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BUILD YOURSELF A SHIELD By constipatethebull

Picture the biggest cutthroat corporate environment you can imagine. That's where I work. Here is some advice I have for others trying to survive in an environment like this: Keep a notebook of every minute of everyday. Document everything you do, every task, every phone call, everything. Document everything everyone tells you verbally, and everything you tell them. Put as much in Email as possible to save having to write so much in the notebook. Return voicemails with an Email so the conversation is on record. Keep the notebook with you at all times and let everyone know you are writing in it. I know, I know, it's a lot of work, but it's NOT impossible. My notebook and emails have saved my credability SO many times. People say "you never told me that" or "that's not what I told you". With me, they think twice, because they know I will have record of the truth and they do not. It may have even saved my job. Everyone knows I document everything to this fine degree, and when they get the urge to take their cooporate dump on someone to dump some of their s*** on someone else, they often think twice with me because they know that they will get it shoved right back at them and I will call them on their BS with the truth. The day I started keeping this notebook, 9-16-2010, completely changed my perspective on work. I still hate my job, but at least I know I have a powerful weapon to survive as a fresh water fish in a shark invested ocean.

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By wageslave:

Management knows a smart employee is a dangerous employee.

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A new life By Printing Fool

After working for ASAP Printing in Anchorage, Alaska for about 15 years, it was bought by a larger company, one of the largest in Anchorage. I had known for some time that I needed to move on. My boss was a toxic character who had a talent for belittling workers and even customers alike. It got to the point that even getting out of bed in the morning was a dismal experience. I used to feel like I had to go to hell everyday and then work overtime too for this asshole. I do have to say the money was good, but in the long run money is not everything.I never had a vacation in all those years, had to do overtime every week. I could never phone in sick, had a total of 10 sick days in the 16 years I worked there. One time I worked for three months without a day off. After the shop was sold to a larger company I worked for them for a year. The shop later went all digital copiers and removed the printing presses. As a result I got laid off after 16 years. BEST thing that has happened to me in ages!! I was so exhausted that the first two weeks I was unemployed I must have slept about 13 hours a day. I didn't realize how exhausted I was. After getting away from a toxic boss I really started to feel better. Now four months later I found a job in another shop, my new boss is so much nicer, plus I don't have to beg for supplies or even hand wash, the presses all work like they should, plus no overtime, and a retirement plan too! After a good long rest on unemployment, that I sorely needed, I am ready to work hard for these fine people. I'm back and stronger than ever. Sometimes I drive past the old shop and wonder how I could have stood it for so long, and wonder who the asshole is hollering at now!

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By Wage Slave:

You should stop by and holler at him!

By dontask :

Congratulations and good luck - you deserve it.
We put up with bad situations far too long. These abusive bosses hint that there is no way out and they will make sure one will never find work again.

After almost 20 years and a work related injury I realized, there is life after leaving a horrible job. And yes, it took several weeks of sleeping and healing until I felt better.

By frogleghorn:

Don't even worry about your boss anymore because karma is a b*tch and he's probably not even working no more. It's the ones that treat you wrong that wind up looking like idiots on the long run when they no longer got anything going for them.

By Printing Fool:

Thank you all for your support. the new job is going great and I
am feeling right at home. I prayed about my situation and the Lord acted in his own time to bring me into a better work situation. I've always given my best no matter what job I've had or even what kind of boss I had. I swear it's easier to deal with machines than with people. Thank you all for your kind comments! I feel so good these days.

By Sphincter Detector:

The good Lord probably knew you'd need at least 15 years on the job to be considered for this new job that you're so happy at. Good for you!

By Printing Fool:

Thank you Sphincter Detector, by the way love your moniker and have always loved your comments. After working for one shop for so long I was rather stunned to be unemployed. When you are in a situation like that all you can do is give it to God and have some faith. It was wonderful to have a good long rest on unemployment, and because of all the over time I did I over paid into the system and they gave me almost half my pay. I made good money so I could live off of it though it was hard sometimes. I was never even a good Christian, although I always believed, kinda put that faith on the back burner, but I am being baptized this month. I found a job about a mile away from where I live, better work conditions, way nicer boss, the presses all work like they should, retirement plan too, Only God can do that.

