Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination at all stages/levels of employment is illegal. Read real employee stories below.

We've been trying to get another position in our division of the department for nearly two years. The wicked witch of the West I.T. Director said that we need to do a proposal with all these pretty colored graphs and bells and pink flowers to justify it. Fair enough. Except for the fact that another division got the OK to hire someone. When I asked them to see a copy of their business proposal they used to get the position, the came back and said "We didn't have to do one, we just told her we needed help and she approved the position" OH REALLY?!!!! Yep. The division that got it didn't have to do anything to justify it. No proposal, nothing. I told the I.T. Director that she was picking favorites. I asked her for a copy of their proposal (knowing such a proposal did not exist). She write me back with all this BS on how they have all these project and there was no time to make a proposal. Guess what b***h, we have projects too. SO through the grapevine I threatened to go to H.R. and file a case for discrimination because she picked favorites by making one division (ours, mostly male) have to do a proposal but didn't make this other one (mostly female). Now the all mighty queen won't talk to me, BUT, now all the sudden a new position in our division is a TOP PRIORITY. We are meeting about it next week. She knows she picked favorites and I called her out on it. Now, after a two year battle, we are finally on the road to getting a new position. If I hadn't called her out on her BS we never would have. I feel pretty good and that I did a big favor for my entire team by staying strong and calling her on her BS.

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By Sphincter detector:

Did it occur to you that perhaps in her manegarial capacity, she already had clear visbility to the resource requirements of the other department but did not necessarily agree that your department needed assistance which is why she asked you to put forth a proposal to convince her otherise and provide her with more detail? It's the same thing as if you were asking for a raise when you're a wallflower. Prove to me why you deserve this raise. Yet Joe Blow Schmoozer didn't have to prove anything.. because his merit was already visbile. Your discrimination threat has driven a wedge here and might have been a little short sited.

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WOMEN MANAGERS By constipatethebull

I work in the I.T. (technology) field, a dominantly male field. There are some good females in the field, but for every good female there will be about ten good males. This is just how it is, it's not a slam. Other fields like nursing are just the opposite. Anyway, so the IT field is dominantly male as far as skills and worker bees. HOWEVER, I'm seeing a pattern where there are more female managers than male managers. In my department the director used to be male, and everyone reported to him equally. Then a new female director came in. One of the first things she did was promote six people to subdirectors, five of those being female. The male one is who I report directly to and she makes his and my life a living hell everyday. We have talked about a discrimination case against her. Only one of those five females she promoted is qualified. The director is the least qualified of everyone. This is becoming a common pattern in many IT shops and I don't like it. Why are so many women taking over and ruining things for the rest of us?

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By labtech:

We have the reverse problem where I work. Only males are allowed to be management, and there is a LOT of management where I work. The main qualification the males need is the ability to kiss up, real applicable skills simply do not matter; they also get the easy jobs and longer deadlines. For instance; a woman was sent to reorganize the records room, carrying and moving big boxes full of reams of paper up and down ladders, a man was given a light filing job sitting at a desk, same time limit for both.

Two females with Master's degrees and experience applied for the last promotion, but the suck-up male with the Bachelor's degree in the non-related field got the promotion. But cheer up, my friend, those women are only making 85% of what a male would make in the same job, so you can argue that the company is saving money and maybe you can get a raise. I'm sorry you feel that women are taking over and ruining things, I've been thinking that about men for years.

By constipatethebull:

Labtech if you are in the technology field then there should be more males running the show, just like I would expect to see more head nurses at hospitals be female. Are you implying that the male should have been the one to do the harder job? You can blame the women's libbers of the 1990s for the fact that a female would be given a more physically demanding job like that. The women said "we can do anything a man can do only better" and now they are getting their chance.

By labtech:

No, dear friend, you misunderstand. I am not in the 'technology' field, and I don't see why it has to be 'male' oriented, as I'm the female everyone runs to when their PC isn't working right - and it's not my job to fix them, I do that in addition to my assigned work. The computers don't complain that I have girlie cooties.

