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Your current or former employer. - draining By peon

micromanager: wants me to ask questions, when i do get them thrown back into my face ; response is what would you do? make up your mind. new girl is an ass kisser. boss buying her tires, eating lunches on the company, coming in late, always sick, having saturdays off. she cannot do any wrong. i ask to leave a 1/2 hr early to buy office supplies and get the third degree. tired of doing stuff on my own time. tired of the unfairness of it all, but then life isn't fair. stand up for myself and get chastised for it. ask for help and get nothing.

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Consolidated Divisions Inc. - What a shithole! By JustcallmeDave

No vacation time, no sick time and upper management are the slimiest human beings this world has to offer. This company treats office staff like gold but craps on the people doing the actual work.

The owner and VP are the most egotistical scumbags I've ever met and the way they treat people makes everyone cringe. They truly believe that they are better based on their bank accounts but as soon as they turn their backs everyone talks about how much they truly suck. Management overall is a bunch of retards that surely don't deserve the positions they hold. In fact, the higher the manager, the less competent they are.

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Federal Government - ATO - Toxic Boss By Out of there

Although I needed my job, I have left it, due to a section supervisor who is a tyrant and a control freak.

Although all the people working in the section have been in the workforce for over twenty years, she goes out of her way on a daily basis to make them feel like children again.
She hounds people relentlessly over the tiniest things, and is constantly ordering them around. She habitually talks down to people, and never misses an opportunity to demoralise them.

People have to keep their email in tray open at all times, ready to read every message as soon as it arrives. To ensure this is done, she not only makes her way around the section looking directly over everyone's shoulder (watch out if she catches you out not reading your emails at the same time you are trying to get your work done), you will be subjected to a quiz at the daily "team huddle". If you can't recall at will the details of every single email received since the last "huddle", you will be called on to provide an immediate explanation as to why. That you were concentrating on getting work done is not considered an excuse.

The "huddle" (meeting) itself is conducted with her completely in control of the proceedings. She can speak whenever she likes, but no-one else can say a word until she tells them they can do so. If anyone dares speak without her say so, they will be subjected to a tirade in front of the rest of the staff.

With the monthly "feedback", she could give Cecil B. De Mille a run for his money when it comes to fault finding. She zeroes in on anything wrong that she can find, harps relentlessly on it, and calls on you to justify yourself for not measuring up to her expectations, and will keep hounding you until you do.

She can see nothing wrong with expecting people to produce more and more work in the same amount of time, and if you succeed in doing so, she will then use it as a weapon against the rest of the staff, expecting them to do the same.

Although she sits at her own desk doing very little in the way of work, she is constantly pre-occupied with what other people in the section are doing, and is obsessed with "catching them out". if she thinks they are doing something they shouldn't. Despite producing large volumes of high quality work, I have had to put up with her galloping up to my desk, standing right behind me, looking over my shoulder at my desk for violations. Any suggestion that she shouldn't do this only makes her do it all the more.

She also keeps close tabs on people's attendance. One time someone came back about five minutes late from lunch, and without seeking an explanation as to why they were late, she proceeded to rant and rave at them as if they had gone missing for a week.

Recently, it was decided that a lot of the City based staff should be re-located to the suburban office of Parramatta. At the same time, redundancy packages were being offered to staff who wanted them. Eight people in my section took the redundancy packages and left, seven of them because they couldn't stand her any more.

I feel sorry for anyone else brought in to take our place, because they will surely be subjected to more of what made us leave. I am told by others who have known her a lot longer than I have that she has always been like that.

