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Co-Workers from Hell

Everyone has that co-worker they can't stand. Read and share your stories here!
Your current or former employer. - Idiot advanced Written by Schmoopie on 08/25/2014Why would you take someone who flunked out of art school and put them in charge of payroll? That really shows a stick to it ness when she attempted college for two semesters and one month at art school that ended up with one crappg painting that we all get to stare at? Oh that's right she shows major cleavage is probably screwing one of the bosses. She lost a stapler and spent half an hour roaming the halls accusing everyone of stealing it -- did she check her own purse?Add a Reply
Women in workplace Written by Female Fed on 08/09/201315 years in private sector and 15 years in public sector. I am intelligent, w/advanced degree, thin, well dressed and reasonably attractive. I am DONE with women in the workplace. It pains me to say it since I grew up in the 60s and 70s and was a feninist. I am sick of their, whining, jealousy, stupidity, unprofessionalism, backstabbing, etc. Give me a male, even if he is a sexist.Read 2 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by Really2?! on 08/13/2013:
I see. Interesting post. Hmmm, I agree to an extent but however in most cases, it is funny to me how some people can make comments concerning other people in work situations as though they are the victims in the midst of the situations and are actually the very culprits who causes hostility, chaos and havoc in job environments with lies, jealousy and hate. Then sit back and take no responsibility for it...Sad and Miserable people is what they are called, because happy people who are content with their lives do not constantly keep up nonsense and BS on jobs and then blame it on other people...

Posted by PeonWithATude on 08/15/2013:
Not sure I really understand your complaint .... of course it was as general statement without any facts. In fact it was an "opinion" that the females were jealous. What did they say, when did they say it? Have you ever been around a man who said a derogatory comment about ANY other person in the office, well I have, and it was negative, so was he "jealous" possibly not but he did mean to insinuate that that person did not know what they were doing, so that is possibly a way to make them more superior or was the statement the truth? So, my point is that both male and females in the office make "comments" about co-workers, most of the time behind their backs, and believe me I have a lot of complaints about my co-workers, but I am not naive to think that what I am saying about them, they are probably saying the same about me. The main issue is that the statements should be work related and if they are justified then why is the supervisor not addressing the issues? In general, there is so much "favoritism" in a work place and do we not all say it is who you know? Well if those two statements are true then possibly your co-workers are not jealous but actually stating facts. Obviously, you do not think very highly of these people and are making judgments, what motivates your statements?

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We didn't do anything wrong! Written by wage slave on 04/27/2013My friend and I ran for union office last year because the old president never came to work. No communication came from the union and most people felt they were paying for nothing. We won and the old president and his friends have made my life a living hell since. During our first officers meeting 2 of his friends yelled at us for running. They insisted that we sign off on the books for our tax returns without an audit. The other officers were so nasty they refused to give us grievance forms or letterhead. When I printed papers I was working on they would grab them and look at them.

The old president sent out letters to our national office saying how incompetent we are. 1 of the current officer sent out a letter maligning us but it had so many spelling mistakes in it, it was laughable. She was one of the 2 officers who yelled at us. These 2 sweethearts have refused to represent anyone or give their time to any project. I am tired of fighting these idiots. They are tearing this Union apart and no one seems to care.
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Posted by walking by on 04/29/2013:
I care! I know what it feels like to be let down by a local that is supposed to represent you. Unfortunately years ago some dunderheads took this particular local private and it became their own personal club. Long ago both sides ignored the importance of the Weingarten Rights, they reduced themselves to a so/so bargaining unit and would only investigate anti union actions. Would not help or represent me while i was on industrial and short time disability. Their reasoning: My automatic union dues withdrawal had stopped during work injury pay. Had no control over that. Parted ways with them years ago.

