Best Tips to Help You Edit Your Writing

You can always come up with some of the best pieces ready to present to the reader with writing. However, before you reach out to the reader, your article or piece of paper should undergo various editing processes as an inclusion. Without editing, you will not always end up with a final perfect copy. When writing, you will often make minor errors; some grammatical, punctuation errors, others with poor sentence structures, misuse of vocabularies, and much more. Some of the mentioned errors require thorough revisions to ensure that the final piece spells out professionalism in writing. Therefore, this piece tries to establish some of the essential tips that will always help you edit your papers.

Use Grammarly

Among the commonly used editing tools is Grammarly. Grammarly substantially helps the writer capture most of the errors that may have passed the bare human eye. Usually, finishing some long piece of writing comes with relief. You must always sigh and feel you are ready to submit it to the desired person. However, editing will always be there to polish your work and turn it into an almost perfect writing form. Grammarly will help you understand and notify you of grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and much more. There is always a free version that will always highlight some of the typical mistakes writers are prone to and enable you to correct them on time. However, a premium version of Grammarly will always polish your grammar, punctuations and help you identify plagiarism in work.

Make adequate use of editing resources

There is always a wide range of editing resources, just like there are many writing resources. Where there is writing, be sure of having editing in the same place. Therefore, equipping yourself with the best editing resources enables you to create the best pieces of paper. Some of the standard editing resources include books, websites, blogs, and much more. You can always reach out to these resources and learn more about editing your work. 

Avoid overachieving synonyms

Once you have written a captivating piece, you will often need to read it repeatedly. However, as you go through your work a minute after the other, you will usually get overwhelmed to add or fix some more captivating words and synonyms. It isn’t a mistake either, and it is, in fact, a way of adding flavor to your work. However, consider doing it sparingly, as it may save you from repetition. In the end, the reader gets a final understandable copy that is properly polished.  The addition of overachieving synonyms may temper with the actual message you need to convey to the reader. Therefore, when editing, avoid overachieving synonyms.

Understand your reader

You will always need to understand the reader before you start writing. With writing, you will continually improve your focus on the reader or the audience. Understanding who your reader is helps you write the best article that focuses on what your reader wants.

Remove some chunks of work even if they are precious

Some of the experiences you will have will be removing some of the best chunks of work. Do not get afraid to remove them if the result is making your piece of writing perfectly. If you find you have to remove the best paragraph and do not feel like it, copy it somewhere else and remove it from your original work. Usually, most of the editing software will prompt you to omit some of the “darlings” in your career. It may look more devastating, but the principal goal should be developing one of the best articles. Go on with the editing; remove that piece of sentence you think is your best. Do not get afraid; you will use it elsewhere. 


Editing is mandatory for your piece of writing. If you cannot do it yourself, the above tips are essential and will always keep you going.  

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