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Private Estate - It's a MADHOUSE ! ! By Gong insane gardener

I work as an Estate Gardener in NC. I have May years experience in horticulture and and very qualified for my position. The place I work is a large 25 acre estate owned by one of the mos wealthy and influencial families in the US.
My managers is you can call them that are a male in his mid 60's who was a truck driver before somehow becoming and Estate Manager and his female spouse close to 60 years of age. Neither have little experience or qualifications to run a large estate garden such as this.
First let me say the way things are run her defies logic.
The male manager is over several of us and we each have sections of the property and gardens we are responsible for.
He usually shows up around lunchtime each day and either leaves 2-3 hours later or doesn't show up at all. He talks down to all of is and uses every opportunity to cut hours or find an excuse to shave our paychecks. He is unprofessional and the King of the bullshitters ! When he is at work he spends most of his day eating and playing Candy Crush on his phone or IPad provided to him by the owner. He never lifts a finger to help and he and his wife constantly argue in front of us. They both leave together allot I the van also provided by the owner as well as fuel and insurance. The reason is usually to go plant shopping if a reason is given at all. They go to garden centers hours away and eat lunch at expensive restaurants all paid for with the owners credit cards. More often than not they return with no plants or maybe 1 or 2 at the most. They are both salaried employees and bring home $2000 per week between the both of them. We as employees are required to work hourly and refused salary. They also have hired their son-in-law who is paid a higher hourly wage and has received raises where we have received no increase in pay. There is also 1 employee who I a close friend of theirs who is given preferential treatment and monies. We as emplyoyees are not given any voice and anyone who has ever spoken up has been quickly terminated or driven out. The situation is worse because the co manager the wife is a hateful cold hearted witch. She talks down to all of is and had little to no knowledge herself. She instructs us to install plant material in the wrong locations such as plants that require full sun planted in full sun and vise versa. We are railroaded if we make the slightest objection. The wife is supposed to work a 30 hour work week and rarely makes 10 hours a week. She and her husband use their payed work hours to run personal errands and go to ea extravegant meals. They constantly gloat about how they spend hundreds of dollars on meals. They have had at least 8 weeks of paid vacations this years alone and are paid regardless if they show up or not.
We on the other hand at required to work hourly and are not provided with any sick or vacation days.
We are required to preform our tasks using methods outdated by decades. We are not permitted to use any modern means of weed control or any gardening task. It is like working on the 1800's. There is no scheduling or planning of any kind and we only get out assignments at the last minute the day of.
We are not told if we are able to work the days prior or following holidays until a few days prior making it impossible to plan anything.
They on the other hand are paid regardless.
The owner of the property a very well known woman in business and politics is aware of all these things but does nothing to rectify the situation. The male manager is very sexist and makes lewd and peverted comments all the time. He asked one female employee to pose nude for him. She was in her mid 20's at the time and he was 60. Despite all these things he continues to follow the same patterns. He and his wife are horrible people and treat us with no respect. It is the worst situation I have ever been in during my career. We are forced to work in inbearable heat on the summertime with barely any breaks and freezing temps in the winter. They spend the majority of their time in the heated and air conditioned office as does thier female friend employee.
The female employee is also their spy and reports everything she hears or sees to them. She often baits us and then tells them things that have been said and omits her own comments.
I would leave today if I could find another job but it is difficult to find a good paying job in my field. I feel at times I am working with mentally ill people who should be institutionalized.

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KNAB 1140 AM - 104.1 FM - KNAB's biggest problem is Bette Bailey By

PROS: KNAB features lots of on-air work, production, and firsthand radio experience... more than you could ever hope to find at a major-market (big city) station. Amazingly, none of the paychecks ever bounced.

CONS: The most abusive, and pervasively negative job I have ever held! The owner, Bette Bailey, treats her employees like absolute dirt... She screams maniacally at us and berates us for even the smallest infractions. Also, she is breaking some of the most fundamental employment laws in existence:

She makes us work more than 70-hours a week, with NO overtime pay (despite ALWAYS making us work overtime!!!) This is no joke... I was working 12-hour days Monday-Friday, 8-hours on Saturday and 5-hours on Sunday, and that was a typical work week! (There were times she made me work 17-hours in one day!)

The earnings statement attached to our paychecks (where our tax deductions should be listed) is literally a blank page.

The salary is a pittance compared to the work she makes you do: I started at $1,200.00 per month, and this was full-time! Also, she once waited nearly three months (to save money) before hiring another employee.

