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We know how unpleasant your boss can be. We know there's at least one coworker who sucks the ever loving life out of you. To help alleviate the symptoms of work rot, browse our latest job stories or post your own (anonymously, of course).
Alberta OilSands - Working at the End of the Earth Written by DieselMan on 02/23/2017I work at an isolated, cold distant north location in the Oilsands of Canada. My coworkers are great, my boss is also good. Management sucks around here but they are afraid to upset employees so atleast they won't fire us and they don't cut our pay, so all that stuff is decent. The biggest thing that is slowly getting to me is that I work out here alone, on the largest Waste pond in the world. this "Tailings pond" gets covered in ice and snow and the temperatures out here drop to -40degrees C for about 6 months of the year. My job as a process operator is to ensure that our pumps are constantly sucking this shit pond up and sending it to the centrifuging plant to process out all the solids in the toxic water. In the winter, lines freeze, and I can get stuck outside turning valves and trucking out heaters over kilometers of frozen dirt roads to defrost frozen valves. I work 12 hour shifts as standard and I'm driving around checking on machinery all night and day shifts. I just wish I had decided to do something else with my life. I don't care that this job pays well, I just feel like I'm dying everytime I walk out to all the machinery on this dirty pond. Let it be known, sometimes the money is not always worth it.Add a Reply
Dollarama - I'M FREAKING INJURED FOR CHRIST'S SAKE Written by DisgruntledCashier on 02/22/2017I'm currently injured with an ankle injury - been about 3 weeks now - and despite work having known about it since it began , WHY DOES MY BOSS KEEP SCHEDULING ME IN FOR SHIFTS WHERE I HAVE TO WALK AROUND THE ENTIRE FLIPPING STORE MULTIPLE TIMES. I've never liked this job, but I need money and no where else seems to want to hire me, but this just feels neglectful - your employee is injured and needs to not move around too much. I'm at my worst end, it's 3 am and I needed to tell somebody somehow - like, being a cashier isn't something I should have to think about outside of work, but here I am, not able to sleep cause I'm anticipating having to go in and tell her what's what. Anyway, thanks for reading if you didAdd a Reply
Games - How I left a job I loved Written by Diana on 02/18/2017I landed this nice job after looking for so long and I was so happy to see my boss was such a kind hard working man that I tought I would definetly get along just fine. Even my supervisor was nice and even if we had bumps on the road he helped me a lot. But then... She appeared and what I tought was a nice working environment turned out to be a den of wolves, her being the leader.

She is the art director and even if she was kind supperficially, little by little I realized she was a though cookie. Never letting us do our job properly because she made a big fuzz if we wanted to improve or correct work that she made and was not workable in our deparment, always trying to tell us how to do things despite accepting not knowing how to do our job. Some times she just dissapeared from the office when some how the boss didnt agree with her and then she returned to work with no problems at all and to continue trying to control everything in the office.

It was so bad that our boss will accept her nonsense juat to keep her shut uo. Anw, our boss hired another person to jouin our little team, and it wasn't a team player... Enough said things went from bad to worse, even if we were producing a massive amount of work and never ever myself said anything to upset my boss... Actually he never talked to me, just to my supervisor... It was never enough. One day she decided to make a bigger fuzz and kinda let me know to follow her orders and do my job the way she pleases, that the boss was ok with all that... That we were compromising the game with our changes (it wasn't). Next day... Our team left and not in a quiet matter... It was awful... But it was just enough abuse, my boss called me angered after telling him of my 2 weeks notice and well... It didn't went well. Told me I never talked and was the worst kind of person for talking in a corner and not talking with anybody else despite de fact I was always open and made lots of friends there... He just shouted at me telling me to shut up over and over... Then he protected the new guy with no experience and that refused since the beggining to talk to his team but talked to everybody else refarding his concerns. Anw... The place was always getting and losing people, in the little time I ws there I saw at last a while department leave and other layoff for then find cheaper juniors to do the job. Payment was late, just now it started to get better, i was paid 1.5 months late twice, money was always late at least for a week,no medical, broken promises, even christmas payment came on the 23rd... No christmas bonus nor a thank you nor anything.

