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Seriously, we know work sucks. We know how monotonous and frustratingly hellish your commute is. We know what an unpleasant tool your boss can be and we know there's at least one coworker who sucks the ever loving life out of you. To help alleviate the symptoms of work rot, browse our latest job stories and post your own (anonymously, of course).

You can't keep this crap bottled up!
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You'll feel much better!
Looking for advice on working solo/speaking up to superiors Written by Stephanie-20 on 03/31/2014Does anyone here have a job that they've had to learn to do themselves? Right now im in training and I'm being tested by the boss on Tuesday. She's going to tell me that I need to start working alone or tell me that I should know everything by now and speak up. Anyone want to help me understand?   Full story >Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply
Young and disrespected Written by Young enforcer on 02/12/2014So I work at Stewart's shops. I love working for the corporation itself so many great benefits and it's very nice meeting so many people. My issue though, is my rude, bipolar, crazy boss! She talks to me like I'm stupid, she tells me one thing then lies and says another, she doesn't do her job, all she really does is sit on her butt at her desk.   Full story >Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply

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