Bette Bailey would routinely accuse her employees of things that never happened, while also blaming us for her own mistakes. While she made us work every weekend and holiday, she herself took weekends and holidays off! Finally, there is absolutely no advancement of any kind at this company. Bette Bailey is a tyrant, and I sincerely hope she falls on her sword one day... I hope her deliberate dismissal of basic employment laws is finally exposed.

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Branch Banking and Trust - BB&T - Incompetent Senior VP By Disgruntled

Branch banking and Trust is looking for an SAP Security Administrator. The only advice I can offer is to run away as fast as you can. You will report to Cecilia Tomory who is not very technical in SAP but thinks she knows it all and even when things are shown to her that prove her wrong, she ignores them. When shown a reply from OSS which corresponded to what an employee had advised to do was shown to her she said it does not matter, they are wrong like you are. And do not go to her manager since they both came from Bank of America and are old friends. Some poor fool already took the SAP Security Manager position which I am sure will just be a vehicle for Cecilia to impose her stupidity and lack of good judgment on and the person will probably just be a puppet with no input.

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Physician, Private Practice - ER Bound By Office Mgr.

He's insane. Belittles staff and demeans patients. We rarely have clients appear for follow-up visits. He walks around in his boxer briefs and keeps a loaded gun in his office (which he's waved around at the tenants downstairs when negotiations about a lease broke down). Law Enforcement was called. He has thrown items at me, called me a stupid B and the C-word. He requires me to send flowers to his latest conquest and rates them on a scale of 1-10 to me in my office. EVERYONE is terrifed of him. He will not allow his staff to leave the office for breaks or lunch, so meals must be eaten at the desk (in case he needs to chew your a$$ out about something). I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm currently on a 10 day stress leave, ordered by a cardiologist for severe chest pain. I need a job to survive. I'm scared.

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Sociopath Boss By How Early Can I Retire?

My former boss, P, likes to manage by criticism. She will do all she can to make her staff feel stupid on a daily basis by nit picking. When it looks as though a staffer is about to be successful on a project, P finds fault with some small thing or diverts the staffer by throwing obstacles in front of them, usually in the form of busy work or some project that takes precedence.

P is threatened by and therefore hates another manager, who is male. She badmouths him, his department and even his wife to others. When the other manager was up for an award, P created a diversion so that he would not get as much attention as he might have otherwise. His wife was smart enough to figure it out. He's too decent a guy to pull a stunt like this.

When an important job became open, the other manager encouraged a candidate from his own apartment to apply. P, who was chairing the search committee, didn't like the guy, so she did everything she could to keep him from getting hired. As a result, a very weak candidate that P can manipulate got the job and is now making a mess of things. She not only dresses like a hooker but is rude to customers and just downright stupid. Needless to say, she is neither liked nor respected, but is beholden to P and does what P tells her to do.

P, meanwhile, is looking to advance her career but has had no luck so far. This is making her still more manipulative. Working for her was such hell, I quit.

But employees and the general public complain to me about the situation. I'm concerned that all the good work I did is becoming unraveled by P and her poor management. They say her superiors know she's a whack job but are waiting to get more on her so she can be fired. She has already sued one company, and they think she might sue again.

I'm glad I'm out of there, but I still have nightmares. It just feels good to vent.

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I put myself into this situation By Chicken

I am a professional who has two years of experience in my industry, sadly over a year of it has been with my current employer. Here is my story.

Before coming on I had been warned that the company does not have the best reputation and knew multiple people, that I respected, that had quit. Alas, I only had one offer.

I applied because a friend said they needed an immediate hire. I applied and was immediately contacted and told how awesome my resume looked (later complained about my lack of experience later in the hiring process). I went in and during training I was up front with my future project manager that I had left my last job under less than desirable circumstances, then the fun began. The principle of the company called me up and indicated I misled them and they had found out that the last company I was looking for was looking for people(I was thrown under the buss). This appeared to be the first of many lies, the suggestion that they found out on their own and I had not been candid with my future project manager. He then threatened me as if I was a small child to think long and hard about my future with the company, the first of many threats. He called up my old supervisor who more or less said I was awesome but had a bad wrap that wasn't my fault so they hired me. After receiving this information he said I was in the clear...but threatened me again to make sure I got the message.

