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employee # 26 Written by doormat#26 on 11/27/2013[Name removed] has got to be hands down the most inane waste of sperm this earth has ever encountered. he is an easy to anger, frustratingly ignorant, absurdly arrogant, lies through his freaking teeth, idea stealing son of a bitch. comfurtcompany is the worst company to work for and hands down the most backwards thinking place of employment that I have ever had the misfortune of working for. I hope it goes belly up if only for the very reason to save other poor souls from ever having the misery of employment there. Add a Reply
stop complaining to ME Written by go_away_forever on 07/30/2013As a female employee, this is going to sound sexist but I just don't care. I hate working for women. Women. All women. I work for a department full of women. It’s hormonal and it drives me insane. Estrogen battles are constant in this office. She did this, they did that, blah blah blah blah. Shut the hell up and just do your job.

You don’t like the program we’re using? Well, unless you can find a better software at the contracted price we have, I suggest you suck it up and LEARN THE SYSTEM. Not just half-ass learn it, but learn it inside out like the back of your hand. When you get frustrated about it not doing this, or that, or blah blah blah, your whining and complaining doesn’t do except adding to the mounting personnel problems we have here. I'm just the work minion okay? SO WHY THE AM I DOING ALL OF YOUR WORK THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Don't ask me to do MINUTE things that YOU have access to. Plus YOU'RE NOT MY BOSS. Oh, and you need to stop writing emotionally charged emails to everyone because no one APPRECIATES THAT CRAP.

You want to come to work impaired? That’s fine, but if you keep coming to work all MESSED up, someone’s bound to notice. WAIT A MINUTE. TOO LATE. Sauce it up AFTER you leave work, there’s plenty of time for you to get wasted when you get home.
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Posted by haterlover on 08/03/2013:
Wow! Your situation sounds very interesting almost similar to a friend of mine, except in her case it was rife with jealous, insecure women. Women of all shapes sizes and colors are territorial by nature and extremely jealous to the bone, especially when they think and or feel another woman is receiving more attention than them or benefits it they are; whether it be from their looks, charm or education. In my friends situation it was all of the above and they talked and spread so much garbage about her because of JEALOUSY..Was SO jealous of this woman they could not see straight. There are times I felt so bad for her as she had to put up with this everyday. There was this one woman she told me about that was so awful but she did not find out about who she truly was until it was too late.. You see my friend is a kind hearted and very friendly by nature and will just turn the other cheek so to speak when it comes to people and conflict but despite that she is a very strong person and defends her character if it comes down to it..Well, this woman pretended to care about her situation and acted like she wanted her on the team and at the company but realized that the woman was backstabbing her, telling lies and also contributing to lies that other people were telling. Sad. I was shocked to say the least, but she told me she was not surprised and suspected it all along but she never said anything to the woman ..She just tried to give the lady the benefit of the doubt and still treated her with respect and kindness....It is AMAZING to me how people who are guilty of doing F**CKED UP stuff to people never take accountability for it and it is that persons fault that they are the way they are to them..ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! In the end people like that always get there just due because they are cowards and lack the decency to treat ALL people with respect and kindness. It is also a shame that women who are strong and intelligent do not stick together and support one another. Well ultimately in my friends case she is a very strong, intelligent and talented person and I know she will be okay. I will always support her all the way!!

Posted by PeonWithATude on 08/15/2013:
This is a very funny post because I feel the opposite, I work with a bunch of men and have not wanted to say anything for the simple reason that it is sexist and not right to pigeon hole people based on any "category". But for the record, I had a guy I worked with that dumped all the work he did not want to do which was most of the administrative work on me and whoa talk about the backstabbing, of course, when a man says it is just in jest, right? As for anyone not learning your software you were not real explicit, but if it was in-house and not COTS, then maybe the "users" want to make improvements, but obviously you were not the one to take that ball and run with it. In general, we are all different and come from many different paths or categories, whether it be gender, religion, or plain old different work ethics. The real issues are the supervisors who let these issues occur. I mean when is the last time a supervisor had a talk with anyone who was out of line? Not to be sexist but if it is a man does he not just expect it to go away? People today head towards behavior to make changes. The last time I checked this is a free country and people do have a right to their opinions, however, the opinions should stick to the subject matter, such as work related issues at work and most importantly have facts to back it up. In other words, for the record men have never been categorized in the "jealous" category, they fall into the "ego" category, which is really the same thing. So in general we are all different and we should accept that, however, if someone is complaining about software which seems to be your "main" justified complaint, then maybe you should either pass the message on to the correct party, or steer the complaint back to them, and ask how they would fix the problem? Also, for the record, I personally have pet peeves about software programs or web sites that ask me to click all over the place when it could be better organized, and yes that is an opinion....

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Stuck Written by HaveaDamnNiceDay on 06/12/2013Hey Y'all.... It's me again. I know it's been awhile.

