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It seems like most doctors have no clue what they're doing!!! By sickofmedical

I've been an xray tech for 17 years now. I blame and resent my mother every single day for talking me into going into this field to begin with. I was 19, wanted to do something with computers, she's a control freak and since she knew nothing about computers, it wasn't a good idea to her. she was only thinking about one yeah, my pay is decent compared to other careers, but my personal pay, compared to other techs in my field at my same skill level is well below what it should be.

Anyway, I'm so sick of these dumbass doctors who have no clue what's wrong with a patient and just start ordering all kinds of shit hoping another doctor can diagnose the patient for them! and they order duplicate studies like it's nothing! this patient just had an Echo done last week!!! why are you ordering another one??? I just did an xray on this patient 9 hours ago. what the **** kind of miracle medicine are you performing that would make any kind of a difference in 9 hours???!!! its called copd!!! it ain't going anywhere!!!

And while I'm at it, to the people who are reading this, if you're in the hospital because of something you did to YOURSELF, then how do you expect optimal patient care and sympathy. if you're 350 lbs and still hoovering mcdonald's and diet cokes, it's YOUR fault. if you smoke 2 packs a day and need an oxygen tank to breathe, it's YOUR fault. if you drink daily and/or shoot up heroine, IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! try taking care of yourself so you won't get put in the hospital in the first place!

And even though the hospital always seems to be in chaos, the nurses will ALWAYS find time to write someone up for some stupid shit that affects NOBODY. there are more tattletales in the medical field than in kindergarten!!! if it has nothing to do with you and it's not compromising the patient in any way, mind your own business! who gives a **** that I wore pink scrub bottoms when the uniform is blue??? who gives a flying ****??? I'm way better at my job and patient care than you are. you're just pissed that you got to wipe asses and I don't.

Stay out of the medical field.

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By lulu:

OMG!! I can relate! I am an ultrasound tech and I hate it. I've been doing it for 20 years. It consists of unnecessary testing all day!I am repeating studies done a week ago! If one more person asks me why their legs hurt!! You are 300lbs honey, look what they are holding up!! Take a few less trips to the twinkie closet. All doctors are money hungry. The health field had been a big disappointment for me too!! Hang in there. Loved your article.

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Gas Station TV - By Todd

Did anyone out there ever work for Gas Station TV? I was hired by Gene Sanderfield as a Regional Sales Director. Went to Michigan for training with a class of five. After day one, we were a class of four, as someone got gassed right off of the bat.
Long story short, GSTV is too hard a product to sell, and everyone I started with is gone, the HR people are now all gone, and Gene left recently as well. He was a terrific sales manager and I enjoyed my time there, although it was less than a year, and I saw many people come and go in that time.

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By A cup of coffee:

I wprked there for one day and got fired for asking questions during training.

By Stan:

I worked there for a month. They do not want to give advertisers ANY tip of guarantee that their spots are running or impressions they allegedly get.

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Help! Advice Needed!!!! By redstapler

So I need advice. Do I stay or do I go?

I have a great job. I love the company, I love the people, and I love what I do. However... layoffs are pending and I'm in no position to be without a job, not even for a few weeks.

With the fear of layoffs over my head I did what any of us would do...I polished up my resume and posted it, just to see what was out there.

Well.... I got a job offer. Now what? Do I stay in a ship that is possibly sinking, or do I jump ship to a company who was 300% over the mark last year and growing...

Benefits, commute...all that jazz is comparable between the two.


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By econobiker:

Welcome back after seven years of no posting.

Re-read you posting without your name on it and you will see that "DUH" the answer is easy.

The time to bail out is when you get a job offer while you still have a job in a cratering company or industry.

By econobiker:

I also think that your comment is slightly on the spam spectrum by saying that a company is "300% over the mark".

[That statement alone should also tell you to go with that company versus layoffs in the current company...]

By redstapler:

Thanks Econobiker for your feedback.

I submitted my resignation. The counter-offered, but I declined. Then they asked if I would do consulting on the side for them, of which I accepted.

I took the new job. I hate it. Yes...they may have made 300% more than last year, but the owner skewed his information a little bit to get me on board. They might be 20 years old, but its because he's been a one-man-band for 19 of those years and has just recently decided to add staff. That said...I now find myself working for Napoleon contrarian that thinks working nights and weekends in addition to the normal 40 hours a week is acceptable.
But... on the flip side, I have a job, and I am thankful. It turns out that after I resigned most of my team got laid off and the project I was working on was dissolved.

