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Seriously, we know work sucks. We know how monotonous and frustratingly hellish your commute is. We know what an unpleasant tool your boss can be and we know there's at least one coworker who sucks the ever loving life out of you. To help alleviate the symptoms of work rot, browse our latest job stories and post your own (anonymously, of course).

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Prestige management - Now your staff Written by Schmoopie on 08/25/2014I took this job after listening to the owner tell me for hours how it's a large company with room for advancement and family oriented atmosphere. Things seemed to line up all research indicated growth. After walking in I realized it was a small office of about ten people 8 of which were relatives of the owner. Family atmosphere my foot. They then are taking people with zero expeience or background and giving them charges necUse they didn't go to college and don't believe in it. Make one silly error even if you are new and you'll never live it down no matter how's my mistakes the family makes they just like to pick on non relatives Add a Reply
LPL Financial - Overworked, under paid, under appreciated, micro managed Written by sulbalcone on 07/24/2014Pros: There is job security since they can't fire anyone because they have so few people doing a ridiculous workload. It may be great for advisors since they seem to to have all the time in the world to keep calling about one issue 10 times a day. My manager is a good sincere person but she has been put in a completely unwinnable situation. It's a paycheck & the way of doing business today is "just be glad to have a job."

Cons: I'm pretty sure they want to turn the entire place into a call center. They (management) wants every employee fielding calls no matter what department one is working in. LPL has been offshoring a lot of its processes which is industry standard. It's a great way to increase profit margins, reduce US jobs and the quality of the work. The vacation time is stingy & we are not paid nearly enough for the (unreasonable) amount of work we're expected to complete. The work environment could stand to have a few more professional personalities. This place is just bad for the soul.

Advice to Management: Hire enough people to do the work. The problem is that every company is doing this. This is the new normal. Work a skeleton crew of people to the bone and have them put up with more hassle than is healthy and pay them less than they're worth. Thing is, if you want to be "the employer of choice", don't do what every other company is doing.
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Country Manor Campus - Welcome to the nursing home from hell. Written by ladybug95 on 07/17/2014Man, looks can be deceiving. When I first interviewed at this nursing home I was so excited. It had just been renovated a few years before, and it was gorgeous. Then I started working. Each day is a hit or miss, which is hard enough. Add obnoxious coworkers and it's unbearable. The patients are okay enough. But my coworkers are enough to make me want to quit and I've only been here a few months. I hate coming to a shift feeling like I have a gun to my head. People have reported me to the supervisors for the stupidest, smallest things. Heck, somethings I didn't even do. For example, the day staff got in one morning and insisted I didn't brush a woman's teeth. Turns out I didn't even put her to bed. They just assumed it was me because I was the newbie. They gossip, gripe, and will not under any circumstances make you feel welcome. There's also this unwritten rule that you have to stay late every day, to help the day staff do their jobs. I.E. get people up in the morning. I put people to bed. I work 12 hr night shifts. And you better believe I'm tired after that. So no, I'm not going to stay and do your job for you unless I'm mandated. They'll stab you in the back and ask questions later. One of the few friends I have insists her experience was just like mine, until she gained some seniority. I don't know if I care to wait that long and find out. Add a Reply
Valley Health System Hospital - RN being blackballed Written by OrthodoxRN on 07/15/2014Tired of being held back by a boss who won't let me advance. I am amazing at what I do. Why don't you concentrate on the nurses who almost kill patients because they are inadequate!Add a Reply
Sales - Embarrassment Written by Mark419 on 07/14/2014I work for a large company headquartered in a large city. The firm has smaller satellite offices in mid size cities. I have worked in one of the satellite offices for about 10 years. A lady I'll call Maria who has been there about 5 years works with me. We usually get along pretty well. We do have a student aid and she comes in 3 afternoons a week to do filing and odd jobs. Up until a year or so ago it was a great job. We are each furnished with a car that can be driven to and from work in addition to our outside duties. The company pays for a cell phone for each of us. Although there is a dress code, it is usually not adhered to except for very important occasions. This is great because I hate to wear a tie. We have always been allowed to work as we see fit so long as we produce positive results. Our reports are/were sent directly to headquarters electronically. Our boss in headquarters does assign certain work that we are both required to attend to together. It is often in another small city in a different county sometimes requiring overnight travel.