By Printing Fool:

To all of you out of work, just pray and ask Him for a better situation. Have faith that it is already a done deal and don't even worry about it. IT WORKS.

By Sphincter Detector:

You know, you don't need to be a good Christian or a good Jew or a good Muslim, no more than you need to be a good child for your parent(s) to still love you and take care of you and want the best for you. His love is unconditional. At the risk of sounding like a zealot,( too late :), I will just add that The Good Lord takes his time, 15 years in your case, and never does anything in a small way so you can be assured that this new path is gonna be great! But it's also important to recognize when it's your turn to take action, He positions you but you gotta take the reins afterwards. Congratulations on your Baptism! Never too late to come to Jesus.

By Printing Fool:

Thankyou S.D. I am so happy now, the job is going great. And yes God does love us unconditionally. His kindness bring tears to my eyes because we can't earn it or deserve it and yet he chooses to bless anyways. How great is He?

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Steven Slater from JetBlue is my freaking hero! By rockon

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant with the bad as$ attitude who quit his job in the most dramatic way ever should be the new Job Schmob mascot!!! He did what we all would love to do and I actually feel a little more powerful as a corporate pissed upon peon knowing that at any time, I also could push the button, inflate the slide and slide on out of here with my middle finger in the air!!! Too bad, I'm not a beer drinker, so maybe what I grab will be a giant margarita!!!

F U ecomony, I still say: "Job Schmob!!!!!!!!!" Go Steven!!

In case you haven't read the story:

I'm tired of rude people too!!!!!

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love the students and what I do for our grade level By cushion

Our Grade level rec'vd new books for the new school year, we have the largest Kindergarten class of 145 in our school. Another gal helped put the books!
She and I did this during the summer session til the new school session started...we are not done-yet! WE did this task on our own, we were not getting paid and this is a waiting game for us. "do we get re-hired?". Hmmm up to the principal, if there is funding. Yet we see new people around campus, hmmmm We are hoping that we do get re-hired for this school year and help and asst the teachers to do their routine to motivate our new students to learn and come to school. I don't mind doing this...because it needs to get done and other teachers need to set up their class rooms and get ready to get the kids reading to meet the school's reading campaign. =D Every Wednesday is our school pride day, I must buy shirts so I can set an example too. This job is the best job I have had in my whole working career. From Retail to Health Care to Education. =) love it. I just wish the Dept of Education would look at my application and consider offering me a permanent part time or full time position at school. wish me luck.

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Reality TV Show "Boss Undercover". By cushion

I love the CBS show "Boss Undercover". I don't usually like reality shows, except "The Biggest Loser". But this one is the awesome-est!!! Boss Undercover. CEO's don't have a clue to what their employees do to "run" their company. These "loyal" employees are dedicated to their jobs to do IT RIGHT! and are PROUD to be working for a great company to service their loyal customers. CEO's have a better perspective of their employees and how they do their job. I love the end of the show, when he/she tells the people what happened...happiness, excitement and that's what it's all about, to see that the CEO CARES about his/her loyal employees.

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Wow..its been a while... By T

So I got laid off last March ('09) and when the real estate market got better within a few months of that, I wasn't re-hired (probably had something to do with that asshole coworker I've mentioned previously (Ugh and More Ugh)...

So I was on EI for a while and then got a job as a server in a rock bar. It lasted a month and the owner was a prick. So I continued with EI when...I remembered that the brokerage I used to work for has a MAJOR rival in the GTA and so I gave them a call and they gave me a job...A better one.

When I went in for my interview, they actually read what was on it and their first question was why had I put receptionist when clearly most of my duties were things administrators do. Then they proceeded to tell me that they don't have any admin positions coming up but they will in a few months and until then they wanted me to reception while being trained for administration...

And now here I am today administrating away haha

AND one of my old bosses ( a really nice one) quit and is now a VP at this ha

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By thelma:

Way cool. Congrats.