I -do- blame the women's libbers for declaring women can do 'everything', which means my day starts at 6 am and ends at 10 pm, since I also have the unpaid work of taking care of a house, children, laundry, cooking, etc. It was short-sighted of them. I have no fear of hard work though, since I see it so often. But I do have issue with being the mule busy working up a sweat while the men sit around and shuffle paperwork.

Now tell me, is it right to have one employee do heavy lifting, while the other just does light filing, same time limit, repeatedly (let's ignore the gender thing for an instant) ? Would you say it's women's work if you, as a male, were told to clean the office kitchen and mop the floors (including the bathroom) ? Walk a mile in my moccassins. Only male bosses in my company, and far too many of them.

By Sphincter Detector:

Seems to me it doesn't matter what sex a manger is, the underqualified arseholes are everywhere. More women are entering the IT field because it is flexible ( in most companies) with flex hours, work from home options etc. It stands to reason that the primary reason more women are become managers in IT is simply because there are more women in IT. It's the "percapita ratio" effect. The second resons is because of government mandates and/or inscentives to hire a certain percentage of minorities, disabled, and women etc. So you get unqualified 'token' minority managers that can't manage their way around a tampon string and the company gets to fill the quota.

By constipatethebull:

labtech, sounds like there could have been some favoriteism in your situation there, but then again I wasn't there. I'll have to take your word for it that it was how you said.

sphincter: IT has flexible hours? Are you serious? I guess I've missed those jobs. Where are they? Can men apply? I've had the IT jobs where I had to drive 80 miles in an ice storm to fix something because the people who were 5 miles away didn't WANT to go out in it. I've had two Christmas days completely sucked by work and ruined because of problems that couldn't wait. I've been told I could not work a second job just in case my main one happens to need me. I've been told that 80 hours a week wasn't enough. Of course the managers making these rules can have their phone in one hand and be holding their children in the other as they shout out the rules, they don't have to go out and actually DO anything.

By Spincter Detector:

IT in Canada, very flexible- go to work in sweatpants come in at 10AM leave at 3, work from home 3 days a week.

By Spincter Detector:

IT in Canada, very flexible- go to work in sweatpants come in at 10AM leave at 3, work from home 3 days a week. But I think you missed the main focus of my point and I did also say " in many cases', so clearly this is not the case everwhere, not all IT jobs are created equal. That said, not sure what your objection is...

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At my former company... By BonusOnus

They have an office in India. The Indian office is full of people who are BS artists. They have yet to deliver on time and as promised -- so far, for every project, they have been behind schedule, or, if they are on schedule, they have not provided 100% of the functionality as they promised.

Yet they survive layoffs because...well, the CTO is Indian and he protects them. But if you are an employee in the US and you never delivered on time or didn't deliver 100% of what you promised, you get canned. And there's been layoffs in the US office.

So they started bringing over the desis from India on L1B visas, ostensibly to train them better. Then they are kept here, allowed to get greencards, and allowed to replace those who get laid off. It's not outsourcing because the jobs would be sent to India. Instead, Indians (and Indians from India only -- Indians in America need not apply) are hired.

Sounds fishy to me. I called INS and reported a possible visa violation. I don't have enough evidence but this also looks very discriminatory too -- maybe I should call the Dept. of Labor too.

Why the f**k is my former company bringing Indians over when 1) they aren't as good as American workers; 2) there's a ton of Americans unemployed and looking for work? And why are they just bringing over Indians and not Chinese or Russians on visas?

I'm so glad I'm no longer there. I had an idiot manager (white) and a bunch of sneaky Indians I had to deal with.

PS: to all of you out there, if you see possible violations of discrimination, avoidance of laws by hiring illegals, or skirting of visa laws by bringing in Indians on H1B or L1B visas, please contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You need to start raising a stink. The job you save might be your own.

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By twiz:

I left corporate america for this exact reason. I think it has been 4-5 years since I last stepped foot in an office. I work for myself now. No bosses or management to decide my fate. I make all my own decisions for my own future. Hope I never have to go back.

By chubby girl:

Bonus you are obviously very intelligent. Maybe you could start your own company like Twiz did. It's sounds like your whole field is overrun with shady illegals.

