows him access to all gyms so you may have seen him. He is hard to miss..

In my column above: "Toyota and Honda did not make SUV's " should ready "Toyota and Honda did not CONCENTRATE ON makING SUV's

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOHaveADamnNiceDay (06/26/2009)
SP-- This is one of the reasons I will never buy an american car, and never have! I have a 16 year old mazda right now that, despite its age, still keeps right on ticking in spite of the wear and tear. Now, I do have to keep up on maintenance and I do have to make the occasional wear'n'tear repair (like when the exhaust rusted apart and when the seat belt died... and my coolant hose blew). However, it has really not been expensive to fix, and I'm hoping to get 20 years out of the poor little thing, I'm trying to get historic tags for it ^_^.
My next car will probably be a honda or a nissan---unless Mazda really does start production on the Kabura!


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