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"Undercover Boss" By BonusOnus

Anybody else see this show that aired after the Super Bowl?

It was Tivo'd along with the Super Bowl and it had the CEO of WasteManagement go undercover and pose as an entry level employee at many of his firm's plants.

It was an eye-opener for him because he saw first-hand how policies and decisions he made caused difficulties for his employees. He had problems sleeping at times because of this.

I think more CEOs or managers should spend a day or a week in their subordinates' shoes. It might make them rethink their attitude.

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By chubby girl:

This guy should have trouble sleeping. Waste Management is a very shady company. I have had 2 run ins with them.
When I was in my 20's their dumpster lid tipped over during a wind storm and poked a hole through the hood of my PARKED car. I worked for a law firm at the time. Luckily 1 of the attorneys had a polaroid camera and photographed the damage. Waste Management denied any liability then called another attorney from our firm (a lowlife) and told him we were going to give you guys our business but this girl is making too much trouble, tell her to drop this and let her insurance cover it. My employers put pressure on me to drop this. I was already working 2 jobs to pay rent at the time so that extra bill for my deductible and rental car was just what I needed.

The second incident happened 3 years ago when one of their trucks made a RIGHT hand turn from the LEFT hand lane crushing the left side of my car. I was thrown into the curb with such force my tire popped and went flat. I was frightened and thought I would die that day. Our heroes at Waste Management again denied liability. I found a witness so this time they settled with my insurance company. They never sent me what I paid for my deductible or rental so I personally called them and said, Who's your Statutory Agent because I'm filing a small claims court claim for my deductible and rental car charges? They sent me a check for my damages within 2 weeks. Nice to know they can do the right thing when they are caught red handed.

At the time lot of people told me I was crazy for being this aggressive with them and that I could face retribution. I was a pissed off middle aged woman and didn't care.

I know this comment is really long but if this is how they treated me I can only imagine what they do to their own workers when the cameras aren't running.

By econobiker:

What you have to understand that this CEO didn't do low level work just to be a "nice guy" but to find out how to make his company run more efficiently by having better employees and employee contributions. At so many companies the best efficiency ideas are often at the lowest level so that these ideas never get filtered back to the penthouse corner CEO office. Or that lame policies put into effect from above don't get recognized for killing employee moral and happiness and thereby killing productivity and efficiency. What worker will bust tail or give productivity suggestions when he/she gets hit with lame time policies etc.

In the one case of the female office worker working three positions worth, I imagine that her manager was happy and getting good grades that he was keeping hourly payroll costs down by not having two more people on payroll. That the worker could keep up with the three roles' demands demonstrated how good she was and, only since the CEO recognized her performance, did she get relief to be made an account sales representative. The end story said that two people were hired to do her former responsiblities which were still probably doing 1 and 1/2 times what they should have been doing. I have no doubt that that woman still would have been in the same position today had the CEO not been on site to see her performance. And no doubt that her supervisor would have been still getting "Atta boy!s" for keeping hourly payroll costs down.

By BonusOnus:

More CEOs should go undercover to see what's going on among their employees.

There's a business management book I read last year (forget the title) but it had a pretty good point. Most companies abide by the rule of trying to "maximize shareholder value". That is, they try to increase revenue, decrease cost, and the profits go to the shareholder's equity. That kind of thinking makes management think of employees as some asset, or tools.

These companies usually don't do well in employee satisfaction, retention, or productivity.

Instead, the book advises to take care of the employee. The shareholder value will follow. Customers usually don't interact with the high level managers at a company (not unless it's a big account or something). Customers usually interact with a company's employees. If a company's employees are motivated, happy, and go the extra mile, wouldn't that be more beneficial to the bottom line than if the employees are unmotivated, unhappy, and willing to surreptitiously sabotage the company?

By bookwoman:

BonusOnus, you hit the nail on the head when you wrote "management think of employees as some asset, or tools." That is absolutely correct. I was told once that the term evolved from "Personnel" to "Human Resources" because of that very aspect.

