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We know how unpleasant your boss can be. We know there's at least one coworker who sucks the ever loving life out of you. To help alleviate the symptoms of work rot, browse our latest job stories or post your own (anonymously, of course).
Symphony Orchestra Admin office - She has no internal dialogue, and that's just the tip of the iceburg. Written by GRUMBLEgrumbleGrUmBle on 01/09/2015She sits across from me and her computer screen covers her mouth from my angle- SO I never see her mouth moving, but it never stops talking. She thinks outloud, she talks her way through every piece of data entry: "Now move the mouse over here, push this little square, and that pops up, and now where do I go? Oh, here is the little button, and then hit tab..............."
WHEN her computer doesn't go fast enough, she BANGS KEYS.
WHEN she opens the mail every day and stamps everything "RECEIVED (date)", she might as well be playing the drums. If a letter is erroneously returned and she knows it, she still stamps it- rendering it impossible to slip back into the mail box.
WHEN we received our first Christmas card of the year, she stapled a slip of paper to the front, covering the pretty snowflake-- The paper had a list of all the office staff, and a space for each to initial that we've read the card. Inside, it said "Merry Christmas" and was signed by our insurance rep.
WHEN she doesn't understand how to do something, she immediately apologizes for "being such an idiot, and so stupid", and immediately acts super defensive as you try to explain the answer.
IT TAKES HER DAYS to return a short list of phone calls, but she gets extremely defensive if you ask if she's called someone back, and never lets you take on any of the call-backs, insulted you're moving in on her job.
NO ONE OVERSEES HER WORK- but I am directly affected by the quality of it.
(I'm only beginning)
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Your current or former employer. - draining Written by peon on 01/08/2015micromanager: wants me to ask questions, when i do get them thrown back into my face ; response is what would you do? make up your mind. new girl is an ass kisser. boss buying her tires, eating lunches on the company, coming in late, always sick, having saturdays off. she cannot do any wrong. i ask to leave a 1/2 hr early to buy office supplies and get the third degree. tired of doing stuff on my own time. tired of the unfairness of it all, but then life isn't fair. stand up for myself and get chastised for it. ask for help and get nothing. Add a Reply
Consolidated Divisions Inc. - What a shithole! Written by JustcallmeDave on 01/07/2015No vacation time, no sick time and upper management are the slimiest human beings this world has to offer. This company treats office staff like gold but craps on the people doing the actual work.

The owner and VP are the most egotistical scumbags I've ever met and the way they treat people makes everyone cringe. They truly believe that they are better based on their bank accounts but as soon as they turn their backs everyone talks about how much they truly suck. Management overall is a bunch of retards that surely don't deserve the positions they hold. In fact, the higher the manager, the less competent they are.
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Wegmans - Wegmans is so overrated Written by stressed out mess on 01/07/2015Wegmans is so overrated it is not even funny. They stick all us new people at the god damn cash registers and we have to deal with a bunch of ungrateful customers that expect me to bend over backwards for them. Also don't even get me started with their customer service shit! If you don't risk your life for customer service, they will say you are a bad employee. I asked my manager if I could be promoted to janitorial and he told me i had to wait for a 6 months (it feels like 60). Well i am glad those managers get to stand around and chat with eachother while us rats work like a dog for them. I once had thid manager bitch at me for asking to use the bathroom and i don't even do that often. They pay us all minimum wage and act like we should be grateful. I honestly don't know what kind of uncivilized 3 ringed circus they are trying to run. This job has done nothing but stress me out big time.Add a Reply
Federal Government - ATO - Toxic Boss Written by Out of there on 01/05/2015Although I needed my job, I have left it, due to a section supervisor who is a tyrant and a control freak.

Although all the people working in the section have been in the workforce for over twenty years, she goes out of her way on a daily basis to make them feel like children again.
She hounds people relentlessly over the tiniest things, and is constantly ordering them around. She habitually talks down to people, and never misses an opportunity to demoralise them.

People have to keep their email in tray open at all times, ready to read every message as soon as it arrives. To ensure this is done, she not only makes her way around the section looking directly over everyone's shoulder (watch out if she catches you out not reading your emails at the same time you are trying to get your work done), you will be subjected to a quiz at the daily "team huddle". If you can't recall at will the details of every single email received since the last "huddle", you will be called on to provide an immediate explanation as to why. That you were concentrating on getting work done is not considered an excuse.

The "huddle" (meeting) itself is conducted with her completely in control of the proceedings. She can speak whenever she likes, but no-one else can say a word until she tells them they can do so. If anyone dares speak without her say so, they will be subjected to a tirade in front of the rest of the staff.

With the monthly "feedback", she could give Cecil B. De Mille a run for his money when it comes to fault finding. She zeroes in on anything wrong that she can find, harps relentlessly on it, and calls on you to justify yourself for not measuring up to her expectations, and will keep hounding you until you do.

She can see nothing wrong with expecting people to produce more and more work in the same amount of time, and if you succeed in doing so, she will then use it as a weapon against the rest of the staff, expecting them to do the same.

Although she sits at her own desk doing very little in the way of work, she is constantly pre-occupied with what other people in the section are doing, and is obsessed with "catching them out". if she thinks they are doing something they shouldn't. Despite producing large volumes of high quality work, I have had to put up with her galloping up to my desk, standing right behind me, looking over my shoulder at my desk for violations. Any suggestion that she shouldn't do this only makes her do it all the more.

She also keeps close tabs on people's attendance. One time someone came back about five minutes late from lunch, and without seeking an explanation as to why they were late, she proceeded to rant and rave at them as if they had gone missing for a week.

Recently, it was decided that a lot of the City based staff should be re-located to the suburban office of Parramatta. At the same time, redundancy packages were being offered to staff who wanted them. Eight people in my section took the redundancy packages and left, seven of them because they couldn't stand her any more.

I feel sorry for anyone else brought in to take our place, because they will surely be subjected to more of what made us leave. I am told by others who have known her a lot longer than I have that she has always been like that.
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