In summary, employed but not so energetic about going to work each day. Hmmm..sound familiar jobschomobbers?

By Deadat43:

Be happy you have a job. Yes, you hate it but you get to eat food you bought and sleep in a bed each night.

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Whats up with this! By Senior Peon

I have worked for the same family in a professional job for 20 years. I get medical,week paid vacation and 3 paid holidays. I am currently making 1.75 more than the person who has worked for them for 4 years, who also geTs week paid vacation,and more OT. I have to wonder if I have out lived My usefulness at work or if they would prefer it if I just quit? They call me on the carpet for everything at the sAme time give the other person what ever it wants. I am not listened to the other one is. So what does It mean to loose the enjoyment of work over being unemployed???

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By Work sucks :

I been there and done that only thing different the boss was in love with the 21 year old boy and he took the kids word over mine all the time never stopped and the kid is not likeable by anyone in the shop at all even new people thought he was a self centered jerk not trust worthy...the kid was being taught by the owner of the co to be like him and i had to mentor him? ..and i felt like an idiot and i am 42 years old...i gave him notice but i was making good money in this bad economy but now since i quit i am not making anywhere near that and my medical sucks...but i dont put up with that bs anymore which is priceless....i should of let them fire me instead of quiting being unemployed is like a bad fishing pond you take risk of not getting anything but i always said my sanity is worth alot more than money..i found a job with a co i worked 6 years ago and i do like 80% less then when i busted my butt for that jerk and thats not blowing it out of porportion.....i ended up picking up a job for 4 months and i was let go then a month later another guy let go too i kept him as my freind...was not our fault....let him call u on the carpet but keep records every nite go home and write things down about the day keep emails cover yourself....good luck ....i never looked back

By redstapler:

You've been there for 20 years and you only have 1 week vaca?

Time to move on...

By PeonWithATude:

I can empathize with you. I also think that my boss prefers others in our department and never listens to me, in fact I know he does not even read my emails because he comes over and asks me something I have already answered. It does not bother me too much what does bother me is that if I do the same thing, I get called out. Please note though that you making only a little more than your co-worker who has been there a shorter amount of time is not uncommon. Because of the salary increases over the years, new hires seem to come in at a higher rate than those long term employees who have received raises. I hate the fact that there is no respect in the work force, and feel like bosses accept positions who are not qualified for the supervisory skills that are required. They accept the position but do not want the work that goes along with it (the managerial tasks that is).

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Jobless By GusNeg49

A vent perhaps, but something that needs to be said, what does it take to get a decent job? Within the last year and a half I've applied to more jobs than God knows and I just don't get it, some have had the courtesy of replying back and others, who knows. Of the one's that do I either get your “over qualified” or “under qualified” (for the same job description) or a computer generated “dear John” message “we've decided to go another route”. I know that I'm qualified for over 90% of them and yet I'm still looking for that career, not just a job. A 10 percent unemployment rate for Hispanics/Latinos those numbers don't really seem to mean as much or translate into much that is tangible for those communities. I know because I am one of those Hispanic Americans who are unemployed. Every time I hear the words "are things better for you now than they were 4 years ago" I cringe. While I never have stopped looking the grind of constantly applying and not finding anything has taken its toll. I live in stark contrast to the mantra being freely passed about that espouses the idea that a certain demographic in this country is lazy, don't want to work, and want government handouts. While my situation could be improved slightly by seeking assistance, I choose not to. I want a job because working for what you want is the ethic that I was raised on. I don't want a check handed to me and I don't want to take away from someone else. While freelancing has kept some kind of income flowing, having a job right now would not only offer me the ability to be more independent, but would also allow me to pay down debts that I have incurred.
Most HR departments have no methodology to determine what is going on in a prospective job applicant's life. They scan the resume and does a background check and if anything doesn't fit into their "template" of an ideal candidate - they go on to the next person.
There are too many people like me who send out resumes daily, faithfully, spending hours searching for jobs but never quite finding one. Not qualified for one, but overqualified for the other. It's hard to be entrepreneurial with very limited funds and no steady source of income. While minorities are disproportionately affected, the bottom line is we are all Americans.
We want to work, I want to work, and we need there to be jobs, not only for our own good, but ultimately for the good all of us.