I watched the show also and found it very interesting. A couple thoughts on the set-up of it - obviously the employees who the CEO interacted with were chosen ahead of time. None of them were particularly vociferous in their criticism of the company - at any company I have ever worked at there has always been at least one person who did nothing but loudly complain. Another thought was that while I applauded the CEO's efforts to help out the female office worker, she was one person in a company of thousands. I'm certain there are countless others in that company who deserved the same "help" he gave her. I would've liked to have seen him institute a company-wide effort to recognize and reward the same efforts by all who deserved it.

A very interesting show. I'm looking forward to watching the upcoming episode that features Hooters, from the previews showing the one restaurant manager making his waitresses lick plates in order to get out early. Can't wait to see what that CEO does about that...just watching the previews made me want to hunt down that manager and slap him silly.

By Wage Slave:

Waste Management is as terrible and dishonest company. Only fools would have been taken in by that show.

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Have A Damn Nice Day has a Damn Nice Job! By HaveADamnNiceDay

Hello Schmobbers---
I've noticed this site has been very quiet lately, and so I thought I'd share some good news, given that the economy sucks and lots of us are staring down layoffs, bullying, and general misery when it comes to the workplace, especially now that it's the holiday season.

Just a quick overview of what's been going on: So, I had gotten a job in June with a construction company that was not far from where I lived. OK, I thought, it was an easygoing place, the job seemed easy enough. However, my direct manager was the nit-picking, perfectionist type who made a fuss if a staple wasn't straight. That right there was a red flag. The other red flags? She told me not to worry about learning things too quickly, as business was slow (red flag), and I had plenty of time to learn (red flag). Although, she didn't think she needed me and could do the job herself (red flag).
One of the problems with this job was that every task was done weekly. Who here knows this age-old saying, "Repetition is the mother of all skill"? The more you do something, the better you do it. Anyone who doesn't understand this has a serious problem.
So, naturally, because the tasks were weekly instead of daily, the learning was slow-going, and I even ended up with two hours of extra time every day that I filled up making notes about how to do each task. After I had been there a total of two weeks, I was reduced to part-time, because there wasn't enough work for me to do. THEN, after two weeks of that, my boss said I made too many mistakes, didn't learn fast enough and said I was being fired.
I simply said to my boss, "OK, Goodbye."
Boss: "don't you want to talk about it?"
Me: "What's there to talk about?"
And I packed my things and left.

I spent the entire summer except for July (needed a mental break) searching for work. Of course, in this saturated market, you're going to get a lot of sheisters preying on the desperate unemployed, and I got a lot of spam from these guys. I was starting to lose hope. I was thinking of trying or doing things I would never do, just to improve my circumstances. My poor husband was feeling very stretched and strained, making sure all of our needs were covered. He did a good job, and he even managed to get me a new laptop computer for me to use for school and other projects. Well, not NEW-new, but new enough with a fast enough processor and all the memory I would ever need ^_^.
But anyhow, I was getting pretty desperate. I couldn't find ANYTHING. I stopped eating, I didn't sleep normal hours---I almost gave up. However, in October, I interviewed at a place that was a short hike from home that at first seemed like all the other places I had interviewed at, except they didn't have a long list of demands that I meet for little pay and a 20 minute lunch break (like one of my other interviews). I did my best and emphasized my best qualities, and they seemed to be looking for what I had to offer. During my drive back, they called and asked me to come back for a second interview. OK, I thought, these guys seem genuinely interested. So, the next day I went back, and met a couple of the chief executives of the business (they were an electrical contractor), and everything seemed to go fairly well. I wasn't holding my breath or anything, as I've had interviews go better than this one did and I still didn't get the job. However, before I could drive all the way home after the interview, they called me back and offered me the job! The pay offer was decent, they offered a benefits package that covered both me AND my spouse (company paid premiums)and of course regular paid holidays and sick leave. There were a few other perks too, and these were just due to generosity on the execs' behalf. I wondered how they were able to afford to do all this, and it was simply that they had been working for years to keep work in their pipeline, and they still had contracts going that kept them paid through the economic downturn. They were still working to keep that pipeline running, though, so if this bad economy lasted too long they would be able to stay afloat and still be able to pay people.

