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Police By F**ked over!

I dated a girl I worked with, we both worked for the BNSF railroad police, we had an argument one night and she sent me multiple texts to my work phone, she accused me of sleeping with other girls, she used extreme vulgar content and threatened me that she would make my life hell. A few weeks later we got into another argument, I told her that she was dead to me, she turned me in for that comment and not only did she get a restraining order, but I was fired for sendingn her inappropriate texts from my work phone, eventhough, I had multiple text evidence on my work phone from her of a sexual and hate nature, they refused to investigate her crimes. During the work hearings they advised that she had been reprimanded; however, I was fired and lost my career. Thanks Aimee! you bragged of how much integrity you had, but the evidence showed just the opposite!

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By walking by:

This looks like a bad experience wrapped in a nightmare. When people in power decide to cut the payroll anything can get people fired, one innocent word can be twisted into something sinister. Can you appeal the ruling further until you have exhausted the appeals process? If not, can you apply your training to other jobs in another town? Recommend moving because she will get you fired from your next job if you stay. It's hard to find a mate on the outside, but do it. It should save you a lot of grief. Good luck!

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cute coffee girl does banquet mgr (and wife!) By lv sunshine

I started a new job in a hotel after being dumped by my guy of 3 years. I was sort of lost. I had to begin again and remake my life somehow and get my mojo back again.

I worked in the coffee shop and I was meeting other hotel workers left and right. One guy I thought was gorgeous. Just my type. I blushed a lot when he ordered his double expresso. I figured him married though. One day when we were alone outside I had the balls to ask him if he was married. I told him I always liked him. He admitted he was married but explained his wife "understood" who he was. He invited me to join them at their house. Yeah. You get the idea. Best sex ever gotta admit. And we are still close. It didn't turn out badly.

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By anon:

I don't believe you.

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they are all screwing!!! By kc sunshine band

Everyone in my office is a couple.

One guy left his wife for his cubicle mate. They get all fuzzy-dovey at lunch.

Another couple met each other there, after meeting their 1st husband/wife respectively as well.

Last week I met some new coworkers as I am new, and found out that they all have husbands who work upstairs. Some of the husbands left first wives for these ladies.

Now people are talking about me and my cubicle mate, because we are the only ones not in the over-50 set, and almost the only ones not coupled up at the office yet, so they try to match us up. Note we are both married to other people but that never stopped any of these characters, so they assume sh-- about us.

Annoying office.

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By what?:

Cubicle mates? As in you share a cubicle? what kind of office is this anyway? Perverted management or just too woefully cheap to provide ample desk space?

By Cemetery:

Absolutely ridiculous that people are more worried about their dating status than actually doing some work. Wow.

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can't keep my mind! By handle

I am "Spoken For" but I can't get my mind off the Software Guys, the consultants. Most of them are H1B Indian but hotttttttttt as hottttt. They come and go, I made out with 1 consultant who was there for a week, then the next one started getting my nethers in a frenzy every time he walked by, and asked me to lunch a few times. We never touched each other but we flirt over the chat all the time now. I'm pretty sure he had a thing for me. On his birthday he said he missed me, not his arranged wife. Weird.

Another one is like 20 years older but when he talks to me, he starts doing things that look like covering up the fact that he's getting turned on. Like nervous and stuff, and he wears the tight pants...hmm hmm!

I guess nerdy consultant guys are my achilles heel or something. There are about 4 in my mind right now that I'd love to f#$F. All are Indians.

This is not a fake post. I'm honestly going to cheat on my boyfie with a Computer Guy who talks in a lilting accent about "fixing your CPU" and it's scaring me half to death. But feels good too.


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By the confessor:

You're probably putting your job and reputation in jeopardy by getting involved as much as you'd like to.

It may not be the person you're attracted to so much as the naughtiness of the situation.

If your post is indeed on the level, then you've given us an interesting inside view of what drives a number of workplace affairs. This shouldn't be confused with office bullies that have sex with senior managers or owners in an attempt to receive power, promotion, or pay.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

I honestly think you're mixing a recipe for disaster. You may want to do your boyf the favor of dumping him if you're gonna do this kind of stuff. And stay away from the married men!!!!

By chubby girl:

Hilarious post. I don't believe one word of it.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

@CB, the only reason I actually think this post might be real is because I WORKED with a person like this!!!!
Why don't you think it's real?

By nitin:

Isn't "this a fake post" usually a protesting indication of the exact opposite?

By chubby girl:

I agree 100% with nitin. I think the poster doesn't like Indians and is making fun of them.

By SouthernProgrammer:

Personally, I tire of these type of posts.