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By wage slave:


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machinist By this occupation sucks the big one

Anyone out there please u comment on what I have to say...Is this true or not? but do machine shops in general have a culture of stupidity or harness the weirdness that is unlike any normal job where you just damm do your job and go home or are machine shops a haven for something that most people would want to stay away from this occupation..its unappreciated under paid compared to other nicer occupations...I am sure there are machinist out there that can comment on this...I been in this occupation for over 20 years and it seems to be getting worse..the stupidity of it all maybe the drama maybe the unrealistic expectations on a daily work day..maybe the greedy company owner and his partner..maybe the crazy shop manager..

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How to be a good customer on the phone By dizzblnd

After a great many of years as a CSR I am confident that I am qualified to write this.

There is usually a recording after the phone is answered. It would behoove you (and us) to listen to the recording. If you have reached the wrong number, don't argue with us and expect us to know who you are trying to call, what number you SHOULD call or to transfer to something that has nothing to do with the company you have called. Think of it this way, don't call Pizza Hut and expect them to deliver a Big Mac to your house. That's NOT what Pizza Hut does.

  1. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE WORDS SPEWING FROM OUR PIEHOLES! There is a reason we ask the questions we ask and I PROMISE we will get ALL of the info we need before we hang up the phone. This may be your first time calling, but we do this alllllll day everyday and really, we know what we are doing.

  2. Don't 'yes or 'ok' us to death. Really, we can tell when you aren't listening.

  3. When we ask "How can I help you?" Please briefly describe your issue. No need for your life story when I ask this question. Even if you know we are going to ask for something, Please say hello. There are times when you spew something like "555-555-1212" when we say "how can I help you"; That doesn't tell us how we can help you. It tells us you know what your phone number is. Way to go! When you tell us what you need, we can tell you what WE need. It's called a conversation. If you just give us numbers and we enter them, we discover we don't need the number you have just given and we have spent 10 minutes getting the same info from you that is contained within a reference number (weird that it is called a REFERENCE number) you got the first time you called, that you could have given when we asked "How can I help you" If you work with us we can get through this with minimal brain damage and aggravation.

  4. If we ask for your name, PLEASE give us YOUR first AND last name. Not under whom the account is listed. We have a standard form that we have to fill out. I PROMISE we know how to do our jobs if you will just listen at what you perceive as dribble that comes out of our pie holes, we will get everything I need from you before the call is disconnected.

  5. Don't start babbling your name and address after the phone is answered, we have to type in the information and you will have to repeat it again.

  6. Please don't ask if we HAVE to repeat certain things. The answer is ALWAYS yes. We are REQUIRED to be repeat info back to you; most companies are. Do you really think if we didn't HAVE to repeat ourselves that we would? NO we want to get you off of our lines as soon as possible and answer the next 50 calls waiting.

  7. If we ask a Yes or No question, a 15 second diatribe by you is not necessary. I don't need to know WHY the answer is yes or no, so if by chance you have sufficiently answered yes or no, I will continue with my questioning talking over you not listening to everything else as you are babbling. Same for a direct question. If we ask "What is your address?" your reply should not be "Well, I was born in Germany in 1956, then moved to Ohio and got married." It should be "123 Main St"

  8. Do NOT talk over us. You will miss some "interesting" stuff that we are required to give to you.

  9. PAY ATTENTION! It is really annoying when we are repeating info that you just gave us back to you and ask you if that is correct, you reply with "Huh? Oh yeah that's correct." We want to say "How do you know if what I just said is correct, you weren't listening" Instead, we continue, because on the recorded line, you said it was correct.. it's all on you now buddy!

  10. Give us the courtesy of your undivided attention. Don't eat, pee, have conversations with someone else, scream at your kids or pets while you are speaking to us. In order, that's gross, disgusting and rude.

  11. Hitting on us isn't going to get you anywhere. We don't like you, this isn't a dating service.

  12. Have something to write with and write on near you the whole time we are conversing, I don't care if it's a crayon, pencil, marker, pen, stick and sand, blood (yours or someone else's). Haven't you learned by now that you are ALWAYS given a ticket number or or reference ID number, trouble ticket, order number or WHATEVER?. Don't make us wait for you to dig for a writing utensil. Don't make me repeat the number because you weren't ready, it's very annoying.

  13. When asked for your area code and phone number, that is not the same thing as a zip code, it has more syllables and more digits. LISTEN!

  14. The best HOURS to reach you are not 555-555-1212 that is a phone number. 8-5, 12-5. 8-12 etc. THAT'S what we need. If you tell us 'ANYTIME' don't be mad at me if I can't sleep and call you at 3AM.

