Bosses From Hell

Read stories about bosses as bad if not more horrible than yours.
What can I do with tyrants at bay? By therye2

Life is full of struggles. I get that. I understand how everyday can be a terrible day at the work place. I want to know what you think.

This job I've had for two years has given me a lot of stress, struggle, and grief. I've pin pointed it to one a single person; my bosses. We have a department head and a chief of office. Their motto is "the customer comes first', I beg to differ by all means. There's times when they'll leave their work space and ask me to block their schedule and reschedule customers on the same days of the appointment. There's times when they don't show up to meetings and have no excuse afterwards. When i'm late for legitimite reasons, via car, health or even waking up late, I get torn a new one. For the past two years, I've gotten in trouble for others often. Their view of blowing things out of porportion has brought me to a new low. I've began becoming distant with my coworkers and slowing my pace of work down. They've taken a notice to it and have asked me "Why don't you talk to us the way you talk to customers?"; and I say, "you're not the customer". I can't seem to find the drive be nice to anyone anymore. These bosses of mine have even picked me off and "counseled" me for not saying greeting them. Who do they think they are? I'm forced to respect them because of the rank they hold in this job, but what can I do rather than sucking up? I hold my own professionalism with passion and I'm here to serve the people. I can't afford to quit this job either. They forced me to put in a bunch of paper work for a day off when they just don't show up? What type of business are they running? Along with them is a certain employee that just rubs me the wrong way. This kid sits on his phone the whole day and still gets praised while I run my A** off around the workspace everyday. The difference between him is that he's nice to people even though he is the gossip queen. Some my say I envy him and to a certain degree I do, but I would never want to be like him. I would never want to earn my rank the way he has. He would snitch on me if I had snaks in the work space. He would complain if he had to work and the other employees and myself would never hear the end of it. This job is full of messes right now and I just unfortunatly have to deal with it. All I know is that I just work here. I just have to suck it up. Thank you for reading. Sorry for the rant!

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Walmart - DO NOT SHOP HERE. EVER. By Anonymous User #2794

I worked in a Walmart that was okay, except for my manager. The manager I worked for was from hell itself, and had no mercy or regret towards any employees. Whenever he was on the sales floor, where the customers do their shopping, he seemed like a really pleasant guy. That's an act. Here's how he treated employees. You make ONE TINY MISTAKE and he immediately takes you to his office, making no big deal of it to customers or you, then as soon as you step in that office and he closes the door? Prepare to go through hell. And he won't let you go until he feels he has sufficiently tortured you, and in my experience, not until you're weeping loud enough for people outside to hear you, in which case he gives up, steps out, and lies saying something like "Oh, a family member passed away" whenever asked about it. I could not be happier and better off both emotionally and financially (I found a better, higher-paying job) to be FINALLY LEAVING THIS ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE HELLHOLE.

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Applebee's - By Underpaidoverworked

To all that apply @ Applebee's in Augusta GA on Washington road. No that they have no cares or respect for there employees. They want you to work 4 hours per day. They don't want you to work any other job. When it's slow they expect you to work 3 to 4 sections of the kitchen on your own for up to 5hours a day. If you are like me and have adult bills don't apply Here.

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Law Office - Evil King Mateas By Legal Assistant

Once upon a time, there was an evil king name Mateas. He was the most wicked in all the land. One day, evil King Mateas captured a beautiful kind princess and locked her in a tower. He made her slave away from sunrise to sunset without pay or lunch breaks and took advantage of the princess's work ethic making impossible demands and ordering his fire breathing dragon to attack the princess for no reason at all.

My boss is the WORST!! Firstly, our office hrs are 8-5 and I'm at work from 6:30am to 8:00pm. I have been filing in for multiple attorneys without an assistant and taking on the job responsibilities of the two people we are short of. I have been praised by all the other attorneys in the office and told that NEVER has the firm had someone so dedicated and hardworking. The partner in all of his 40+ yrs of operating the firm has never given someone a raise before at least completing a year as an employee but he made an exception for me since he felt I was deserving. Now if only my own boss could see that. He's hateful and mean and puts me down. I say good morning to him and he doesn't say a word back. He NEVER says thank you. And today when I hurt myself and cut myself with glass he said "oh did something break? Did you clean it up?" He is an ASSHOLE in the truest sense of the word. He is the spawn of satan and hitler.

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Coffee shop - Slave in a county without slavery By Batista slave

When I interviewed for my current job I made several important things clear. First I had previous long standing commitments on Sunday and could not work then and a second which is relevant to this was that once something was given I expected it to be held to, at a previous job I had been told I'd receive a raise of pay that never came, and my boss agreed.

Recently, about a month ago, my boss started trying to force me into working Sundays and ignoring other commitments and even more recently has started making last minute changes to my schedule and in a field where employees aren't usually on call is making me be on call. For a lot of people this wouldn't be that big of a deal because hey they get some extra hours for pay but, to expect a post time employee only making minimum wage to do that seems absurd. I've had to cancel plans for my time off over it.