By nitin:

thanks. I meant to type, "'This is NOT a fake post' is usually indicative of the opposite," but you got my gist. :)

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One of THOSE Dreams... By Distracted Day Dreamer

Whenever I have one of THOSE dreams (naughty) at night, it will haunt me for weeks, and last night I had one of those dreams involving one of the brokers I work for.

He's single, but a Bible-thumper, and while I don't even find him that attractive, the dream has slightly altered my perception for the time being and now all I can think about is how amazingly dirty a quick office fling would be.

It has certainly inspired me to meet and exceed his every expectation and perhaps I dressed it up a little more today. Yet my mind has wandered several times today to my fantasy dream I had.

I'm distracted...

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By chubby girl:

Last night I had a dream I finally told off an idiot I work with. It was better than a naughty dream.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

CG: I LOVE those kinds of dreams! They are always the best! I had a dream that an evil boss offered me my old job back, and I told her to go to hell! Ahhhh! It felt SO good! I wish sometimes that would actually happen....

By SouthernProgrammer:

Has anyone had the dream where the wrestler Hulk Hogan is dancing in a pink TuTu or is that just me?

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

Only when I take tylenol PM.....

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what to dooooo.... By KC

She is hot.

Today she walked in with a nice tan and a V-neck shirt and my eyes went right "south."

Sometimes I get fidgety when she talks to me.

I like her a lot but she is spoken for but I'm sure she could like me. I like she IM's me and it turns me on little bit.

Can she do lunch as friends?

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By KC:

she won't do luunch....cries

By anonymous:

Don't careful.
asking someone to do lunch could "earn" you a permanent harassment charge in your personnel file. I've seen it happen. A very nice coworker asked the most annoying village idiot to have a cup of coffee at the company cafeteria to smooth things over. blondy squeaked harassment and used this incident to get the promotion he was slated for. now complains of being lonely.

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Could someone please post to the website for me? By thanks

I'm in love with a coworker and don't know what to do.

He is quiet and hot.

I would like to take him out for a long, hot, tasty lunch.

What do I do?

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By HaveADamnNiceDay:

I'm really not an advocate of office romance, but....
The answer here is obvious. Just ask him out to lunch!
However just remember it's always the quiet ones who turn out to be whack-jobs...
So, uh, pursue at your own risk.

By BonusOnus:

Do as HADND advises. But be discreet. Most men are flattered by being asked out by a woman.

But you should do some homework first. Engage in small talk and ask how his weekend went. See if he mentions an girlfriend or wife.

And also make sure he's not gay either or you'll really be swinging for the wrong fence.

By thanks:

he's indian

By SouthernProgrammer:

Hopefully your Indian friend is not a lecher. Guys, I smell Con.

By BonusOnus:


You might be right.

to the OP:

if you aren't Indian and he's from India (not an ABCD), good luck with that. He's already having his marriage arranged by his parents to a woman from the right family and caste back in India.

But you definately have to make the 1st move if you want to hook up with him.

By shewhoshallremainnameless:


By cnotes:

Don't do it. One of you will end being fired.

By thanks:

I did it. I'm not fired. so ha!

By anonymous:

not yet - enjoy it while you can, nothing lasts forever anyway.

By thanks:

frack, they deleted my other post, oh well.

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fun nights By jvdoscher

Two of the managers are going out. One is the overnight manager and he is an A--hole, and the other is the night time manager and she is flat out awesome. it is funny every night they have arguments that involve cursing. Its just funny and they enjoy it. Except when I'm working the drive-tru register and can't here myself thing, much less the person ordering, so I'm often telling them to shut up, and I don't get in trouble for it

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Skunks In The City By outrage2004

My husband has a pet skunk on his job. He raised it from an infant. She worked at a lower position at the company. He saw that she was confused and lonely with hardly no friends as she is very annoying. He taught her all she knows about her current position and is now at a much higher pay level. She works with him in the same department and now lives in the same apartment building! There are other company employees who live in the building also and I would wonder way they acted strange and uncomfortable around me. Well it is because the wife is the last to know. A couple of these people have moved their families out of the building( I guess not to participate in silence with the despicable behavior of fellow employees. This has been going on for 8 years. The skunk has lived in the building for 4 years! My children , one is 26 years old but is completely devastated. The younger one has not spoken to her father for a year. My family is ready to confront this person on my cue. My husband has 4 years to retire and I guess we will have to get a divorce. I think he wants to duplicate a life like he had with me when I was stupid and 22. I practically worshiped him. But geez this woman is 46 and stupid! Even when I was in my twenties I never thought to mess with a married man on the job. He says she looks like a gorilla and stinks, but still messes with her. Office romances can be backfiring, especially when you work in a male dominated section on the job. I think she has been passed around. She seems very uninformed and easy to get. She tries to avoid looking at me and seems afraid. You think people only go though these things in their youth. After my children and I have been destroyed emotionally, I am going to need more than tomato juice to get rid of these skunks and their scent.