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I hate my co-worker Written by pittsburger83 on 12/21/2012I just started my job 3 months ago. At first everything was great. Good money, close to future looked bright. Until the co-worker from hell decided she wanted to make my life miserable. Every day she talks to me like I'm an idiot and double checks everything I do. I have been trying to tolerate her, but that was until yesterday. I sat down with my boss and he advised that she told him I don't know what I'm doing, when in fact I've been doing my job just fine. I know more about computer programs than this old bitch does. For goodness sakes, they use Corel Word Perfect which is older than dirt!!!!!!! I'm tired of her and tired of her shit. I'll be damned if I lose my job over her!!!Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by tired of jerks at work on 12/23/2012:
I found slashing tires a great eye opener..they kind of get the hint that if someone goes to that extreme all sort of things can happen from there...stand your ground

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My boss isn't so bad, but my coworkers...... Written by Forkeh on 06/16/2012Okay, so I work in a restaurant. My boss really isn't so bad. He's kind of a nice guy. He works hard. My only real complaint is that he won't stand up to problem employees, because we've had ex employees sue in the past; he's a bit gun shy with the firing.

This is a problem because we have a handful of absolutely incompetent workers. I hate it. These people can't do the simplest damned task. It's not like their jobs are hard; no brain power required to mop a floor. It's not like their shifts are long, maybe 5 hours? But I've spent the last two years at this damned job cleaning up their messes. It's gotten even worse since I was promoted to supervisor, because it's not directly my problem. One of them has a real problem with female authority (I'm a woman). I get so much freakin' lip from that girl, it's ridiculous. Don't start cursing under your breath about how much of a bitch I am (yes I can hear you) when I'm just telling you to do your job! You don't get paid to stand around. You work in a restaurant, you have to clean, get over it! Jesus.

I've absolutely had it with this damned job, and my useless crew. Where are all the people who want a job and put in at least a minimalist effort? I know minimum wage sucks for the crew, but damn, what happened to work ethic? You take a job, you do your job, regardless of what you're paid. Don't like it, quit!!!!!!!!!!!

And oh jeeze, some of I guess you'd call them? Other supervisors. Talk about leading by example. All day standing around doing nothing, when you could be helping with something. Playing with your phone? Give me a break! And then you have the audacity to chew me out, for things that didn't get done on my shift (I close almost every shift), are you really serious? I'm sorry, even when my crew isn't being incompetent, are we really supposed to get all of the food prep and cleaning done, as well as work through the busiest parts of the day....really? What exactly is it that your opening crew does, besides set up and serve the few customers that trickle in?

Maybe if we got a bit more help, more would get done. Asshats.
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Posted by Forkeh on 06/16/2012:
Edit: It's *now* directly my problem.

Posted by labtech on 07/17/2012:
This seems to be a common problem. The incompetent/lazy ones get by with the bare minimum of work, and depending on their connections/the fear of management that they will sue, they just get kept on. I'm sorry you're stuck. Document everything. Hope that you can write a report to upper, upper management detailing the problems and get something done. Don't be surprised if this backfires on you and YOU get fired, though. There is NO work ethic anymore, but there are a lot of kiddies with cell phones to play with all day.

Posted by Forkeh on 10/06/2012:
Yeah it was an angry rant. I made typos. There's not much upper management to speak of. Just a General Manager and the Owner. Small business. As I said the Manager is really gun shy, but the Owner won't stand for crap. Unfortunately everyone is on their best behavior when he's around....but he's gone 90% of the time. It's good to be the king I guess.

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WORST CO-WORKERS EVER. Written by ihatemyjob12 on 05/12/2012Okay, so I work at a fast food restaurant.. Yeah, I'm sure you can already see where this is going.. I have the MOST annoying co-workers and assistant managers!! One of my co-workers has recently become a team leader and she takes things way to seriously. Things have really gone over her head.. The other day, my operator took a few team leaders to another store location to see how their drive thru runs. AS SOON AS SHE GOT BACK, she kept saying well, this store does this, this way. Its so annoying... And sometimes, I think she really thinks I'm the ONLY employee there.. Off of her. Theres this other girl.. Just a normal worker... SHE COMPLAINS SO MUCH. And she has this real whiney, raspy voice.. The other day she came up to our manager and said "can iplease go home, I have a headache" Oh. and she started crying.. But then, I saw her talking to someone for like 30 minutes. SHE IS NEVER ACTUALLY WORKING.. Shes always disappearing and its SO ANNOYING.. Bitch cries too much!!! Add a Reply
I don't understand Written by lame reason on 04/17/2012I was fired because a coworker said I poured my perfume to have another coworker have an asthma attack. Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by Anon on 04/18/2012:
Could you expand on that story a little? I also had a coworker with asthma and she could be a manipulative pain and very good at spreading rumors. No perfume, no fragrance and when we moved into a new office no carpet. Thanks to her we had to stand and walk on unfinished cement floor.