Also my boss requires that I answer any and all text messages sent by her even when I'm on my time away from work in addition to unpaid training I must do at home.

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Our Beginning - WARNING: This Employer May Be Detrimental to Your Health! By The HR General

I was hired at Our Beginning, a childcare center (though she would call it a "children's school") run by P.J. Things went pretty well for the first three or four months--but after that, it seemed I could do no right!

She failed to communicate her expectations to me, and then would scold me for not meeting the expectations she'd failed to communicate.

She made promises to me, and to other employees, that she followed through on either very late, or not at all. For example, it took more than a year for the company to get an electronic time clock, after her promises to me that it would happen in just a few months. It took 6 months for me to get a proper desk for my office... then she took it away from me and gave it to the new Admissions Coordinator... then she berated me for not having an organized work space!

She played favorites, and compared me unfavorably to the previous Office Manager and several other employees (almost all of whom have since quit).

She did not respect my time outside of work; she called me at home before and after work hours, and on weekends, usually about trivial matters that could have waited until I came back to work. She would often call with something else she needed to have done before I went home for the day... just as I was getting ready to go home for the day. This resulted in my working 50-60 hours per week, at a rate that worked out, per hour, to only 1 or 2 cents above the state minimum wage, if my weekly 40-hour rate was divided by hours actually worked.

And, in the 16 months I worked there, I had only two full vacation days, plus 4 days of bereavement leave. (I was promised more, plus comp time I was owed, but somehow P.J. never thought it was a good time for me to take it!) And I was "punished" for taking the bereavement leave... I had to work a 15-hour shift with no lunch to get everything done she said I had to get done before I left!

The job itself also deteriorated over time... instead of playing to my strengths, it emphasized my weaknesses. (She would promise me writing projects, but other than the occasional bone or two thrown at me, those never materialized. I gave her, not just second, but third, fourth, and even fifth chances, to keep her promises.) I was forced into a customer-service position in the company's front office, with lots of noise and constant interruptions, even though I had no experience, or desire to work in, customer service, and was originally hired to do a completely different type of position! She admitted I might do better in a different type of work environment, but refused to change the work environment, or the hours, to accommodate me.

You can imagine what a toll all this took on my physical and mental health, over time. I ended up having a severe flare-up of an already-existing health condition due to all the stress and overwork, and a doctor finally told me I would either need to consistently limit my work hours to 40 per week or less, or quit the job. My repeated requests for a part-time work schedule, to both take care of my health and to have a better work-life balance, fell on selectively-deaf ears.

I'm pretty patient, and I think I was more than forgiving in P.J.'s case, but I'm not Mother Teresa--and there are limits to the amount of suffering my doctor would have advised I tolerate! His exact words to me were that my work situation "was not sustainable and was bad for my health," and that he felt it "would be unhealthy for anyone," not just for me.

It's probably also worth noting that 6 employees in my last 6 months with the company--myself included--either walked off the job or quit without notice, and of those 6, 4 cited health reasons as their reason for quitting. That right there tells me I'm not the one with the problem!

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Your current or former employer. - draining By peon

micromanager: wants me to ask questions, when i do get them thrown back into my face ; response is what would you do? make up your mind. new girl is an ass kisser. boss buying her tires, eating lunches on the company, coming in late, always sick, having saturdays off. she cannot do any wrong. i ask to leave a 1/2 hr early to buy office supplies and get the third degree. tired of doing stuff on my own time. tired of the unfairness of it all, but then life isn't fair. stand up for myself and get chastised for it. ask for help and get nothing.

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Consolidated Divisions Inc. - What a shithole! By JustcallmeDave

No vacation time, no sick time and upper management are the slimiest human beings this world has to offer. This company treats office staff like gold but craps on the people doing the actual work.

The owner and VP are the most egotistical scumbags I've ever met and the way they treat people makes everyone cringe. They truly believe that they are better based on their bank accounts but as soon as they turn their backs everyone talks about how much they truly suck. Management overall is a bunch of retards that surely don't deserve the positions they hold. In fact, the higher the manager, the less competent they are.

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Federal Government - ATO - Toxic Boss By Out of there

Although I needed my job, I have left it, due to a section supervisor who is a tyrant and a control freak.

Although all the people working in the section have been in the workforce for over twenty years, she goes out of her way on a daily basis to make them feel like children again.
She hounds people relentlessly over the tiniest things, and is constantly ordering them around. She habitually talks down to people, and never misses an opportunity to demoralise them.

People have to keep their email in tray open at all times, ready to read every message as soon as it arrives. To ensure this is done, she not only makes her way around the section looking directly over everyone's shoulder (watch out if she catches you out not reading your emails at the same time you are trying to get your work done), you will be subjected to a quiz at the daily "team huddle". If you can't recall at will the details of every single email received since the last "huddle", you will be called on to provide an immediate explanation as to why. That you were concentrating on getting work done is not considered an excuse.