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By avid reader:

Oh dear!! I am so sorry to hear this! It must be so very hard for you---not to mention shocking and confusing. And to live in the same building! My heart really goes out to you. I wish you the best.

Personally, I would not confront her until I was completely sure of what I would say and knew I would be able to address her as the better person (you know...the strong woman who will be just fine thank you very much in spite of her crap) and not as the devastated and betrayed wife. Showing any hurt or weakness will surely bring an inner smile to her.

Also, never forget that she is not the only skunk, it takes two to tango.

All the best of luck and love to you. Put on your boots and start walkin!

  • Avid

By Dumber than a Catbox full of sh*t:

What is up with all the employees living in the same building? Creepy and weird.

I wouldn't confront her. I would be glad that she has taken this creep (sorry) off my hands and he will be so involved with her he may not pay attention when you are shakin' him down for every cent you can get out of him. And now you won't have to spend the rest of your life with the likes of him.

By Wage Slave:

You don't deserve this. Prepare for a life alone if that's what you want, for your sake and your adult children's sake.

Store cash or get a job if you are not working. Document what you can if you want a divorce. I am sorry you have to go through this.

My brother in law cheated on my sister. The stress made her cancer come back and it killed her.

He married the scum he cheated with 3 weeks after my sister's funeral with absolutely no respect for their children, my sister or my family.

The scum and my ex-brother in-law are now divorced. The scum cleaned out his savings. My ex-brother in law is broke (financially and emotionally) now and seeing a psychiatrist.

I pray you get through these difficult times. Remember this is his problem not yours. You didn't cause his bad behavior. Some men go through a mid-life crisis and lose their minds.

By CK:

How did the two of you live in your early days? I know a story of a couple about to get divorced because the guy said he wanted it to be the way it was in their youth. She turned the table on him and say to him that if that is what he wanted it he is more than welcomed to live in a one-room appartment on the bad side of town, eat hamburger-helper, and sleep on the only furniture that they had - a sofa! Because that is what will happen if he left her only he will be much older!

By Joan Crawford:

Yeah, other employees in the same building is deeply bizarre. It sounds cultlike. Yuck.

By CK:

Here's a classic!

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

He who can be stolen away is not worth retreiving.


Sorry this has happened to you. I would have a very nice conversation with the skunk and the skunk-lover. I would wish them all the happiness in the world and stress that you hope she has plenty of money to support your ex-skunk because she's going to need it...all your ex-skunk's money will be yours after the divorce settlement! Smile and say "Good Day"!...I said "Good Day!!

By matsuda:

A lot of people are just selfish and don't give a a damn. If they can get away with it they will. These narcissistic personalities rarely change according to psychiatrists. More of this behavior has become acceptable even tough fraternization rules exist,. People turn a blind eye because it is not hurting them. Very sad but you are not the loser in this scenario.

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Not Really A Jobschmob Story But Weird By dumber than a catbox full of sh*t

I just have to tell someone this because I think it is kind of...weird...different...strange.... And I do it every day before I go to work....So that is my link, here--I do it every day to...prepare for hell at work.

I work-out everyday at 5 a.m. I am a runner for the past 2+ years and was a swimmer for 7+ years. This past January I ran first boyfriend from my Freshman year of high school--that was 29 years the gym. I now work-out next to him several days per week. I have a runner's injury currently that does not allow me to I swim...and all of a sudden my ex-boyfriend is...swimming! What is weird is he "came-out" 10 years ago.

My point: my personal life is now weirder than my work wonder if that is a positive sign...or a negative sign....At least it makes my life interesting. I think....

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By CK:

If you are talking about your ex-BF "coming out" I am assuming that you're saying he's gay. And if that is the case then he wants a "girl friend" to hang out with. Maybe you can give him some fashon and make-up tips.

By SouthernProgrammer:

I want my wierdness magnet back.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

It's ok, catbox! It certainly makes for an interesting (if not entertaining) way to live. If your pillowbiter ex bothers you too much, you can just tell him to get lost, right?

By avid reader:


It's like a Seinfeld episode. I would just treat it as a funny ocurrence in your life and go with it. If you like the guy and want to be friends, just be friendly.

Keep in mind that he could very well be thinking "CRAP! Why does SHE have to swim here too?!"

By CK:

Now if he starts wearing silk blouses and lace then ... And if he starts sizing you up (asking what size you ware or asks "who's the designer") then he is OUT and flaming!

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