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I get it. Written by Office Drone on 03/20/2012Dearest Co-Worker, I get it. I really do. Turning forty is a terrifying milestone. Especially for a single mom. Who knows, when I go through it in fifteen years, maybe I’ll be the same way. So I get that’s why you’re doing this. Why the sudden new wardrobe. And the new hair. And the new way of speaking. (all of which I’m sure your tween age daughter just loves) Most of all I get the new group of girlfriends made up entirely of the college interns. I do get that in order to fit in with the new group, you suddenly feel the need to go out of your way to treat me like crap. I even get why, when I walked up to give you some work information, you felt the need to tell me that you couldn’t ‘take’ me to the ‘kids’ movie next weekend. That may be I could go with your daughter and her little friends. And why as I walked away, you giggled hysterically. I get it. Can’t wait until you do.

I would like to mention a few things before I officially end this ‘relationship’. One, you look and sound ridiculous. You are almost forty. It comes after thirty nine. Deal with it. And not even teenagers dress like that to go to work. The interns don’t. Should have been your first clue. Two, your new ‘friends’ talk about you constantly behind your back. They roll their eyes when you try to speak like them. They take pictures of your ‘cool new outfits’ to trade and laugh over them later. You are their joke. Three, you trying to make me look or sound young or immature is weird considering I am a couple years older than your new group of friends. The movie that you can’t ‘take me to’? They are wildly excited about going to see it and have invited me to go with them. Twice. And I may go. And finally, they are interns. Unpaid, temporary interns. They’ll be gone by June. Just in time for your birthday.

But I would like to remind you that you pushed this friendship. You’ve been insisting on us having a ‘relationship’ outside of work for over a year. Pressing me to go to the bars, clubs, even though it’s really not fun for me. So I’m not really devastated that this friendship is ending. I get it.

Oh and P.S. speaking of clubs. The new one you’re so excited about taking everyone to? (except me of course) The one that’s so packed with so cute single guys? It’s a club for gay men. And your friends know it. Have fun!
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Posted by Mrs_Anonymous on 03/21/2012:
Sounds like some of the people on the TV show, How Do I Look, particularly the one where the mom dressed up all in pink, complete with tu-tu. And this from a woman close to or over 40. Yikes! I like the zinger at the end, though, that she doesn't even get that the new club is actually a gay bar. ;-)

Posted by dizzblnd on 04/28/2012:
I just turned 40. I haven't changed.. I don't act a day older then 25. I have seen women in my workplace go through that midlife crisis. It is very sad to have to watch then embarrass themselves like that. I hope, for the sake of your friendship (if you still want it) that she will soon grow out of this phase, grow up (mentally and emotionally) and realize that she's being mocked, ask for your forgiveness.