I've been at my contractor office job for about three and a half years now. Granted, I'm treated reasonably, fairly compensated, and not harassed. You'd think it would be a virtual paradise, right? Nope.
See, I'm also an art student. I'm a thirty-something that didn't understand her talents until one day somebody suggested doing art for video games. I've been on a mission to do that ever since. So, I'm a little older than my classmates, and my resources are limited because I'm married and have a mortgage to pay.
Art is my existence. It is my BEING. I can't go long days of drudgery without doing it and progressing in some way. I've been an Admin assistant or in a similar position for probably 10+ years. I'm tired. I'm tired of doing this. Day in and day out. It's frustrating. I feel like I die a little every day because instead of doing art, I'm banging on my calculator and keyboard all day, pretending to be nice to people that walk into the office, and all that other general office stuff. I feel like a damned ornament sitting there up front. I feel like I'm not fulfilling my real value being there. Problem is, I'm stuck. I can't leave. It's a guaranteed paycheck. It helps me pay for school. I'm too comfortable, though. And my husband has come to rely on my steady income (as well as the benefits), as his has peaks and valleys season to season. He's a personal trainer with a steady client base, but even those die-hards sometimes have to take short breaks.

You'd think that in this economy I'd be grateful to have a job at all. I am, but I'm also miserable. It's hard to be grateful for misery. :P

Also, last year my boss quit and took another job, and her replacement is almost worse than she is. She's an absolute nutcase and she makes it really hard for me to be at work sometimes. I'll have to tell you guys stories about her later...

I did apply to an admin position at a nearby gaming company some weeks ago, but I haven't heard from them and there aren't many game companies around here. Moving isn't an option, so I have to be careful not to turn any of them off of me.
Also, all my teachers want me to apply to this super-awesome super-duper-expensive nearby art school and I'm not sure how I'll be able to afford it without already going into massive debt. I've already got a mortgage. I don't need more financial obligations.

To boot, the kinds of art jobs I wish to do don't necessarily require a degree, really, so to me going to an expensive school (which I would honestly LOVE to do), is sort of pointless. A positive AND a negative.

I have so many things weighing on me and it's making me crazy and depressed. I'm awful to be around as of late and it's making me feel like isolating myself and then hating myself for it, and then feeling sorry for myself because I'm lonely and depressed.

I feel like I'm strung up in a web of things I wasn't entirely on board with, and now I have to suffer so others don't have to. I feel like I'm dying. I don't like that feeling, and I don't like entertaining thoughts about driving my car off a bridge.

I don't belong at my job. I just don't belong there. I don't fit in with the general culture (I'm weird to them), I can't relate to anybody there, and when I try to join in on their sports conversations (one of the very few points I can relate on) they all run away or change the subject. I know they don't hate me, but I get the impression they're weirded out by my wanting to discuss sports with them, and that really bothers me.

I just want to get out. Somebody please just shoot me.

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Posted by econobiker on 06/19/2013:
"I'm a little older than my classmates, and my resources are limited because I'm married and have a mortgage to pay. Art is my existence. It is my BEING. I can't go long days of drudgery without doing it and progressing in some way I've been an Admin assistant or in a similar position for probably 10+ years." Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Real racers figure out how to race; everyone else is just a wanna-be talking about racing. Either you can do the art thing or not. Make a plan and jump in. F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real

Posted by AnonymousTruthSeeker on 06/24/2013:
This story is full of holes. I would be inclined to sympathize with you if there was perhaps an ounce of truth to it, but it appears that you should instead go into a career of writing. Actually, writing fiction novels, because your story sounds like fiction or better yet a story on the basis of trying to pretend to be someone else to shed them in a certain light or bad one, Perhaps..It's too dramatic to say the least..And if you are married, how can you be lonely and depressed? Should not your husband you say you have be your company and support...Does not make sense as well as some of the other information you noted...I am just saying!! Anyone who reads this if they had half a brain in their heads would see right through it..but I could be wrong and if I am , I stand corrected..I will let others be the judge. And this econobiker, appears to be some admin or whatever for this site..Just seems too suspect to me..

Posted by haveadamnniceday on 07/19/2013:
Wow guys. I've been a member here since 2006 and this has always been a place of support. I can see some things have changed. And no, Anon--Econobiker is NOT a mod here. The rest of your comment an uninformed assumption, and it's not worth my time. I don't need to give you all details of my personal life just so that you can pick them apart to deem my story "worthy" or not. There are lots of complicated underlying issues and everyone has them. What I'm frustrated with is the constant balancing act. I'm tired. Yes, my resources are limited. I don't have mummy and daddy to throw money at my problems or buy me an education. I've had to scrape and claw and sometimes maim for what I do have. For the record, it's been over a month since I've posted this story, and I've done lots of thinking. I probably WON'T be continuing to attend school. After my painting and portfolio courses, I'll be bowing out to make work for myself. I need the time to do so, and school frankly eats it up. However, I HAVE learned tons about myself as an artist there--Very invaluable things. I just won't be seeking any kind of degree. I don't need it. What I DO need is a good portfolio. I've been seeking resources on how to do just that. So, I'll be getting a more *unconventional* education. Anyhow, that admin job at the gaming company ended up going to a close friend of mine (I applied too late), so I'm actually happy for her. She'd been unemployed for almost 6 months and was going nuts trying to find work. Now that she is working there, she has started trying to find ways to get me a job there too (she gets a little bonus if I get recruited). The long short of it, though, is that she is almost guaranteed a promotion of sorts in a year's time, to whatever department she fits into. Then, they hire a new admin... I am trying to be patient. The dinosaurs I work for are making it difficult to be so. But the good news is that now I have a true insider who can help me get my foot in the door. This website used to be about supporting each other and getting our heads together on how to deal with the wrenches work throws into our lives. Work sucks, damn the man and all that stuff. This was a place for people to vent their frustration and be understood and related to. I guess everyone has forgotten that. I've been gone way too long, apparently.

