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Seriously, we know work sucks. We know how monotonous and frustratingly hellish your commute is. We know what an unpleasant tool your boss can be and we know there's at least one coworker who sucks the ever loving life out of you. To help alleviate the symptoms of work rot, browse our latest job stories and post your own (anonymously, of course).

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Welcome to the nursing home from hell. Written by ladybug95 on 07/17/2014Man, looks can be deceiving. When I first interviewed at this nursing home I was so excited. It had just been renovated a few years before, and it was gorgeous. Then I started working.   Full story >Add a Reply
RN being blackballed Written by OrthodoxRN on 07/15/2014Tired of being held back by a boss who won't let me advance. I am amazing at what I do. Why don't you concentrate on the nurses who almost kill patients because they are inadequate!   Full story >Add a Reply
Embarrassment Written by Mark419 on 07/14/2014I work for a large company headquartered in a large city. The firm has smaller satellite offices in mid size cities. I have worked in one of the satellite offices for about 10 years. A lady I'll call Maria who has been there about 5 years works with me.   Full story >Add a Reply
Civilian Working for hometown law enforcement Written by Forever screwed on 07/09/2014Ok so after getting screwed over in a legal test for a corrections position. This agency keeps me on for a job working cameras at a courthouse. Now I'm the youngest employe in this building and they ( for lack of better words ) "partner" me with this 58 year old guy who started this position the same time I did. Normally that be no problem but this guy is one pathetically, egotistical piece of work.   Full story >Add a Reply
Lady Boss from Hell Written by on 07/08/2014I was being hired as an executive assisting this lady boss who was very nasty, mean, and unreasonable and refused to listen to my explanations whenever she asked me questions concerning works. She has a strong phobia of not trusting people around her including her own staff. She always lied to me and neither did she explained to me about company's policy and work structures which eventually I managed to find out the truth from other people liaising with her. She will throw her works to me without giving me any guidance and always raise her voice to scold me loudly enough for other people to hear always make me and others looked like idiots when she herself didn't have any explanations at all.   Full story >Add a Reply

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