Now, you're probably wondering how the work is. It's great! It's definitely not rocket science, but the ladies that taught me my job have no problem answering my questions if I have them, and have no problem helping me out. They aren't catty or bitchy or back-stabbing. We all have a great time together. The rest of the office is full of Project Managers (men), and they are a pretty decent bunch. Of course everyone has their own little quirks, but nobody seems like they're out to "get" me here. I work with NORMAL PEOPLE. I don't know how I managed to find this place, but I have been singing a happy tune ever since I started working here. It's been about a month since I was hired, and so far they are very pleased with me and want me to stay, so they are going to make it official sometime this week.

With all the crap I've been through, all the people I've had to fight tooth and nail for some basic civility, I have learned that this job is one to hang onto and not let go of so easily! Yeah, the commute isn't super fantastic, but it's only in the evenings that it really sucks, so I really don't mind since I work at a fantastic place in an fantastic environment. I actually JUMP out of bed in the mornings these days, sometimes as early as 5:30 am! If anyone knows me, they know I am NOT a morning person!
Of course, it also helps that I've started taking an herbal supplement for attention difficulties (and btw, what I have is actually not ADD, but GAD--Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and one of the nice little 'side effects' is better sleep at night ^_^.
So, I've lately been having some Damn Nice Days.

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By chubby girl:

I'm glad for you! From your posts I could tell you were smart. I hope they treat you well, you prosper and you are always happy!

By twiz:

Congrats!!! Sounds like you found a gem of a group to work with. My wife and I were just talking lastnight about all the places we have worked over the years. I could only come up with one that I really enjoyed. It is tough to find and I am very glad to hear you found it!

By Sphincter Detector:

Good for you, DND! It's nice to hear some good news for a change!

By BonusOnus:


That's great to hear! Karma pays people back and if you're a good person, you will be rewarded.

I got laid off from my last job about a month ago. I thought it would take me 3-6 months before I found my next job so I planned on taking the rest of the year off.

But my former manager's former manager needed an engineer and 3 weeks later, I started working again. I kinda regret not taking 3 months off but I know I'm fortunate, considering all the others out there who are desperately looking for work so I won't look ungrateful.

By bookwoman:

Yay for you!! Enjoy!!

By Peon 85:

One can dream.. I will meditate on your story and the possibility of rising above this sh..hole like the Phoenix as you have and will meanwhile live vicariously through you. I long to love my job and at very least like the a-holes, oops, co-workers that surround me daily. It is thanks to bored, inflated-ego owning, and generally mean people that I am the victim of a witch hunt at my job which has been two years in the making. It seems that since I won't leave they are now trying to get me to do so by drastically reducing my hours.
It was after my maternity leave last year that I was called in to my bosses office to be 'counseled'. I was told by my boss that my co-worker did my job and hers while I was gone so I had better step it up.."several notches".. and the witch hunt ensued. The following week, and again, I had just returned from maternity leave, this same co-worker said to me right in the middle of the office and in front of my boss "I had a dream last night that you had a HUGE stack of work in your basket several feet high and I was like oh my God, what do you DO all day!!??" I responded, quite taken aback, "Uh I hope that wasn't a premonition" To which she snidely replied, "uh yeah me too". What a HUGE snatch. Pardon my univentful vocabulary. I can't find a better word to describe her right now. No wonder her boyfriend dumped her. Maybe other parts of her are as cold as her heart. Mind you, this is a person who feels that "kids are gross". When I brought my son in to show off at everyone's request, including her's, she said "hope he grows into his head". Nice.
I will give her this, however, if ever God invented a person for the office profession it is her. Perhaps that is why she herself has such a large head. She has the funny bunny calendar above her desk that says things like "Thanks for being ugly. It makes me laugh."