Posted by wage slave on 07/24/2013:
It not you it's them. I stopped posting because I didn't get any response or irrelevant advice. If you can't get a job at the gaming company. Would you consider getting a job at the Art School?

Posted by PeonWithATude on 07/25/2013:
I can empathize with you because I feel like I am in the same boat except I already graduated (as a 40 something) but feel it was a waste. My first question is do you not feel a little put off that you are a contractor and have been there three years? I realize you probably make more than your counterparts, but do you really? Benefits could for a lot and even the matching on some business plans. I also feel like an outcast and literally hate my job....only lately I feel like I am going to loose the "semi-nice" guy attitude. My boss is nice but there are so many things not what I was looking for. I have a fancy title and am basically the peon that gets all the work that "no one else wants to do", not to mention are too lazy. I do not know where the work force is heading but those of us who want a career and not a job, at lease deserve it. And if you do not want to offer it, then don't say you do! Promises are so empty.... and people wonder what is the matter with communication these days.

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Cultural Written by dendie81 on 01/11/2013I was hired for my years of experience in Human Resources...for a foreign based (start up)company.

Get benefits for this company who hope to attract and retain skilled workers.

10 days vacation for first five years of employment no rollover from year to year.
no sick time at all
no bereavement at all
no jury duty recompense at all, in fact this should be addressed after hours....LOL. Tell that to the federal government.
you must call in and ASK permission to stay home if you are sick regardless of illness or contagious factor.
you must pay for all company travel and business expenses
When recruiting the applicant must be willing to start the next day without notice given to your previous employer. however they are trying to enforce a necessary two week notice when you leave their employment other wise they instruct me not to pay out their vaction or final pay for hours worked.

When I explained legalities involved I was told "we worry about it if we get caught"

Needles to say...I am looking.....and on my way out...I am calling IRS...EEO...OSHA and Immigration, they have people working on visiting visas...

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John Worldpeace, perviously in Houston, now in Albuquerque, NM Written by A Little Bird on 10/29/2012 I thought people might like to know that the specimen named John Worldpeace, formerly of Houston, TX, is now in Albuquerque, NM advertising for positions with his web design company. After reading the stories here I did a little research, and came up with the following. This is all public-access information. If the links do not work, please add www. to them.
I hope you all find it informative.

John Worldpeace
Current phone: (713) 825-8665 (Houston, cellphone)
Previous phone: (713) 784-7618
Previous Email:
aka John Ellis, Kenneth Edward Wolter
Age: 64

5901 Wyoming st Albuquerque, NM, 87109
1231 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX77008

Web Design Websites:

World Peace Advocacy Website:

Art Website:


Calling On the Governor
WorldPeace wages telemarketing terror in his quest for office
AAA Comments (0) By Mark Donald Thursday, Jan 3 2002
You've come home from work -- late as usual. Dinner is done; your wife is frustrated; the kids are out of control. It's time to get them to bed, but they haven't even been fed. The phone rings and you pick up, hoping for a pause in the disaster. Although the prospect of a pushy telemarketer seems oddly quieting, what you hear instead is downright disturbing.
The caller identifies himself as John WorldPeace, and you're thinking Hell, another charity solicitation. Then the voice says he is running for governor of Texas as a Democrat. You try to interrupt but realize it's an automated message. You start to hang up, but don't, drawn in by his Texas twang and the venom he suddenly spews.
"The Texas Democratic Party is in peril because 60 members of its executive committee have endorsed 'Don' Tony Sanchez as its gubernatorial candidate four months before the primary. This is the same Don Sanchez who laundered $25 million in drug money through his Tesoro Savings and Loan and then cost the taxpayers $139 million to clean up the mess after he sent Tesoro into bankruptcy." Talk about defamatory. "This is the same drug-using, Mafia-friendly, Vietnam-era draft dodger and Republican turncoat Tony Sanchez who gave Bush $350,000." Talk about your quick kill. "It is time to cut the Sanchez cancer from the Democratic Executive Committee…It is time to send the likes of Don Tony Sanchez to jail, not to the governor's office…God save the Democratic Party in Texas. Vote for WorldPeace."
Yeah, more like WorldWar.
You have just had your first exposure to the scorched-earth gubernatorial campaign of John WorldPeace, father of four, trial lawyer, spiritual seeker. Although the Sanchez campaign brands John WorldPeace "a crackpot" and his messages "fraudulent, misleading and complete lies," it should not mistake the man's resolve. But how can a candidate with no money, no name recognition, no party backing and no political experience have a chance of winning a contested statewide primary? Houstonian John WorldPeace is banking on two tactics that seem oddly incompatible: autodialed messages intended to savage his opposition and a funky name intended to convince voters to visualize WorldPeace -- at least for governor.
Texas politics has certainly had its anomalies, those unorthodox few who have defied the odds and become serious candidates. There was convicted perjurer Don Yarbrough, who claimed that God told him to run and who became a Texas Supreme Court justice because voters confused him with famed Senator Ralph Yarborough. There was unpopular Dallas Judge Charlie Ben Howell, who had a habit of suing his opponents and whose perennial candidacy finally numbed voters into electing him into office. And in more recent times, there was Victor Morales, the everyman candidate for U.S. Senate who captured the Democratic nomination by running a no-frills campaign out of his pickup truck.
Enter John WorldPeace (the lawyer formerly known as Kenneth Edward Wolter), whose name smacks of a publicity stunt but was legally changed 14 years ago, he says, after much spiritual soul-searching. "I determined that if I changed my name to WorldPeace, that when people said or read or heard my name, they would have to think about world peace for just a second, and that would increase peace on the planet."
World peace, however, is the last thing WorldPeace thinks about when he enters the courtroom. "I am extremely tenacious and aggressive and irritating," he says. "I am not a pacifist. I am willing to get down in the dirt and fight."
He did some legal work for Houston businessman Dan Kerr, who owns OneNet, one of the largest automated phone dialers in the country. Kerr has done "political dialing" for many successful candidates -- Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gramm, Jeb Bush -- but mostly during "get out the vote" drives in the waning days of a campaign. Never had a campaign been run solely on autodialing until Kerr persuaded WorldPeace to run for governor.
"I told him, 'With a name like WorldPeace, people are not going to forget you,' " Kerr says. "I suggested the governor's race because Texans like to elect ordinary people -- not career politicians -- as their governor." And this political season would be anything but usual. "George Bush moved to Washington and took all the heavy hitters with him. And the Democrats have been in shambles for ten years."
With Kerr as his campaign manager, WorldPeace signed off on an unconventional race, one that would rely extensively on Kerr's sophisticated autodialing technology. "All political consultants believe that the only way to get elected statewide is to build your name ID by spending millions on radio and TV buys," Kerr says. "But I can call the entire state of Texas" -- five to seven million phones -- "every two weeks to get our message out."
Approximately half the prerecorded calls are answered by machine, and a high percentage of those answered in person result in hang-ups. "Even if they do hang up, the message is structured so they first hear my name and what I am running for," WorldPeace says. Since announcing his candidacy on his Web site in January, he has made 15 million "connects" with Texas households, incorporating nearly 30 blistering messages, which can be immediately changed to respond to the shifting political scene.
"Our strategy was to get his name out there," Kerr says. "And to take out any competitors in the primary by disabling them so heavily they become a walking shell."
Aside from the "loon" factor (any guy named WorldPeace has got to be an aging hippie, a head case or both), there is also the possibility of backlash by going for the jugular even before the January filing deadline. "It's the ultimate irony, a bomb-thrower named WorldPeace," says former Dallas County Democratic Party chairman Ken Molberg. "In Democratic circles, they don't speak about him much, and when they do, it's not favorable."
The Tony Sanchez campaign refuses to even acknowledge that WorldPeace is a legitimate candidate, dismissing his phone harangues against Sanchez as "so misleading they are laughable." Sanchez communications director Michelle Kucero maintains that her boss was cleared of any wrongdoing in the Tesoro Savings and Loan collapse by three governmental agencies years ago.
But that's just the kind of denial that WorldPeace will incorporate into his next prerecorded message to slam Sanchez at the rate of 200,000 calls a day. "If we are hitting an opponent correctly -- hitting them hard -- there is no way for them to respond to the dialers," Kerr says. "Traditional media take too long, and by then we have anticipated what their response will be and changed our message."
WorldPeace believes autodialing levels the playing field, enabling him to compete with Sanchez and his millions of dollars. It can also be irritating, and unless you put a face with the voice, it's far too impersonal to impart a good sense of the candidate.
At 53, WorldPeace, who calls himself a "blue-dog Democrat," knows he eventually will have to step out from behind his dialers. He feels confident the positive parts of his message -- peace-loving, drug-free, justice for all, regular guy -- will prevail. "When people see my name on the ballot, they will not be able to resist," he says. "I mean, psychologically, who can vote against WorldPeace?"
Disbarred lawyer found to be in contempt of court
FRI 07/30/2004 Houston Chronicle, Section B, Page 2, 3 STAR Edition

John WorldPeace, a disbarred lawyer and occasional candidate for political office, was found in contempt of court this week for ignoring a state district judge's order to stop practicing law.
WorldPeace, who legally changed his name from Kenneth Wolter, appealed the verdict to the 14th Court of Appeals.
A jury sentenced him to three months in jail for each of seven instances of acting as an attorney after his disbarment and to six months for 10 other instances.
He also was fined $500 for each violation. If WorldPeace serves jail time, it probably won't be more than 18 months, the limit for contempt convictions, State Bar of Texas officials said.
WorldPeace refused to participate in the trial, saying he was not told of his legal rights, including his right to a lawyer.
He said he was not served notice of the trial until Monday, when he appeared in court after being subpoenaed as a witness.
WorldPeace was disbarred for accepting money from clients without performing legal services, said Jed Molleston, assistant disciplinary counsel for the state bar.
WorldPeace failed to comply with a judge's order last year that he turn in his attorney's license and State Bar membership card.
He also was accused of failing to inform courts in which he had cases pending that he had been disbarred and to return client files.