By chubby girl:

You should get a job at the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Wouldn't your ex-employer love that? Go to
Obviously they need competent employees.

By BonusOnus:

chubby girl, if I were working at INS, I would probably not be immediately placed at the investigative dept. but probably doing paper work, documenting immigration visa requests, citizenship requests, etc.

But also, the INS can't investigate everyone. They just go by the forms that the companies submit. If the company submits an H1B or L1B visa request and they "fudge" the facts, how is the INS to figure out if there is fraud? They can't investigate every request, which is why it's up to us to report the employers if they are violating US visa laws.

You can report it anonymously to the INS. I would urge all people here to do so. I don't know how we can allow companies to bring in tens of thousands of H1B/L1B visas or talk about giving amnesty to illegal immigrants while our unemployment rate is 10%.

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Its called discrimination! By rosey3

Lets, see I have been looking online for work for sometime now, and its getting tiresome. My most recent apply was for Radio Shack? OK I decide to apply, so I start the application process name tele and such well, here it comes I scroll -down and it reads can you speak Spanish are you bilingual? I was what?? I happen to speak English I'm in America after all. Now some of you will say get over it? But why should I have to learn another language to cater to others! "heres my thought? "--Do I when I travel to Europe do I demand french or parisians to speak my language! or the british when I'm traveling I make do. so Radio Shack got it wrong I decided not to apply I will not cater to the Spanish. And I'm in process of contacting -EEOC.

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By Sphincter Detector:

It's not discrimination, your country's official heritage languages are Spanish and English. Infact, Spanish is a compulsory course in your highschools. I am from Canada, and French and English are our official languages, and although most of the time English is good enough.. some jobs require French because we do business with the French community, just as I am sure Radio Shack services the Mexican Community. Ever watch Lou Dobbs? According to him your country is 90% Mexican , illegal alliens are taking over the planet USA :) (Thank God he's over) but I digress.. Be careful that you yourself are not being a tad discriminatory in your indignation over being asked if you speak Spanish..

It's only discrimination if you are denied a job on the basis of race when clearly you can speak what ever language they are asking for.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

Spanish is not a compulsory course in American Schools, and the US has NO official language, never has. However, I do agree with the poster about catering to foreigners. I don't think it hurts to learn another language, but when you visit another country, don't expect the natives to speak your own language.

By Really now:

Since English is your only language, you might want to devote more time to learning to use it properly, starting with apostrophes.

By Stay focused on your objectuve - job:

Did they say 'it would help' or 'required'. Get a life;then get a job you want.

By Sphincter Detector:

Haveanicedamday, you are right..I realized it last night as I was lamenting on this subject. I tried to delete the comment when I got home but there is no way to do so… I will be sure to 'fact check' before commenting.

Still, I do not understand Rosy3's indignity at merely being ask “asked” if she spoke Spanish.. She wasn't told she had to speak the language in order to get the job, nor was she denied the job because of it. Irrespetive of that, employers are allowed to discriminate for various reasons including language if they can demonstrate that it's a legitimate business requirement. That's how Abercrombie and Fitch got away with firing a girl with a prosthetic arm, claiming she can't properly wear and as such represent the clothing line, that's how Hooters gets away with not ever hiring fat girls, claiming it tarnishes the Brand, and that's how UPS gets away with forcing Muslim woman to wear pants instead of skirts...calling it a safety requirement... If Radio Shack can demonstrate that they service a primarily Hispanic community., then they have grounds to request a Spanish speaking candidate. Suck it up buttercup!

The USA ( and Canada is guilty of this too) ,likes to boast multiculturalism on it's political resume, reaping the benefits of immigrant labor, business and tax dollars, but then complains about having to learn another language? A language who's people represent 31% of the general population. In 2006 the Census Bureau estimated the Hispanic population at 42.7 million. Perhaps it's time to get with the program and learn a little Spanish then , eh..! :)

That's my two cents. I'm sure this opinion will piss off the entire continent so I'll let you folks have the last word.. :)

By getagrip:

Radio Shack wants to sell products to Spanish-speaking customers. Who can blame them for being smart? It's certainly not discrimination. If you want to only sell products to an English-speaking customer base, get your own store and you and your closed mind can have fun going out of bunsiness.