Since the recession began my boss has been looking for reasons to fire someone, or as he claimed when bringing me in to write me up, he is "looking for reasons to keep people". Mind you , if one of us were to leave she would gain her 40-hour work week back. I am the only one in the office whose hours have been cut for the third time now, down to 16 hours per week. All others are still at the 32. I am also the only one with a family.
It's hard to keep a smile on my face there now that I've been made to feel so expendable and know without a doubt that people are out to get me. I know my bitterness is toxic and i pray it will resolve itself soon. I just filed for partial unemployment so when they find that out I'm sure the rumor mill will run even thicker with fun and excitement. I catch myself making up songs on the way home that begin with the phrase "F--- you people, you and you and yes you too" And To have a Nice Damn Day: What herbal supplement are you taking? I too have developed GAD. Congratulations to you seriously . and sorry for the Debbie Downerness I really have never been this bitter. Good luck to you now and in the future. I send good thoughts out into the Universe for you. Yes I do still have some and am not totally evil..

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Gettin' mah edjumikashun By HaveADamnNiceDay

Hey y'all. It's been awhile. So, I've started my class for the semester. It's an art class called 2-Dimensional Design. I think I'm going to destroy it! We had turned in our first assignment last night, and then we put out work up on display for critique. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or anything, but it seems I'm light-years ahead of most of my classmates, which sort of makes me wonder if I need to take a more advanced class. I guess that means it's time to take some computer classes next semester.

Speaking of computers, I've started studying the Adobe Illustrator program, as I met an interesting person this summer who lives in my neighborhood. He is the head of the art deptartment at his company (they make graphics for things like towels, bags, hats, etc). We had been talking at length about what he does and how he has people who may leave since its the un-busy season, and he'd like to replace them if they go. He saw some of my artwork and really liked it, and started to hint at how I should learn illustrator if I wanted a good job. After a month or two of that, I listened to the little voice in my head that said, "Hey! Go see the company and see what they do!" So I did.

I spent yesterday morning just sorta shadowing one guy and watching him work. I really think I could do this stuff. I just need to study up on my Adobe programs and make sure I know what I'm doing. In a month I'll be taking a test, which my friend says he does not expect me to pass, but just to gauge where I am work-wise. It's my intention to pass that test the first time around, but that's just me.
So, wish me luck! This won't lead to immediate employment, but it's definitely a golden opportunity in the making! I just have to find something in the interim. THAT is the hard part...

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By thelma:

It sounds like it's right up your alley. Good luck!

By SouthernProgrammer:

Glad to hear things are looking up, good luck!

By BonusOnus:

See HADND? Networking helps.

Good luck with your endeavor.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

You know what's really funny, is that this guy was swimming LAPS while I was drawing at the pool. I really don't know how he coulda seen me drawing stuff. I was getting up to leave and he popped up out of the water and asked if I could show him what I'd been drawing. It's like it sorta fell into my lap...
It DID require a little cultivation, though ^_^. Networking = good stuff!

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Lets Create A Slogan For the NEW GM! By SouthernProgrammer

It seems lately I have seen more GM advertising through web page ads and television ads than I have ever seem before.

I give GM credit for trying and sincerely hope they succeed but the skeptic in me is not convinced.

Has anyone ever seen the movie "Crazy People"? For those of you who haven't, it is a Dudley Moore comedy about an ad-writer who suffers a nervous breakdown and begins creating ad's that tell the truth.

IE: Metamucil - Use it if you have to go to the bathroom.

I think GM should come up with slogans like this. Lets create a few!

I'll start:

GM - Our cars are not as bad as they were last year!

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By DanieD:

GM, stands for Give Me-- a better job!

By SouthernProgrammer:

GM - Our cars are built by Union Workers who probably make more than you do so you KNOW the quality should be gud.

By chubby girl:

Since you are willing to bail out AIG we know you'll buy anything.

By SouthernProgrammer:

C-Girl - Now THAT'S funny!

Ok, here's my commercial.


A pipe begins playing the national anthem. The US flag appears.

A car dealership is shown with President Obama walking up to a teleprompter.

President Obama - Hi! I'm President Obama and I want to welcome you to Government Motors! Our cars are guaranteed by YOU! The American taxpayer! We guarantee our cars are quality and are willing to spend any amount of money to make GM work no matter HOW much it costs you!

GM - We spend your money to sell you a car!


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