Texas Bar (Disbarred 2003):
• Bar Card Number: 21872800
• Work Address: 2620 Fountain View Dr Ste 106

Houston,TX 77057-7609
• Work Phone Number: 713-784-7618
• Primary Practice Location: HOUSTON , Texas
Current Member Status
Not Eligible To Practice In Texas (click for detail)
• In cooperation with Justia
License Information
• Bar Card Number: 21872800
• Texas License Date: 05/10/1985
Practice Information
• Firm: John Worldpeace atty at Law
• Firm Size: Solo
• Occupation: Private Law Practice
• Practice Areas: Consumer
• Services Provided:
o Hearing impaired translation: Not Specified
o ADA-accessible client service: Not Specified
o Language translation: Not Specified
• Foreign Language Assistance:
None Reported By Attorney
Law Schools
Law School Graduation Date Degree Earned
University Of Houston 08/1984 Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Public Disciplinary History
State of Texas*
Sanction Date of Entry Sanction Date
Start - End Probation Date
Start – End
Disbarment 08/27/2003
*NOTE: Only Texas disciplinary sanctions within the past 10 years are displayed. For sanction information beyond 10 years, information about a specific disciplinary sanction listed above or to request a copy of a disciplinary judgment, please contact the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel at (877) 953-5535. There is a $15.00 fee for each disciplinary judgment copied.
Other States
Sanction State Sanction Date
Start - End
None Reported By Attorney
• Statutory Profile Last Certified On: 05/19/2003
Civil Suit (Trademark Infringement):
U.S. District Court
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 4:04-cv-02094

Bill Heard Enterpris, et al v. Worldpeace
Assigned to: Judge Lee H Rosenthal
Demand: $100,000
Cause: 15:1125 Trademark Infringement (Lanham Act)
Date Filed: 05/26/2004
Date Terminated: 07/22/2004
Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 840 Trademark
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Bill Heard Enterprises Inc represented by Mark A Sanders
Attorney at Law
11451 Katy Fwy
Ste 501
Houston , TX 77079
Fax: 713-468-7701

Bill Heard Chevrolet LTD represented by Mark A Sanders
(See above for address)

Landmark Chevrolet LTD represented by Mark A Sanders
(See above for address)

John Worldpeace represented by John Worldpeace
1231 Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77008

Date Filed # Docket Text
05/26/2004 1 COMPLAINT by Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD filed; FILING FEE $ 150.00 RECEIPT # 544803 (part 1 of instr. #1) (bchurchill) (Entered: 05/26/2004)
05/26/2004 1 MOTION for preliminary injunction , and for permanent injunction relief by Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD, Motion Docket Date 6/15/04 [1-1] motion, 6/15/04 [1-2] motion , filed. (part 2 of instr. #1) (bchurchill) (Entered: 05/26/2004)
05/26/2004 2 Order setting Initial Pretrial and Scheduling Conference on 8:45 8/27/04 before Judge Lee H. Rosenthal and Order to Disclose Interested Persons, filed. Parties notified. (bchurchill) (Entered: 05/26/2004)
05/26/2004 COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS, AO-120, ntfd. (bchurchill) (Entered: 05/26/2004)
05/26/2004 3
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE: Show Cause Hearing set for 4:00 6/11/04 , entered; Deft is Ordered to show cause why a preliminary injunction should not be granted, pending a final hearing hereon. Parties notified; ( signed by Judge Lee H. Rosenthal ) (khightower) (Entered: 05/27/2004)
06/07/2004 4 RETURN OF SERVICE executed as to John Worldpeace 5/27/04 filed. (khightower) (Entered: 06/09/2004)
06/08/2004 5 CERTIFICATE OF INTERESTED PARTIES by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD , filed. (psmith) (Entered: 06/14/2004)
06/09/2004 6
ORDER reset show cause hearing for 5:00 6/23/04 before Judge Lee H. Rosenthal , entered; Pltf mus tprovide a copy of this order to deft as no appearance has been entered. Parties notified. ( signed by Judge Lee H. Rosenthal ) (khightower) (Entered: 06/15/2004)
06/10/2004 7 MOTION for Rule 11 Sanctions by John Worldpeace, Motion Docket Date 6/30/04 [7-1] motion , filed. (part 1 of 2) (khightower) (Entered: 06/16/2004)
06/10/2004 7 RESPONSE by John Worldpeace to [1-1] motion for preliminary injunction, [1-2] motion for permanent injunction relief , filed. (part 2 of 2) (khightower) (Entered: 06/16/2004)
06/23/2004 8 MEMORANDUM by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD in support of [1-1] motion for preliminary injunction , filed (psmith) (Entered: 06/25/2004)
06/23/2004 9
Minute entry: SHOW CAUSE HEARING held. Apps: M Sanders; J Worldpeace. The [1-1] motion for preliminary injunction is GRANTED. Motion hearing set for 9:00 6/29/04 for [1-2] motion for permanent injunction relief . Counsel will submit an order by 6/24/04 . The [7-1] motion for Rule 11 Sanctions is DENIED. terminated deadlines Ct Reporter: K Metzger . (psmith) (Entered: 06/25/2004)
06/23/2004 10 Exhibit list by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD , filed (psmith) (Entered: 06/25/2004)
06/24/2004 11 OBJECTION to [1-1] motion for preliminary injunction by John Worldpeace , filed. (khightower) (Entered: 06/25/2004)
06/25/2004 12 NOTICE of intent to offer declaration and business records into evidence by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD , filed (khightower) (Entered: 06/28/2004)
06/28/2004 13 NOTICE of intent to offer declaration and business records into evidence by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD , filed (khightower) (Entered: 06/28/2004)
06/29/2004 14
Minute entry: Permanent Injunction hearing held. Apps: M Sanders, W Tribble f/pltfs; J Worldpeace, pro se. Counsel will submit a proposed order to the court. Exhibits are admitted, as stated on the record. Witnesses: D Fullen, L Gary, P Wright, M Ross, J Worldpeace, and M Donnelly. Ct Reporter: Kathy Metzger. (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
06/29/2004 15 Exhibit list by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD , filed (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
06/29/2004 16 Exhibit list by John Worldpeace , filed (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
06/29/2004 17 MOTION for directed verdict by John Worldpeace, Motion Docket Date 7/19/04 [17-1] motion , filed. (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
06/29/2004 Deadline updated; denying [17-1] motion for directed verdict. (denied orally at the permanent injunction hearing held on 6/29/04, as stated on the record) (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
06/29/2004 Deadline updated; granting [1-2] motion for permanent injunction relief (as stated on the record at the hearing held on 6/29/04, order to issue) (amaly) (Entered: 07/01/2004)
07/01/2004 18 OBJECTIONS to pltf's proposed final judgment and order for permanent injunction by John Worldpeace , filed. (amaly) (Entered: 07/02/2004)
07/22/2004 19
MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER granting [1-2] motion for permanent injunction relief , entered. Parties notified. ( signed by Judge Lee H. Rosenthal ) (amaly) (Entered: 07/22/2004)
07/22/2004 20
ORDER GRANTING PERMANENT INJUNCTION AND FINAL JUDGMENT , entered. Parties ntfd. ( signed by Judge Lee H. Rosenthal ) (amaly) (Entered: 07/22/2004)
07/22/2004 Case closed (amaly) (Entered: 07/22/2004)
07/29/2004 21 BOND FOR INJUNCTION $ 25,000.00 Texas Bonding Company by Bill Heard Enterpris, Bill Heard Chev LTD, Landmark Chev LTD , filed. (amaly) (Entered: 07/30/2004)
08/02/2004 22 MOTION for new trial by John Worldpeace, Motion Docket Date 8/22/04 [22-1] motion , filed. (ltien) (Entered: 08/04/2004)
09/07/2004 23
ORDER denying 22 Motion for New Trial, terminating 22 Motion Docket Date .( Signed by Judge Lee H Rosenthal ) Parties notified.(leddins, ) (Entered: 09/07/2004)