By rosey3:

The radio shack said spanish required. I decided they weren't worth my time. My point I was making why should I go and have to learn another language its optional.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

If you speak more than one language, don't waste your time with a joke company like radio shack. With extra language skills, you can get jobs doing better things like being an interpreter. They do get paid pretty well.
I still think that if you are a foreigner and you come here, you *should* learn english. That's what we speak here, officially or not. When in rome, do as the romans do.

By merope:

Yes, it's discrimination--and of a legal citizen. Our official heritage is English, our institutions are English and our language is English. Case closed.

By chubby girl:

The employer may need to staff a English/Spanish CSR position. If you would not be able to communicate with the customers it would be frustrating for all of you.

Knowing other languages is a sign of intelligence in other cultures. A woman I know living here but born in Saudi Arabia told me, "the more languages you know the richer you are." I share this view.

If an employer wants to hire a worker with a specific skill set it is their choice. In this economy, it's a buyers' market. Employers have the right to request certain language skills.

By kskick:

Thanks merope -I looked up official language it said english. If you come here from foreign land learn english. Don't demand others to speak your language

By chubby girl:

If your Spanish and you have money to spend retailers will make sure they have staff that can help you. The bottom line is always the almighty dollar. You better just deal with it.

By tawnysmom:

it's not discrimination if it's part of the job requirement. if you apply for a job and you're expected to lift 50 lb boxes, it's not discrimation against people who can't lift, it's just simply a requirment of the job.

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discrimination By meatman

it is the middle of November of 2008 a female co-worker and I got into an argument.we are both meat cutters for a huge grocery store in northern California.she was yelling,I was yelling.then when we were both done saying what we said,we both turned away from eachother and walked off.there was 4 witnesses in the room excluding us.I then said to myself 'aint this a bitch'and shook my head.this person went upstairs and called human resources and deliberately lied and said I called her a bitch.I didn't find out until months later that she did call human the mean time,she was complaining of how she hated working with men and everybody in our store and gas prices were too high and how miserable her life the following week after we had our argument she requested to transfer to a store 2 blocks from her home.everybody thought 'great'no more whining and complaining or bringing us down.well she caused problems with 3 of the employees in her store next to her she then called human resources and complained about another she requested to human resources to transfer back to my store,mind you its 35miles away from her and 2 blocks away for me,and human resources gave her what she obviously now I'm iraite and fell discriminated against because human resources listened to a 1 sided story and never to this day ask me what had happened or what was said,.I know and people reading this know that to work in human resources you must be educated and have a degree at the least.she now bumped me from my store and recently complained to human resources again about me working at my store on her days off.and guess what?human resources said I cannot work in the store 2 blocks from my house even though the female employee is on her days off.I want to sue the hell out of this company for discrimination!I got accused for something I didn't do and I can prove to the company with 4 witnesses I didn't say what she thought I said.I want that human resource lady fired for discriminating against me for whatever reason she had whether it may be my nationality,religion,sex,tattoos,color of my skin and the list goes on.somebody please advise me...

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I think JP Morgan dicriminates against whites too! By dpc81

I agree that Chase bank discriminates against white males in particular. I have applied for numerous positions with JP Morgan and I am positive that I scored a perfect 100% on the assessment exam. I also have 12 years of excellent work experience with references, I was in the USAF, and I am a senior at the Illinois Institute of Technology finishing my Bachelor of Science in Finance and Construction Engineering. Not only have I not even gotten one phone call back from any of these banks, I have also had a Bank One/Chase account for over ten years. I can honestly say that in that time, having been in several banks throughout Chicago and its suburbs, I have seen but one white lady working in all of them, and she is from Eastern Europe and speaks broken English. Being that I am about to be an alumnus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, almost all of my professors are attorneys who also teach at my schools Kent College of Law. As such, I am considering taking this up with some of them. JP Morgan may want to be careful about a class action discrimination lawsuit. Before I do that, I am going to "Dumb Down" my resume, and claim that I am a minority just to see if I get a phone call back for an interview. JP Morgan better hope that that does not happen.