After a few weeks on the job I was nervous that no paper work had been sent for my employment. Eventually the principle called me up and I ended up having absolutely no leverage. I could not balk at the non compete they wanted me to sign or really insist on competitive pay as I had already put my job hunt to rest. It also became clear they had no intent of reimbursing me on my travel expenses as previously agreed, but never in writing. I thought I was being a team player by trying to help out on such short notice but alas I got burned. So, from the get go, the employee/employer relationship was poisoned. (It is my understanding that I am not alone in this).

I then worked for them for three months and informed them a month ahead of time I was going to take December off as I did not expect them to have work for me and wanted to spend time with my family. I was called three days before the beginning of December and asked if I could stay. I said I could not for the first two weeks but might be able to come back for the latter half of the month. The principle insisted he needed me and that he would make sure that I would have enough to work coming in to make it worth my while. On the third week of December I flew to the project and found out I was only needed on weekends. They could have worked me more but alas, meh. I ended up going home since it really was costing me more money to stay out there to work two days a week then being at home, so flying across the country to help out, at the expense of being away from my family, ended up being an absolute waste.

Next year they needed me to finish up the last project. I tried to negotiate higher pay and fail as they tell me I am replaceable. My supervisor is greeted with the same response as they want to cut her compensation for the next project they want her on. They end up not being able to come to an agreement and let her go...until the client she has been handling everything for finds out. The client still needs her services for the next three months and the principle receives multiple calls saying that under no circumstances are they to let her go without cause. I try to get them to put down on paper what the compensation agreement for the next project is as I am hearing different things from different people and, of course, this doesn't happen and make a big deal out of me not being a team player (I understand they do this for a lot of things, including complaints about shorted hours, the non compete after the fact, etc).

I go to the new project and work 70 to 90 hours a week for the first couple of months because they are short staffed. They finally bring on several other people who all make between 17% to 50% more than myself, and my old supervisor continues to make less than myself so I know they have no intention of raising my rate. I am told this new project will last two years, same as all of the new hires, but I tell the principle we both know that isn't happening and he admits that they will only need me for a few months. A few months later they have a shortage of work to the surprise of all their new hires. In the name of fairness we get an equal amount of work days despite the fact I have been with them longer and I cost substantially less. (Someone might of been told not to try to wrap their head around the pay difference). The new employees aren't great either. My current supervisor refers to one of the employees, who is making 17% more than me, as a shit employee who is only kept on because of his cheap rate (makes me feel just awesome). The ones making 50% more are arguably worse. One's performance (some of this is word of mouth) includes: smoking weed on the job, drinking on the job, billing more hours than worked, insubordination, going shirtless while on the job, and not following the federal and client regulations that we are payed to enforce. A senior project manager has even referred to him as the worst employee they have ever had. Now to be fair, it is my understanding the reason some of these people were brought on was because the client was already familiar with them and insisted on it so them acting unprofessional is less likely to alienate the client than actually getting rid of them, which is just awesome. My old supervisor has left at this point for greener pastures in a different industry at this point.

I leave for a few months as I am no longer getting enough work to make the money worth while. I come back and I am promised full time work through the end of the year (does not happen). I pretend I believe this because it makes my principle happy. Now every time I have left something screwy happens with my reimbursement check (Yay!) so, once again, I get that straightened out. I know they regularly short myself hours and have decided not to make it worth my while to call them on it. They also do this with their other employees and when called on it the principle sometimes accuses them of billing more hours than they worked and dishonesty. I am at the point that I just record how many hours I work and what they pay me so if I ever need legal leverage I will have it. And no, they do not follow the state's overtime laws.

I am told things are slow again and they need to send me to a different project which I agree too. Then, I get a call from a representative from a federal agency asking if I know what I am getting myself into. Apparently, at least as far as this person is concerned, the project in question has already broken a long list of federal laws/regulations and tells me that it is not in my best interest to be out there. I bring this up to the principle who tells me there is absolutely nothing weird about this project and tells me to trust him and I need to go out there to continue to build a relationship with company (I've been here a year, they know who I am)...I fake it. Despite him telling me absolutely nothing about the project except that it is completely normal and everything is on the up and up, everything I know about the project is from word of mouth, including senior project managers, who basically have nothing good to say about it. Despite the fact that my skill set is a dime a dozen according to the client we will be working for they are paying premium for our services as every person they have brought on, approximately 8 people, so far has been either been fired or quit.