About a year ago our old boss got promoted and we got a new boss. She is a young lady who was promoted from one of the other satellite offices. After 5 or 6 weeks she was settled in to her new office in headquarters and started making visits to the satellite offices under her. She came to our office with a new set of rules such as calling her every afternoon when we were out of the office and some other things. She also decided that all of our reports should be emailed to her for review & approval before being forwarded to the headquarters servers. When she found things in the reports to be corrected she would call us. We would have her on a speaker phone, bring up the report on our computer, and make the corrections or changes that she wanted. I've never been a good writer so as it turns out she found more things to be corrected in my reports than in my partners. I should mention that my partner's desk is right next to mine in our small office space so we can both hear conversations over the speaker phone. I thought it was embarrassing to have our supervisor spend so much time correcting me while Maria & often the student aid listened. Our new boss could be quite condescending.

One day while I was in the office by myself the boss called to make numerous corrections on one of my reports. I was getting fed up and argued with her. She calmly and plainly warned me not to argue with her and reminded me that I could to be disciplined. I had heard of such but never been disciplined and wasn't to worried about it. I apologized and we went on making the corrections but after wards I was upset. But a month or so later I couldn't help myself and got into another argument with her. She exclaimed that I had gone to far and that she was going to discipline me for insubordination.

She explained: Number 1, I was to wear a coat and tie to work every day for 2 weeks. She knew I hated neck ties.
Number 2: I was not allowed to use my company car for 2 weeks for any purpose. If I needed to go somewhere it was required that I ask Maria to take me. This meant no take home car so I'd have to use my own, but for liability reasons, I would not be allowed to use my personal car while on company time. I was to turn my keys over to Maria to be locked in a cabinet.
Number 3: I would not be allowed to have a cell phone. I would have to ask Maria if I could use hers and all my calls would be forwarded to her phone. My cell phone was locked up in the cabinet with the car keys.
Number 4: I was to print out all of my reports and give them to Maria for review and to make corrections as she saw fit. She was also given authority to make me completely rewrite a report. Maria would then initial the report to show her approval and I was to file it to make sure the bosses orders were being followed. After Maria's review I was allowed to send my report to the boss by email.
Our boss sent out an email to both of us to confirm her orders.

My punishment was dealt out on a Friday which meant that it would begin the next Monday. I parked my company car and gave Maria my keys and cell phone. She was kind enough to give me a ride home that Friday. When I showed up for work that next Monday there was a smirk on Maria's face when she saw me in a coat and tie. I felt embarrassed being disciplined in front of her. That afternoon the student aide showed up for work and immediately asked me why I was all dressed up. I had to explain to her that I was being disciplined and told her about the coat & tie, and turning in my car & cell phone. Maria quickly added that I now had to turn in all of my reports to her for corrections. The student aid asked some questions and simply said with a smirk “how embarrassing”. The next day I turned in my first report to Maria. I laid it on her desk and she said no, put them in this tray and that she would get to them when she had time. I did as she said. I was surprised, but probably shouldn't have been, when she started marking on my report with a red pen. She gave it back to me with a slight smile & I brought up my copy on the computer and made the corrections she found. Then I sent it to our boss who called later and said “this is much better”.

After a few days of wearing a coat and tie, I mentioned to Maria that it wouldn't hurt anything for me to take the tie off & that the boss would never find out. Maria said no, that I will have to keep it on because she isn't going to lie for me and get in trouble herself. The student aid chimed in and said I should take my punishment that she didn't want to lie for me either. Maria and I did reach a deal that when we were out in the field and people asked me why I was all dressed up that I could make up a story to tell them instead of saying I was being disciplined. Sure enough everyone we called on asked why I was dressed up and Maria was dressed casually. I would usually say there was a big function that night which would leave no time to go home and change. Maria would always smirk at my stories.

I would like to quit but have so much time in.
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