The "huddle" (meeting) itself is conducted with her completely in control of the proceedings. She can speak whenever she likes, but no-one else can say a word until she tells them they can do so. If anyone dares speak without her say so, they will be subjected to a tirade in front of the rest of the staff.

With the monthly "feedback", she could give Cecil B. De Mille a run for his money when it comes to fault finding. She zeroes in on anything wrong that she can find, harps relentlessly on it, and calls on you to justify yourself for not measuring up to her expectations, and will keep hounding you until you do.

She can see nothing wrong with expecting people to produce more and more work in the same amount of time, and if you succeed in doing so, she will then use it as a weapon against the rest of the staff, expecting them to do the same.

Although she sits at her own desk doing very little in the way of work, she is constantly pre-occupied with what other people in the section are doing, and is obsessed with "catching them out". if she thinks they are doing something they shouldn't. Despite producing large volumes of high quality work, I have had to put up with her galloping up to my desk, standing right behind me, looking over my shoulder at my desk for violations. Any suggestion that she shouldn't do this only makes her do it all the more.

She also keeps close tabs on people's attendance. One time someone came back about five minutes late from lunch, and without seeking an explanation as to why they were late, she proceeded to rant and rave at them as if they had gone missing for a week.

Recently, it was decided that a lot of the City based staff should be re-located to the suburban office of Parramatta. At the same time, redundancy packages were being offered to staff who wanted them. Eight people in my section took the redundancy packages and left, seven of them because they couldn't stand her any more.

I feel sorry for anyone else brought in to take our place, because they will surely be subjected to more of what made us leave. I am told by others who have known her a lot longer than I have that she has always been like that.

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Private Estate - It's a MADHOUSE ! ! By Gong insane gardener

I work as an Estate Gardener in NC. I have May years experience in horticulture and and very qualified for my position. The place I work is a large 25 acre estate owned by one of the mos wealthy and influencial families in the US.
My managers is you can call them that are a male in his mid 60's who was a truck driver before somehow becoming and Estate Manager and his female spouse close to 60 years of age. Neither have little experience or qualifications to run a large estate garden such as this.
First let me say the way things are run her defies logic.
The male manager is over several of us and we each have sections of the property and gardens we are responsible for.
He usually shows up around lunchtime each day and either leaves 2-3 hours later or doesn't show up at all. He talks down to all of is and uses every opportunity to cut hours or find an excuse to shave our paychecks. He is unprofessional and the King of the bullshitters ! When he is at work he spends most of his day eating and playing Candy Crush on his phone or IPad provided to him by the owner. He never lifts a finger to help and he and his wife constantly argue in front of us. They both leave together allot I the van also provided by the owner as well as fuel and insurance. The reason is usually to go plant shopping if a reason is given at all. They go to garden centers hours away and eat lunch at expensive restaurants all paid for with the owners credit cards. More often than not they return with no plants or maybe 1 or 2 at the most. They are both salaried employees and bring home $2000 per week between the both of them. We as employees are required to work hourly and refused salary. They also have hired their son-in-law who is paid a higher hourly wage and has received raises where we have received no increase in pay. There is also 1 employee who I a close friend of theirs who is given preferential treatment and monies. We as emplyoyees are not given any voice and anyone who has ever spoken up has been quickly terminated or driven out. The situation is worse because the co manager the wife is a hateful cold hearted witch. She talks down to all of is and had little to no knowledge herself. She instructs us to install plant material in the wrong locations such as plants that require full sun planted in full sun and vise versa. We are railroaded if we make the slightest objection. The wife is supposed to work a 30 hour work week and rarely makes 10 hours a week. She and her husband use their payed work hours to run personal errands and go to ea extravegant meals. They constantly gloat about how they spend hundreds of dollars on meals. They have had at least 8 weeks of paid vacations this years alone and are paid regardless if they show up or not.
We on the other hand at required to work hourly and are not provided with any sick or vacation days.
We are required to preform our tasks using methods outdated by decades. We are not permitted to use any modern means of weed control or any gardening task. It is like working on the 1800's. There is no scheduling or planning of any kind and we only get out assignments at the last minute the day of.
We are not told if we are able to work the days prior or following holidays until a few days prior making it impossible to plan anything.
They on the other hand are paid regardless.
The owner of the property a very well known woman in business and politics is aware of all these things but does nothing to rectify the situation. The male manager is very sexist and makes lewd and peverted comments all the time. He asked one female employee to pose nude for him. She was in her mid 20's at the time and he was 60. Despite all these things he continues to follow the same patterns. He and his wife are horrible people and treat us with no respect. It is the worst situation I have ever been in during my career. We are forced to work in inbearable heat on the summertime with barely any breaks and freezing temps in the winter. They spend the majority of their time in the heated and air conditioned office as does thier female friend employee.
The female employee is also their spy and reports everything she hears or sees to them. She often baits us and then tells them things that have been said and omits her own comments.
I would leave today if I could find another job but it is difficult to find a good paying job in my field. I feel at times I am working with mentally ill people who should be institutionalized.

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