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Can any one Help with my Appeal Hearing? By Twinkles

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone has any advice for my appeal hearing. I was dismissed on capability grounds at the end of my probation.

Basically my line manager never had any complaints about my work until my team made an informal complaint against him for the way he managed us.

Since then I was singled out because I was on probation and issued with some instructions to improve my performance and an extension to my probation.

I was then told at the end of the month that I had failed the improvement plan because my department volunteered to help out on a charity day and apparently a few of us did not take the day very seriously which is untrue but again I was singled out because I was on probation. Apparently our behaviour was unprofessional. The second reason was that I did not fully conduct a piece of work even though I have email printouts that I was never asked to undertake that piece of work.
When I was eventually asked to undertake the piece of work I did it with no problems but apparently I should have anticipated that the work was required even though it was a one off requirement.

Anyway in my dismissal letter the wrote that they have give me support and training throughout my probation and I still haven't met the required standard. Truth is I never had any of the above and I was dismissed even before the extension to my probation started. They also said they will state my reason for dismissal in reference requests which to me is the biggest blow because I have a very good work record and this could potentially damage my career.

So I need advice on what I should say in the appeal in order for it to make an impact. I might have grounds for discrimination but I don't really want to go that far. My main objective would be to get this removed from reference requests.

Thanks in advance.

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By CK:

If you were on probation then you are facing an up-hill battle.

Did your manager hold an informal (inital) meeting before you were placed on probation?

Were there goals placed on you during your time on probation?

Were there any follow-up meetings regarding your progress during probation?

And if so, then what was your progress while you were on probation?

If you were on probation and there were never any follow-up as to your status/progress then I would ask for a reason that you were hung out to dry.

By Twinkles:

The answers to all your questions is No. They even ended my employment because the improvement plan had ran its duration and we never had progress meetings during that time even though they were supposed to take place weekly.

By SouthernProgrammer:

I am sorry but I have to agree that since you were on probation there is nothing you can really do.

IMO, you WERE singled out because you are being used as an example to the others. YOU are being let go because you are on probation and it is easier to let you go, the others cannot be let go as easy BUT they can 'shake them up' by using you as an example.

It stinks, but I don't think there is anything you can legally do.

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Why I quit, and do I have any recourse? By Diane0412

On November 16 I quit my job. Didn't want to but I was so upset over what these HIGHER UPS did to me. I was working 40 plus hours a week in a retail store, due to me being the only person who would cover the store hours. Its a cell phone company. I would start at 9:45 and work until after 7:30 every day, until I would get someone from anothe store to come to give me a break. No lunches unless my husband brought me something to eat, no microwave to even bring anything, and of course no breaks, unless I went out front for a cigerette. The higher ups knew I wanted to manager the store, I have always made this clear, since I came back part-time, and was already doing the full-time hours. The higher ups said I would have to prove I can do the sales for 6 months before I would be considered, and be full-time for that time period. I said that would not be a problem, although they would give me a full-time quota which at this point was very unattainable, the store was hardly making a part-time quota, so more hours, less pay. Well on November 15th they hired someone, for more money salary, as my manager, also their policy manual states that they must post the internal position for 5 days before they would look outside for help. The way I was introduce is this is Tom. Then they called me into a meeting 4 of us, Tom, another manager, and the operations manager and myself. Then the shock came, Tom is the new manager of the store, I would be answering to him, he would be making my schedule. I would be training him. Understand he has no retail experience at all, but stated he managed people, what people? I was the only one there. I told him, I was a manager of several huge retailers, and I didn't feel that made a difference. Not upset with him, but upset that first of all, the higher ups knew I wanted this position, I worked all for this, I did the inventory,, ordered the phones, took care of all the issues, well after sitting there the next day, when Tom said he may or may not be in, I cried all the time, they overlooked someone that cared about this store so much, and did what I could to turn even a bill payment into a sale. I called one of the higher ups, and I told her how I felt and I felt like leaving, her response, "Do what you need to do. So I left, I have been living off of Xanax now, with little or no hope, they brought down my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and my self-worth, I gave that company more than all of me. My question to all who read this, is do I have any kind of discrimination recourse, I have filed for unemployment and will fight for my rights, I have several customers that stand by me, they said that I was the best person they have ever worked with. Please help, since I need advise? Thank you

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By CK:

For one thing it doesn't sound like it's you but management - so don't beat yourself over it! You made your thoughts to management and they ignored you - their loss not yours.

