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A Close Call for Coke Addicts

by Job Schmob Blogger

Hi my name is the JobSchmob Blogger and I am a Coke addict.

But whoa, hold up kids, I mean the caffeinated kind.

Coca-colaIf you're anything like me, you can understand what a scare this was to find out that 3 rats working at the Coca-Cola Company tried to sell its recipe secrets to PepsiCo. Compromise Cola-Cola? Are you kidding me?

ATLANTA (AP) — Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing confidential information about drink recipes from The Coca-Cola (KO) and trying to sell it to rival PepsiCo (PEP), federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
Thankfully Pepsi did the right thing, avoided a scandal and worked with the Feds from the start. So thank you Pepsi, for doing the right thing! From now on I'll find it a little easier to smile when the waitresses ask me, "Is Pepsi ok?".

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Anonymous (07/06/2006)
Never cared for Coke and its products, stealing the formula was a case of overating its importance. Nobody wants the formula, most chemists and cooks can do better. People drink it because it became a bad habit they grew up with and because of a lack of real choice. In its humble beginnings it was a dangerous drug delivering vehicle, now it delivers caffeine food coloring and sugar to keep you awake and jumpy at work.


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