Biography (from personal website ):
1948 - Born Kenneth Edward Wolter: April 24, 1948, 9:55 PM, Houston, Texas
1966 - Graduated Waltrip High School June 1966
1969 - Married Sandra Lyn Morris - May 1969
1970 - Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Houston, August 1970.
1970 - Drafted US Army October 1970, trained as infantryman, promoted to rank of E-5 Sergeant 1971
1971 - First child born July 1971, Stephanie Anne Wolter, Houston, Texas
1971 - September 1971 stationed in Vicenza, Italy, SEATF.
1972 - May 1972 discharged from US Army Fort Dix, New Jersey.
1974 - March 1974, Second child born, Brian Edward Wolter, Houston, Texas
1975 - July 1975, Third child born, John Marshall Wolter, Houston, Texas
1976 - December 1976, Fourth child born, David Morris Wolter, Houston, Texas
1977 - July 1977 returned to college to study accounting.
1978 - Acquired Chartered Life Underwriter and Charter Property and Casualty Underwriter
1978 - Graduated with Bachelor of Accountancy, 5 year degree, University of Houston
1978 - August 1978, entered University of Houston College of Law.
1981 - January 1981, began Bookkeeping business.
1984 - August 1984, Graduated Law School.
1984 - November 1984 purchased 1200 client tax business.
1985 - Passed the Texas State Bar
1985- May 1985, opened Kenneth Edward Wolter Attorney at Law
1987 - February 1987 divorce final between Kenneth and Sandra Wolter
1988 - April 1, 1988, (April Fool's Day and Good Friday) Kenneth Edward Wolter makes a personal comittement to change his name to John WorldPeace and begin his WorldPeace Advocacy.
1988 - September 1988 Brian Wolter moved in with JWP, October 1988, Elizabeth Kay Goldman Long moved in with JWP as his wife, October 1988 John Wolter moved in with JWP,. December 1988, David Wolter moved in with JWP.
1989 - Stephanie Anne Wolter ran away from Sandra Wolter, got pregnant and then married and eventually divorced.
1990 - January 1, 1990, John WorldPeace marries Elizabeth Kay Long in private ceremony, Houston, Texas
1990 - John and Kay move with John, Brian and David to Olethe, Texas, 17 miles from Groesbeck to take care of Kay's ailing father.
1991 - June 1991, Charles Goldman, Kay's father dies.
1992 - June 1992, Kay sells her interest in the farm to her sisters and moves with John WorldPeace and his sons back to Houston.
1993 - January 1993, John and Kay WorldPeace and John and David Wolter, move to Broomfield, Colorado, to get away from harassment of Sandra Lyn Wolter.
1994 - John Wolter graduates from High School and joins U S Marine Corps.
1995 - Brian Wolter comes to Broomfield, lives with John and Kay for 2 months and joins U S Marine Corps.
1995 - David Wolter graduates from High School and joins U S Marine Corps.
1996 - John and Kay return to Houston and John reopen's his law practice
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Posted by motleymuse on 01/06/2013:
i wish i had looked into this guy (and found your story) before my teenage granddaughter and a couple of her high school friends were hired by this scum-bag here in albuquerque, nm. after they had accepted the employment offer and worked for a couple of weeks he layed them off and then refused to pay them! its really not that much money on the whole. probably less than $200 per girl. my granddaughter's father (my son) went to the world peace albuquerque office and was given nothing but the run-around by this idiot and a complete refusal to pay up "right away," instead mr worldpeace (whatever!) opted to perhaps make good on their paychecks sometime "at a future date." what a schmuck! our next resource is with the state, city and local officials to file a complaint against him. (dont know if it will do any good as he mentioned to my son about "relocating his office," which probably means he is leaving town . . . again!) i hope the value received from this experience by my granddaughter is that she should beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing! a hard lesson to learn at just 16 years old!