If you worked over 40 hours you are intitled to OT - Talk to a lawyer as to your wages and possible loss of benefits. It seems that employers try to get away with murder now-a-days.

Listen, I hear where you are coming from. I'm here myself. The ONLY reason I haven't quit is because I have family to feed! My employer even placed my life in danger! If I wasn't smart about thing they would have to deal with my widow! For real!

Another thing, start writing your resume! Get off the meds, clear your head, and back on your feet! That is what will make you get over this! Place a positive spin on this! When interviewed, tell stories of your work issues (with cusomers, inventory, (but not the bosses!), what you did and how your actions were successful.

By Diane0412:

Thank you so much for your nice thoughts, it is very much appreciated. Since I wrote I have filled a grievance with the labor board, due to what I believe is discrimination, I have contacted my lawyer, and also to the employment board, I couldn't afford to quit this job, my finances are in a shamble, but I accepted that I did leave, but that I felt I had no higher-ups to go to since they were the one's that hired this guy. I do not take it out on him, as he told me, he didn't even know that he was going to be my manager, He stated at the meeting we will be co-workers, and he was corrected immediately by one of the higher-ups by saying, NO> he is your manager, and he will be making your schedule. It was just a slap in the face, I continue to take the xanax, just to get by right now, I would rather sleep then to deal with this, I will take this one day at a time. I am so glad for your encourgement, it made me smile, and gave me hope for another day. Take care, and thank you.

By twiz:

Keep us posted on your case Diane!

By LAthorn84:

It sounds as if you are very good at your job and know what you are doing, use this to your advantage to get another good job and demand respect.

By Diane0412:

I filed for unemployment, looking for a new job, alot of searching and applying, very disapointed in myself still that I did quit, did talk to my lawyer, he said to do what I was doing until I get the refusal from unemployment then we will go from there. I never ever collected unemployment and I am 48 years old, so this will be a first. Also on the company's website for careers, in CAPITAL letters it says you MUST have retail experience. I know for a fact this person who took the job does not, and never did, so maybe I am grasping at straws but hey what else do I have to do right now. I am so thought full for your kind words from all of you. And I will keep plugging at the job search. Have a great day, and thank you.

By dkramer0412:

Well to update,I have been denied unemployment they say it was because i wasn't considered for the managers position that is not the facts, the fact are that then job wasn't even posted for me to apply. stated in their policy must post internally for 5 days, never given a chance to apply, they hired the outsider with no experience, only to say they were impressed with him, no retail experience also states on company website saying they MUST have retail experienc. Then my commission check comes from Nov. a whole 41.00 what a slap in the face, i should of made 350. after contacting human resources they state i did not get 60 percent of my quota therefore I was only entitled to that. They stated this is company policy. Wow, double standards, and selective parts of policies. well I am appealing their decison from unemployment and bringing the policy book along with their website ad. don't know if i will do anything about this, but also waiting for a call back from my lawyer, who i called today. I am very upset that employers follow policies when it satisfies them. Any more advice?

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

Ask your lawyer if perhaps this is a case of gender discrimination. You were passed over for a job you definitely were qualified to do, for a MAN who was pointedly underqualified, according to their requirements for the job. You should look into that.