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How i became a supervisor with no power Written by crazy times on 01/05/2012I took this job as a machine shop supervisor and agreed to teach and mentor this 20 something year old kid. its been nothing but nightmare. this kid is typical next generation douche. he keeps screwing off I caught him on cameras the boss dismisses it making my job difficult. because I cannot do anything with this punk. I always get a excuse for every time I see screwing off or distracting other employees standing there talking. I will walk around him and the other employee but he does not take himself to his machine like he should or would kind makes you feel he can is untouchable. my boss does not stand by me and that is not helping me do my job. so being frustrated to the point I want to punch this kid just for the sake of getting no relief. this kid has made me a fool hand fulls of times..its like the boss is afraid of letting him go..because finding a replacement not in the cards because of help or hiring expensive because of demand is high and I hear that all the time..I even considered leaving my job due to his punk ass but I have a good thing going with my work schedule where I can drop and pick up my little kid. I bet many out there have experienced this type of b s. we hired another same aged kid only older and these guys seem to want to get paid for not knowing anything or seem entitled. this kid says when he gets a raise he wants a dollar. I tried to tell him knowledge is power that is only way to get better pay. yet he shrugs it off as if I am lame. lol I recently caught him on my laptop webcam screwing off with the other employee and me working around him again..yet he says he was teaching my worker about a part of the equipment when I know that's just is b s its an excuse to get away when he is caught. frankly if my boss doesn't stand by me I am going to flip out. my boss says did you ask him what he was doing? the video is self explaining even with bad sound I said I did not need to I knew what he was doing..and that he was screwing off and there was nothing I could do about it unless I tell him to go work in a stern way. this loser told me awhile back he used to work for a toy store and explained to me how he made a fool of his boss at that job I feel he thinks I am that same boss lol these young kids nowadays are nuts Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by BonusOnus on 02/15/2012:
You need to tell your boss that you need to have supervisory power over the young kid. If the boss won't grant it to you, request that you transfer the kid to another supervisor (if there is another one). The other thing is that it's possible that the kid is connected somehow. He might be the owner's son or nephew or your manager's friend's son. Do you know enough about the young kid? Some intelligence work, such as asking how he got the job, might provide some valuable insight.

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How are the incompetent taking over? Written by constipatethebull on 11/04/2011I remember the day when at work 90% of the worker bees and almost 100% of the managers were good people. You were hired based on your skills. Everybody worked hard, did their job, and wanted to be productive and successful. If you did 120%, you were rewarded with raises and promotion. Logic and common sense ruled everything. There was no way to loose unless you were just a LOOSER. NOW, the workplace in general is run by LOOSERS. For more people than not it all just seems hopeless, with no positive light in the near future. Not just for me but others I talk to: People get hired based on who they know. 75%-100% of the worker bees are completely useless and incompetent; all they want to do is pass the buck and will do whatever it takes to make their incompetence look like someone else's fault. The people running the show are worthless bureaucrat poopie-crats . Business process is run by emotion and personal insecurity rather than logic and common sense. For the people who suck the most at their jobs, they get promoted so they can repeat the cycle. Meanwhile the good hard working honest people get more crap ran down their face than the bottom of a porta potty. This cycle just keeps getting more prevalent and worse for everyone I talk to. How the hell do we stop it? I don't understand it ever, but especially now when so many good hard working ethical people are out of work. How are these loosers getting to feed their families when so many good people are not?Read 2 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by wageslave on 11/25/2011:
The only thing that keeps me sane anymore is to focus on what I need to do. In my office the Managers and Leads are chosen like a popularity contest. Sometimes they actually make good choices that way, I think it's 50/50. I try my very best to ignore everyone. I do what I need to get done and leave. My husband always says, "Do your 8 and skate." I resisted that philosophy for years and I was miserable. Years ago they put me in the QA department. I really saw up close and personal how childish our managers and department heads were. My miserable boss was an out and out pscho at the time. I think living in a fishbowl and being judged by everyone did that to her. She had quadruple bypass surgery and somehow it normalized her. The point is don't make work your life. Find something worthy of your time. Invest all that time and energy in your family, yourself, your education, your religion/spirituality or even your friends. Remember these jokers are not worth your time or thoughts or tears! I hope things get better for you.

Posted by An on 06/26/2013:
Exactly same story.. The best way is to leave and not bend to these people, never. I left and realized how miserable I was there. I was happy with pay and my own team, but management and other offfice staff were just sucking up and incompetent. Few months later, they are with worse sales numbers as ever, which proves I made right decision.

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