Posted by Good morning on 03/28/2013:
The new office of Worldpeace seems to be on Montgomery just east of I-25. At least there is a large painted Egyptian-ish mural of Isis' wings with a small Worldpeace sign on a seemingly abandoned building. Good luck to your granddaughter. You might try filing a complaint with the US Department of Labor.

Posted by ABQRes on 04/03/2013:
Yeah, John Worldpeace screwed over my daughter, too. He hired her as a receptionist for his web design company, then refused to pay her on payday. She quit, and has filed a fraud claim with the city. Apparently he has been doing this to people over and over again here. I think his current address is 4055 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque.

Posted by abqdance on 05/08/2013:
He got my daughter's friend as well. Same MO: hired her for a week, then wouldn't pay her on Friday. Does anybody know how to stop this guy? I've started posting warnings every couple of weeks on the Albuquerque Craigslist...anybody else want to do the same?

Posted by DesireeP on 05/20/2013:
He recently changed his phone number for Twenty Twenty Web Design in Albuquerque to 505-717-2685. Maybe he's feeling some pressure from the people he hasn't paid?

Posted by JWHater on 05/20/2013:
He also changed his address and email address: 5901-J Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 713-825-8665 His name and phone number seem to be associated with this website...seems a little shady to me:

Posted by DianeC on 07/15/2013:
Well, this John Worldpeace character is still at it. He hired my niece for about a month to work as a receptionist at his web design company. Her first paycheck bounced, and when she asked him to replace the check he said the company didn't have any money, so they fired her. When my niece called a couple of weeks later to try and get the money she was owed, he said, "Sue me" and hung up. Watch out for this guy.

Posted by TakenFor on 11/22/2013:
The phone number is correct however the address for his 'business' is not. He is located (or was in recent months) on Montgomery Blvd NE, just west of Louisiana. Definitely advise against working with/for this individual. I will not even call him a man for that would take some manner of morality, of which he posesses none. Dispicable work practice, cheat, liar, manipulator, control freak and to be quite frank, abusive. His 'wife' Rachel is both emotionally and mentally abused and brainwashed by him to the point of pitiful. It is really sad when a person feels the need to do that to another human being to make themself more important. He is a sick bastard that I am glad to be rid of and if it cost me a bit, it was worth it just to have him out of my life. Good Riddance John NoPeace.

Posted by Waryartisan on 11/23/2013:
I had a run in with this guy and his assistant Rachel. I suspected she was brainwashed. Thanks for confirming it. I'm glad I don't associate with either of these people anymore. I advise people to stay away from them. They are grifters.

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The free toilet paper saga... Written by econobiker on 10/24/2012I knew someone who got toilet paper from an employer……

Welllllll, so I knew this guy, someone from my past, who once worked for a grocery store over the summer during college.

With each regular grocery truck shipment, the store also got "in store use" store supplies which were generic cleaning, register paper, grocery bags, and other items -not the consumer brands. One of the typical items was the cheapest toilet paper rolls known to mankind. This generic toilet paper was very rough but had far more feet per roll than the usual consumer brands sold by the store. Because of the extra length, this paper lasted a lot longer IF you could tolerate the feel on your nether regions.

Of course, none of the women in the store wanted to use the rough "in store use" toilet paper. And there were always rolls of much softer consumer brands toilet paper roll packages that had been damaged by customers or come open on the shelves due to defective packaging. The female assistant manager would write-off the packages of the much softer consumer paper rolls as “destroyed/discarded” and then put the good rolls from the packages in the ladies’ bathroom.

The “in store use“ store supply toilet paper rolls kept building up in the janitor closet since the company sent 4 to 6 rolls per week on the freight trucks with other items for "in store use". It never got used very much except to resupply the men’s bathroom which still didn’t have the same level of use as a ladies bathroom would have had due to obvious reasons. So this guy figured out about this nice, large, source of toilet paper rolls that were not counted in the store's regular grocery inventory. This meant that the rolls wouldn't be accounted for or missed during inventories. And the weasel-like and balding store manager never, ever went in the janitor closet since it was -below- him to do that.