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Funny Girl By Funny Girl

The 1st Jewess was fired several months ago & the "Beautiful German Princess" who I refer to as the Borderline Anti-semitic evil Bitch is the Exectutive Director of this non-profit that purports to serve women & children who are homeless &/or victims of domestic violence. So the 2nd Jewess was falsely accused of discrimination against 2 minority interns whose performance was worse than poor. This Jewess worked w/the 2 inadequate students so as not to ruin their lives because their school was in favor of dropping them from the graduate program. This Jewess has self-respect & she resigned after her name was cleared. (There was an "investigation"). Ok...the 3rd Jewess was "laid off" on Rosh Hashonah - one of the holiest days of the year. The 4th Jewess was fired for "insubordination" when she mentioned to her supervisor that she (the supervisor) was 20 min. late for a meeting for the 3rd time that wk. The rest of the staff who heard the exchange are in shock at the absurdity of the charge. So now there is only one Jewess left in this non-profit agency. Guess she better watch her back & start lookin for a new job. BAD BAD BAD place. Where is the ADL?

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My boss threaten to fire me for something I didn't do By Don't know

I've working in this airline for the past 20 years. Our bosses come and go as they are only sent to the U.S. for 2 or 3 years at a time. So this new "Dick" has been doing major overhaul in the office the very first day he arrived, meaning changing everybody's schedule around(we work around the flights, not usual office hours), changing meal time, disposing of office cubicles(in his words, qoute "so we can all see each other),rearranging duties, etc... And he quickly established his fave crew, all his race, hiring new people of his race, I and the other person are the only non-his-race employees. So there's a joke in the office, that the two of us are taking turns to be 'Flavor of the Month', meaning somehow the 'Dick' will find problems with the two of us. Lucky for me, until now I managed to duck most of them, hey, hasn't been working for 20 years for nothing. Now the 'Dick' is accusing me of some procedures I didn't do, on a day I was not working, but unfortunately went in to pick up something I forgot. He said it was done from my pc, he saw me that day blah blah blah. Long story short, I didn't do it. Our pc is left on a common desk, everybody has access to it, it's always signed in. So how do I know he didn't do it to set me up? He has all our passwords, he even asked HQ to provide access to all of our emails, so he can read them. The 'Dick' and his fave crew always get together, without the two outsiders of course(we always find out, sometimes thru conversations they let it slipped). He said if I admit to the mistake, he won't report it to Human Resource, but how could I to something I didn't do? I was thinking to go seek advice in a law firm, does this qualify as racial discrimination? I'm retiring soon, maybe he's trying to cut out my pension? Anyone, any advice, please write. Thanks a million.

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By Sympathetic reader:

Go to a lawyer ASAP. Never ever admit to something you didn't do. Sorry you have experienced this.

By CK:

Yup! You need legal representation - PRONTO! Do you also have a Union? And WHY would he need your computer passwords? There are ways to access e-mails w/o needing passwords! Sounds like a frame-up! Also, since you've been there 20 years you may also fall under another protected class of age (40+) - how old are the others? ... Just a thought! If they are all under 40 you may have an age discrimination case as well!

By SouthernProgrammer:

You say your bosses are changed and sent to the US every 2 years or so?

Can you imagine how the employees are treated in your bosses country?


I have a friend who works in Japan and tells me that noone ever leaves before the boss..and sometimes the boss will work until 9:00 at night!

I must admit I had a minor laugh at that thinking of a boss who would get up and put on his jacket in full view of everyone and then....suddenly shake his finger like...WAIT a minute...and then go back into the office and continue working...

I agree with the others, find a lawyer NOW.

By Don't know:

Yeah I'm over 60, the others are 20s, 30s, olders other than myself is 40 something. Nope, we don't have union. The company is base in California, so to their convenience, it's either California Labor Law or New York Labor Law, whichever is most suited to them. Does this qualify as racial discrimination?

By SouthernProgrammer:

You may be able to try racial discrimination but I would try age discrimination first.

Here is a interesting point: Similarly situated employees others outside the protected class were treated differently and more favorably.

By CK:

AS to WHERE to file, it is my understanding that if they have an office in your state, that is wherere you file. They would fall under that states laws and not where they are HQ'd.

But do yourself (and your lawyer) a favor - document EVERYTHING! And I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! Who said or did what and when and to who. Play detective. What about your reviews? Have they been good the whole time then suddenly drop? Could be a case in YOUR favor! Any witnesses that will testify (in your favor)?

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