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A place like a prison - Prison Written by stevenB22 on 11/17/2014I am an engineer. Me and most of my co-workers used to love our jobs, and you'd rarely hear a complaint. That is until new management took over about a year ago.

They have someone come by several times a day and do surveys on us to see what % of groups are working. "working" is considered being silent with hands on keyboard or talking to others about a project. Tying your shoes, getting coffee, walking to the bathroom, scratching your head, or asking someone about their weekend is considered non productive and is documented in the reports. I was documented once for "stretching" after i had just bent over my computer for 4 hours to pull off a last minute request with tight deadline, i rolled back in my chair and stretched to get relief. Then i looked up and the time monitor was coming through. I was like you got to be kidding me.

They also make us use PTO if we aer even 1 minute late.

They dont let us have cellphones at our desk anymore.

Management meets for hours and can not make decisions. THey change project criteria mid-stream often, resulting in rework and compressed deadlines.

I recently had completed a task that would affect many people and was told to go start showing the internal customer so there wouldn't be any surprises. I met with the director of the dept who was my internal customer and presented the project. He was on board and rolled it out to his entire organization (hundreds of people).

Then the next day day our mgt decided to radically change the project in a way that adversely affected my internal customer. I mentioned that I had already presented it and that changing it now would hurt our credibility as well as create tension. Mgt said well dont say anything and maybe they wont notice, what can we do to hide this. I said the hell with that, my internal customer deserve know.

My company is obcessed with appearances. There are pre-meeting meetings where people obcess over how to spin the data in order to hide the fact they dont perform. Every week the management talks about the same performance issues and blames other departments. It is a big blame-storming conference.

I really want to find a new job.
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Gervasi vineyard - Worst place to work ever Written by Disgruntled on 11/15/2014Underpaid, under appreciated. Only the ass kissers get ahead(Marsha). Terrible wages. Unable to hire a competent Staff. An efficiency expert who is anything but. Smug asshole-ish owners. Will not listen to employees concerns. Dead end. Counter intuitive work environment. Terrible pay raise system. Terrible sick day policy. Terrible hours. Managers who don't have the skills to be managers. Chefs who are completely untrainable or think they are Gordon Ramsey. Sous chef who is completely out his league. Coworkers who call off with no excuse for a month and still have a job. Cheap owners. Yet they have 25 expensive sports cars. Awful food, recipes and kitchens. Floors so hard and uneven that they have broke 2 people's feet just from standing on them 10 hours a day. Pretty much treat their employees like 21st century slave labor. The worst work atmosphere u can imagine. Inflexible and generally hell on earth. F that place in their stinky b holes.Add a Reply
Securitas - security guard Written by theguythatgetsskrewed on 11/12/2014"Offer" health insurance so they don't have to pay a penalty. Problem is the health plan they offer is almost $180 a month. Stop undercutting your employees that get paid $9 an hour and can't afford your health plan. How more corrupt is that. No one should ever work for Securitas. Add a Reply
Nursing home - Bull crap Written by on 10/07/2014Okay so I started my job at the nursing home about a year ago starting at 7.25$... Number 1 what nursing home that you know of only paying minimum wage, number 2 what nursing home freezes raises for a whole year even though they make more than enough money? My bosses make me do work that is not my job.. Literally.. Im not qualified to do half the things they ask me to do,but when I need help noone ever has time. Not to mention I work 12 hours a day with one lunch break.. And you have to pay for lunch!! Now I have to wait another year to get a raise.. 2 years to get a 14 cent raise.. The only reason I still work here is because jobs are scarce around here.. I can go on and on about this place.. Favoritisim.. Secret racisim... Drama... So many lies that ive just stopped listening and doing whatever.. Lies from the big bosses, residents, resident familys ect...Add a Reply
Prestige management - Now your staff Written by Schmoopie on 08/25/2014I took this job after listening to the owner tell me for hours how it's a large company with room for advancement and family oriented atmosphere. Things seemed to line up all research indicated growth. After walking in I realized it was a small office of about ten people 8 of which were relatives of the owner. Family atmosphere my foot. They then are taking people with zero expeience or background and giving them charges necUse they didn't go to college and don't believe in it. Make one silly error even if you are new and you'll never live it down no matter how's my mistakes the family makes they just like to pick on non relatives Add a Reply

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