So the guy started to bring about 8 rolls of "in store use" toilet paper out of the store in ~empty~ 2 liter cola cardboard boxes each time he got the "empty" boxes. He was getting the boxes in order to move his belonging to college for his 2nd year. By the time the summer had ended, he had exhausted much of the over flow of "in store use" toilet paper rolls from the janitors closet and this was even while using the "in store use" toilet paper in the men's bathroom all summer long. The weasely-bald manager, as a man, never ever knew that the ladies room had not gotten an "in store use" toilet paper roll put in it for months.

In fact, the guy had gotten 96 (!!!) rolls of the “in store use” store supply toilet paper for him and his 3 college apartment roommates to use. One roommate complained about the rough toilet paper just after moving in to the dorm apartment in September, at the start of the college year. This guy told that roommate to spend money to buy his own soft toilet paper or jump in a lake if he didn't like the free toilet paper. As the complaining roommate was also very cheap, he ended up quieting his complaints and never spent his money on soft toilet paper. The 96 rolls of toilet paper actually ended up lasting the entire college year in that dorm apartment (only with males using it, though) because the rolls were so much longer than regular consumer brand toilet paper. There were still about one or two rolls remaining plus what was in the bathroom when the college year finished in May of the next calendar year!

The guy took the extra rolls with him to his summer rental house down at the beach where he had a different and much cooler summer job than the grocery store job. The grocery store was torn down about 14 years later but the wrecking crew probably found more unused "in store use" toilet paper rolls in the rubble...
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Posted by econobiker on 07/22/2013:
Everyone has to love the s.p,a'm posters on this near dead web blog!!!

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Gas Station TV - Written by "One day and out" on 10/06/2012I worked for them for ONE day of training and knew it wasn't for me. The other folks (all men, BTW) who started with me that day are all gone, except for one.
Anyone care to share???
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Posted by econobiker on 10/08/2012:
Nope. Sounds like you are among the typical turnover for that company...

Posted by labtech on 10/11/2012:
Unless you need the money, go. There's nothing worse than working a job you hate, everyday.

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Deerfield Illinois Library - Library from Hell Written by Death watch on 09/10/2012Deerfield IL. Library has the highest turn over rate in the last five years . Why do we ask? The Head of the library is only concerned with herself and the construction of her new Domain. The board couldn't care less . They don't give a crap if they lose some of the best educated employees and dedicated staff.

Remember in less than a year the new Pergander library will be opened and that is the bottom line.
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Thank you for calling the psychiatric hotline.. oh wait... Written by dizzblnd on 04/28/2012Friday, right before lunch a call came into me. I said my intro and then the voice on the other end just started speaking in tongues. I was getting ready to ask him if he would like a Spanish rep, (although I was not quite sure if that was his language) when he started speaking perfect English:

"There are people out here digging on my lawn all the way up to my house. They are not supposed to be here. They are not the same sewer trucks that were her yesterday. These are the same trucks that were reported stolen to the county. This is a conspiracy, I have written Washington DC about this and I am suing the county"

I got the attention of my teamleader who sits right in front of me. She logged in to my phone to listen. I broke in to his ramblings, trying to contain my laughter. "I'm sorry sir, you have the wrong number." I explained to him who were are and what we do. I then asked him if he took his meds this morning how I could help him.
He yelled, "I already told you how you can help me, you need to call in somebody rich to come get me. This is a conspiracy". I replied, "Sir if you feel like your life is in danger, you need to hang up with me and call 911"

"I told you this was a conspiracy, the cops are in on it too, that's why I can't call them. I explained again that there was nothing I could do to help him. He mumbled something in tongues and hung up the phone.

While I was at lunch, he called back. He got a male representative who reminds me of "The Stapler Guy" from Office Space

So "Milton" answers the phone, and the same guy just starts spewing weights of the trucks and numbers. Milton explained again who we are and what we do. The guy said, "Yes I know who you are I OWN this company." Then he hung up. Next, he calls back and gets the girl that sits right next to Milton. She, too explains that he has the wrong number. When he starts cussing her out, she said "Sir, you do not have to be so inappropriate" My team leader IM'd her and told her to transfer the call to her.
When she did, he starts cussing, my TL out as well. She copied down down his number before he hung up and had our tech guy block his number.

It is quite obvious the guy was mentally ill. I don't think THAT in of itself is funny. I am not making light of mental illness. But the conversation was too hilarious not to share.
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Belk's Department Store - WORKING AT BELKS Written by JF on 03/18/2012Just wanted to share a story with you. I have a daughter who is employed by Belk's Department store. She has been employed there for many years. Belk just did reviews on their employees and most of them got a pay cut from 1.00 to their starting pay. The reason for this is they say that if you aren't selling 197.00 an hour or open charges thenit is a pay cut you get. I am totally pissed off with the company and think it is disgusting the way they are treating their employees. Of course it is OK for them to have to be at the store at 12am during the holidays. I cannot understand why the employees don't stick together and tell corporate where to stick it. I know as a customer I will be writing a letter to Belk corporateAdd a Reply

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