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 Your boss won't remember your name in 20 years—your kids will!

Summer, Sanguine, MJ and Being Green

by Southern Programmer

Summer is here in full swing and the summer activities for the kids have started.

My youngest daughter had signed up to go to a summer camp with her Church youth group and spent the latter part of Sunday packing for her week long vacation which was to start at 8:30AM Monday morning.   

As I was leaving for work at 7:15 my wife informed me that she had forgotten to purchase two 'throw away' cameras for our daughter to take on her trip, was there anyway I could drive to the store and pick up two cameras and get them back to the house before they left at 7:45 to meet the bus.

This statement alone describes the one of the differences between my wife and I.

If you ask my wife how long does it take to get to the store, she will base her estimate on how long it would take her to drive to the store if it were 12:00 Midnight, no trafffic, all green lights, no cops, while driving an alcohol fueled dragster at it's top speed.

It you ask me how long does it take to get to the store, I will estimate in traffic, all red lights, while driving the normal speed limit.

However, I am glad my wife is the way she is as it makes life more exciting.

Not wanting to disappoint my daughter, I took off in my Quixotean quest to purchase two cameras.    Somehow, I managed to find two camera's and deliver them right when they were walking out the door to drive to the Church.   

My youngest daughter is at the age where parents should not be seen nor heard.   It is my opinion that teenagers at this age try to fool their friends into thinking that they do not have parents and heaven forbid you should actually talk to your child if he/she is in a group with their peers.   You will get stared at by your child as if you had just walked up wearing an easter bunny suit and holding a carrot.

As my daughter stood in line with her peers my wife realized she forgot to pack water for the bus ride and so she walked to our daughter and simply said "Oh honey, I just remembered we forgot to pack you some water!  So just see if they have some in a vending machine at the first rest stop".

According to my wife, our daughter rolled her eyes and sort of 'hissed' my wife away.

I told my wife she should have gotten a bullhorn and blasted out "[Daughters Name]!   DID YOU REMEMBER TO PACK CLEAN UNDERWEAR!?!??!?"

That would have been fun....

(of course I didn't mean for her to really do that....sort of)


I can't believe Michael Jackson passed away!

While he was about as unusual as an individual could get, I do believe he had a good heart and can respect the talent he had.

I believe a lot of his problems were due to people taking advantage of him, from all the news reports and stories that have been repeated I have yet to see evidence of someone grabbing him and saying "Hey!  Wake up!  You're over forty years old now!  Time to grow up!"

In a situation much like Elvis Presley, it seems Michael Jackson was surrounded by 'yes people' and Doctors who allowed him to continue his bizarre behavior and pump him up with drugs and pain killers.

Truly a tragedy. I certainly hope his kids have a good life and will be well taken care of.


The "Climate Bill" has passed through the house.    There is no way I can claim to know every nuance of this bill but I personally don't think Government should be involved as Government has proven it can barely run itself so why should it get involved in this?

I CAN say with authority that I have worked with businesses and manufacturing organizations for over 30 years and can report that every business that I am currently working with has jumped on the 'green' band wagon in an effort to cut costs so they can stay competitive.

One large MFG company has even hired an outside company to come in and handle their recycling for them.   The recycling company is doing the work cheaper than the MFG company could do it AND the recycling company is even SELLING the recyclables and putting money back into the pockets of the company that hired them.

The net result being, the MFG company doesn't have to pay the recycling company a single dime and is getting free money in return!

There are plenty of businesses doing this and companies are already touting "Green Products" in order to get bigger sales as studies have shown that consumers PREFER 'green products'.

I for one do not want the Government to get involved with the Green movement that is already underway.


Remember how the Government decided to bail GM out and it was just a 'loan'.

We would have been better off throwing that money into a blast furnace!

Personally, I think the way to have handled it was to give every US Taxpayer a check for twenty thousand dollars that could only be used to buy a car built by the car companies asking for a handout.  GM or Chrysler.

If the US taxpayer used the check, they would not have had to pay taxes on the car for two years.

If the US taxpayer decided NOT to use the check to buy a GM or Chrysler car, they could opt to use ten thousand dollars to help purchase a car from another auto manufacturer who builds cars in the US.

That would have really given GM and Chrysler incentive to get their acts together and come up with a very decent, reliable car for 20K in order to make sales.


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JobSchmobber Community Comments

KermitTheFrog (07/02/2009)
Hey SP, it ain't easy being green!

Corporate Ladder Rung: CEOSouthernProgrammer (07/02/2009)
Kermit - It's easier than you think!

Corporate Ladder Rung: AssociateFedup-Timeout (07/09/2009)
Would've made too much sense. It's funny but so many people have said the same thing, including people who don't really pay too much attention to what is going on in the world


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