After I was yelled by my boss on the phone I realized it was the best decision I made and even if I have nothing right now I feel excited for all the new possibilities. There were so many things happening there and now that I left keep wondering how I was so stupid to endure that just becase I liked to draw when I can do it anywhere else... I endured because of a paycheck I was not even sure will come on time... I was just giving this place the benefit of the doubt and wanted to show my boss how grateful I was with him for opening the doors for me... Not worth it and definetly was never more than a tool for this company. That's life and man... It openend my eyes so much. I don't wish that company harm at all, but all the luck in the world if they are going to keep moving in that road, lots of my ex coworkers were such sweet kids, and those are the ones I will miss. Bye bye job that I used to love, the ride was bumpy but amazing.
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Not even really my boss! Written by sdvora on 02/03/2017I'm the bookkeeper. I have someone who acts like they're my boss, but he's actually the head of our sister company. In general, he's a nice person, but he's a bad combination of (1) not understanding anyone else's job, (2) not willing to listen long enough to learn anything about anyone else's job, (3) being a micro-manager, even though he doesn't know anything about what you're doing. He's incompetent with computers, for example, and asks for my help every day with his. But then he'll turn around and try to tell me exactly how to do something on my computer. Additionally he doesn't trust accounting software so he wants me to keep a handwritten, extra set of books outside of using QuickBooks. Nope. He also expects me to deliver the same financial information every month 5 different ways: provide a printout, email him, tell him in person, provide a financial report, and finally, a monthly meeting where I have to tell him again.

Lastly, and what has me writing today, is that he has a bad habit of publicly blaming me -- to our business partners -- for his screw ups. Once, something he did cost one of our buyers a lot of money. The buyer complained, of course. My boss had me write up an apology letter along the lines of: I'm sorry...this was absolutely my fault...I unreservedly apologize for my incompetence in this matter..." When I wrote his name on the signature line, he made me erase it, and put mine. He made me sign this letter apologizing for "my" screw ups, when I had nothing to do with anything related to the matter. He did the same thing today, calling me incompetent in an email for not doing something that he never even asked me to do...and he CC'd me!

When I complain, he gaslights me, condescendingly telling me to grow up. I've been here 12 years. The only thing I'm holding onto is that he's supposedly retiring soon.
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Unnamed - Every day is a challenge. Written by LivinginHellinCanada on 01/17/2017I have been with this company for a very long time. At some point we needed to expand and more people were hired. This person seemed to be nice in the beginning. Telling us how they needed a stable job, so what went from part-time became full time.

But once they were in the true colors started to show. The rude fowl mouth. The personal attacks on the staff they didn't like because they couldn't bully them into taking their abuse. The staff turn over is horrible for this size company.

The language in the office sunk to lows that are unheard of in any place of business. The f word is common place along with the C word. Degrading employees and attacks one people who just walk in our front doors.

This person is a completely different person when the board is present in the building, but as soon as they leave this person is like, thank god they are gone. Now forget what they told you to do and this is the way I am doing it.. f# them.

They haven't got a clue that she completely disrespects their position and direction and does exactly the opposite.

We've lost customers due to the abuse this person has given them. And the complaints that are sent in are just ignored and swept under the table.

I can't say anything because, although I have worked here for years they only believe that person's manipulative lies and completely disregard me.

The worst part is when that person does get caught doing something so bad, this monster turns the board on one another (instigate fights between the members) to distract them from actually seeing what they themselves are doing in the company.

This person shops all day long online, their family members are calling anywhere from 5 - 50 times a day. And they watch the board's calendars and then plans their days for booking doctors appointments or shopping adventures while the board members are away so that they don't even know how much time this person actually misses.

One year two ladies in the office kept track and this person in total hours missed at work owed the company 48 days of missed time that they were paid for. How rediculous is that?

We do alot of inside sales and customer support here, and this person will walk into our offices and tell us to tell the person on the phone to just F off and hang up on them. We don't and then this person is furious with us for not doing what they told us to do.

This person has called us into their office and shown staff discusting pornographic videos on the work computers. Because the board is blind to this and won't believe anyone when a complaint is made, they (the bad employee in a position of management) gets away with it.

I am waiting for the day this person steals from the company or does something so bad, that the board has no other recourse but to fire this discusting human being.

And this person will sue... because that's what this person does. Suing everyone and stealing from everyone they can get away with it from. But I will be ready to stand up, and so will a few others.

Since this person has come into this company, we have had the highest staff turn over, because no one can work with this person for very long. This person has attacked individual staff members repeatedly over the years and threatened that she will get them fired.

Surviving in this stressful enviroment has been the most taxing life experience to date in my life.
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