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Step Into My Hot Tub—Er, Office

by Job Schmob Blogger

Now here's a cool idea!
A Canadian company has made the jump to cedar-wood 2.0, modding its standard hot-tub enclosure and marketing it as a backyard DIY home office kit.

Cedarsheds specializes in gazebos and spa enclosures, and each kit includes a customer survey. The company noticed a demand for home office kits surfacing in the surveys and got serious about offering one in February. Using the basic design of a spa enclosure, it created the office kit that debuted at the national hardware show in Las Vegas in May
Pretty sweet idea. And at 10' x 12', it's a nice size too.

Cedar Home OfficeI'm just not sure how I'd feel about going out to this office in the dead of winter— or the height of summer for that matter. This office might be better suited for milder climates. And unless the temperature is regulated around the clock, I wouldn't feel confident leaving computer equipment out there either.

The other concern I would have about this office is that it doesn't look real secure. I wouldn't want to leave my laptop or other expensive computer equipment out there in something that looks fairly easy to break into. And with all those nice windows the theives see exactly what they're getting. The Chicago-born blood in me says I'd have to install an alarm on that thing.

But these are bugs that the company could be working out. We'll have to wait and see what they come up with to meet the needs of the working from home movement—because I sure would love to say I work in my yard all day.

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JobSchmobber Community Comments

Corporate Ladder Rung: CIOtwiz (07/28/2006)
I want one! Put a nice little fridge in there. Maybe a ceiling fan. Have a flatscreen TV mounted...;-)

tallyho (07/28/2006)
Hey, I'd buy one!


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