So I go out there with what might be the least qualified team, or motivated team, that one could put together given the circumstances. The only other person who was truly qualified besides myself was replaced because she was taking it to seriously (this is opinion and as if actually doing our jobs when we are under a massive amount of federal scrutiny is a bad thing). Then of course a representative from a federal agency shows up. My supervisor acts like this is could have never been expected despite I more or less told him that this would likely happen (the representative had texted the person who took her job too seriously but we were unable to communicate this as we were told to have not any contact with the federal agencies. He also texted about how unqualified the people that were being sent out there were). Everyone freaks out as the man in question says he is coming back the next day. Despite this, no plan on how handle the situation is made, or at least communicated to the people who were going to actually have to deal with him. He comes out and my current supervisor tells me to show him around, until the principle finds out. Despite having a legal right to see what was going on and the power to make our lives and the clients lives miserable the principle calls me up and tells me to keep him away from the project (and on the bright side is fine with me telling him that those were my orders since this man has the power to effectively revoke my approval for any up coming projects). I end up getting permission from the client so were in the clear.

I show him around but he is not pleased about the level of unprofessionalism he had been greeted with. He indicates that he will try to use his powers to try to limit the future work for the company I work for and the client as he feels he is being messed with (ignoring the fact that he thinks multiple federal laws have already been broken). He also makes it clear that he knows that some of the permit(s) that we applied for did not have accurate information for our qualifications (At least one was out of date but had been "updated" and signed in person's name).

My supervisor is now unhappy with me and gives me a long (hour +)speech about protecting our employer from themselves (I've done this but not against direct orders). He says that I should have called him to make the final call and not the person that actually pays me and not making this call is due to my lack of experience. I end up telling the project manager I am considering going home because this is an incredibly crappy team and I question my supervisor's leadership skills. Issues with my supervisor in three weeks out there: telling me to disobey direct orders from someone above both of us since his judgement call got him in trouble, lying to the face of a representative of a federal agency and appearing to encourage me to also lie, giving me instructions that are not his call to make (ended up calling the project manager who told him to stop), asking me to submit to him my reports (unprecedented and looks very fishy, once again called up the project manager and said this was not happening, the project manager said they had not asked for this and to continue as previously instructed), distracted people from actually doing their jobs for hours on end. He successfully alienated myself, the representative of a federal agency, and even when new people came out, the clients people, they ended up calling the person who did her job to well, despite she was four hours away, for her expertise instead of him, who was on site with them, as they had apparently decided he did not know what he was talking about. Perhaps the most annoying, and possibly related to distracting employees for hours on end, was his constant need for attention. He seemed to want to eat of with everyone at the end of every day and even on weekends wanted would try to organize hiking expeditions and going to the movies. It got old really fast.

Now I am back on the old project. It is my understanding the company is in the red, rumor has it the powers that be are contacting potential clients about their lack of ethics, and my colleagues are trying to make sure that those with the most marketable skill sets for upcoming projects are also on the competitors bids so our company does not have an advantage at getting the contract since they want to be with a company with a better reputation, pay, and does not regularly short them hours.

On some level my situation is of my own making as I am still with them but I have been unable to find work else where. Things are incredibly slow and despite being under paid and regularly having my hours shorted I am doing better than most in this industry (those who aren't working). Still my moral is low and it is hard faking stupidity on a regular basis (though I am treated better than most employees if your not counting pay).

I will likely be laid off in the next few weeks, likely for my own good, as all of the bids the company is putting out keep falling through (can't imagine why).

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Absentee Owner By Invisible

Now, instead of being gone from the office 3 days a week, my boss comes in when no one's here to sign letters and leave tapes. So all those "Get with me about such&such" are just so much wasted directions I have to listen to!

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