Guidelines to Enhance Your Career in Ghostwriting

Writing comes naturally to most people, though finessing it comes with experience and intentional learning. The benefits of writing a paper cannot get stated enough regardless of the niche you decide to pursue. Most writers may have an inkling to try their wits with ghostwriting. Here, you can select to get started either by pursuing the traditional route of writing books and speeches or going the internet route.

It always proves a wise choice to consider starting your ghostwriting career via the internet route. The main reason entails the development of your reputation before you move into the traditional way. Additionally, it permits you to generate income to help you get going as you work towards establishing the traditional ghost write-ups.

Top Advice for Beginners in the Ghostwriting Profession

  • Start small. You have to stem your expectations, especially when starting your ghostwriting career. Avoid having expectations of earning huge bucks when you first start and instead focus on proving your writing capacity. One of the best places to do this entails the internet. You can always begin with SEO pieces as the demand always proves constant. However, you need to expect the minimum rates of about $8.00 for every five-hundred-word document. After doing a couple of jobs successfully, you can now increase your charging rates. It proves critical to pick one-off jobs to help you build your reputation. Therefore avoid jobs seeking long-term relationships and instead concentrate on short-term ones that can give you positive feedback.
    After doing about ten articles, you can then experiment by increasing your going rates by a maximum of 50%. At this point, it’s critical to continue picking smaller and short-term jobs before elevating your rates to about $10 or $12 for every article in a specific genre.
  • Select a genre. It becomes crucial to pick a particular genre and focus your energies on it. It can help when it comes to cutting down on your writing time. However, when researching, it can prove an arduous task to cut on time as you will constantly seek fresh and up-to-date information to incorporate in the article.  Additionally, it always proves wise to pick one genre that can display your writing skills and help your clients build confidence in you and your capacity to solve problems. The genre should represent something you have prior knowledge about or something you feel comfortable writing about.
    Additionally, this can become your field of expertise. The aim of all these entails securing an option to display your capacity when it comes to writing within that specific genre. Plenty, if not all, articles demonstrate your literary prowess in a specific genre, ultimately leading to the better doors opening.
  • Develop your portfolio. It becomes vital to finish jobs and incorporate them into your portfolio. A portfolio can always come in the form of a website, and it also becomes essential to instill confidence into your piece.
  • Always work with money upfront. One of the key mistakes beginners makes entail starting to work on projects that they have no idea whether the client proves serious enough or not. So always keep an eye for serious evidence of the client’s seriousness before taking onboard their work. Further, avoid fixed-price jobs as these often prove tricky. However, you can opt for the hourly paid jobs as they often come guaranteed. In instances where you pick a fixed-price project, only start work after receiving down payment. Additionally, avoid submitting the work until you get paid your entire sum.
    It becomes crucial to set payment rates commensurate with your expertise level. So in instances where you cannot prove your skills, try and request the potential client a trial job to demonstrate your capabilities.


It becomes vital to start ghostwriting online to develop an excellent reputation before transitioning into traditional ghostwriting. But for you to create excellent traction online, follow the four guidelines expounded in the article.

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