  15. If you are hard of hearing, PLEASE put your hearing ear dog or a hearing person on the phone. Nothing is worse than us having to yell and repeat ourselves because you won't put in your damn hearing aids. Then we get yelled at by our bosses for yelling and being 'rude.' If you don't speak English very well, please use the option for an alternate language. You might give misinformation because you don't understand what we are trying to ask and we have to repeat ourselves

  16. If you are on a cell phone and KNOW you are in a bad area, don't get angry at us because we can't hear you. Get in a better area or on a land line and call back.

  17. If you call somewhere on a regular basis PLEASE have all of the info you know we are going to ask IN THE SAME ORDER AND EVERY TIME YOU CALL . . It's wrong to put us on hold because "I knew you were going to ask that, I should have had it ready" every three seconds because you don't have your stuff together.

  18. 9 times out of 10, the problem you are having is NOT the fault of the person to whom you are speaking. Try not to take out your anger on them. We will be MUCH less likely to help you if you are irritable and cussing at us.

  19. Please don't spell words unless we ask you to. Give us the benefit of the doubt on intelligence. Most of us can spell Pine or White. Half the time, we have already typed the word you said and are on to the next question while you are still spelling.

  20. Please realize that even if you only call one business a day, that person that you talk to has to answer 100-200 calls a day. It is very stressful, so if you follow all of the above suggestions, it will make everyone's life a lot easier.

To sum it up, be nice, listen and pay attention, answer the questions we ask. These are things you preach to your kids on a daily basis. It will make the call smoother and take much less time than it would if you are guilty of any of the above offenses.

Thank you,


Call Center Representatives Around the World.

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By NotGuilty:

You sound like the CSR from Hell!

By Wage Slave:

This is perfect and right on every point. You are an angel for writing this, the Patron Saint of CSR's!!! I bet the CSR from Hell comment is from someone who calls the utility company to order a pizza.

By wage slave:

I want to print your post and tack it up on my break room wall.

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Welcome to Stupidland By Mrs_Anonymous

Not exactly a coworker from hell, so I put this under Career Ponderings.

A woman who had been in a particular job working with the same online database that I had been working on, quit her job. I'd been in the department for a few months, so I knew my way pretty well around this database, and knew I could probably take it on.

Except they never let anyone else in the department know they were accepting applications for that position. (I naively thought they would divvy up some of the stuff to me and maybe another temp in the department.)

So they brought in a woman from a temp agency to take the position. Now when you're an Administrative Assistant, there are certain basic things you can do: make travel reservations, set up and ship an overnight package, that sort of thing. Did I mention these are the basics?

This woman didn't know what to say to people over the phone, had no clue on using an overnight courier service, and had problems setting up labels in MS Word. She was constantly at the department head's assistant's desk, asking how to do this and that, and the assistant answered politely, but she told me privately it was ticking her off.

This woman had worked for a Vice President at a major insurer? She was an event planner? Nothing she listed on her resume jived with her actual performance. There were certain things she had to do in the database that were rote. But she asked the same questions of another temp time after time; it just never sunk in.

Welcome to Stupidland.

Yes, you can lie on your resume, get a temp job, and have that temp job turned into a permanent one in just three short weeks! It can happen here!

Seriously. This same dummy sent out a mega-$ check by regular mail; do I have to say that that particular package was never received by the other company? She finally had it pounded into her head that she had to use the overnight courier service and have such checks delivered the next day.


Lesson learned: Sometimes lying on your resume pays off, despite the stupidity of the person and the stupidity of the people hiring. Also, it's who you know.

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Temp Workers Are Dirt By Mrs_Anonymous

I had been in my temporary job for about a year and half when my boss said the department head was making it into a permanent one. My boss encouraged me to apply; after all, I had been at it for more than a couple of weeks, so I knew the routine well - and I did a very good job.

Fast forward 2 weeks into the resume collecting period (yes, I did apply). Or maybe I should call it the so-called resume collecting period. My boss called me in on a Thursday afternoon, and to say I was shocked that my assignment would be ending in 30 days is an understatement.

Here is Kicker-Part 1: She told me the department was trying to get rid of some of its temp workers (there were others). Ah, you say, no problem - offer me the permanent job. Not so fast, grasshopper. We, the management, have to come up with something that's plausible. It's total b.s., but it's plausible.

I have over 20 years of experience, and the jobs there always stated something like, degreed people will be given first preference, but will accept experience in lieu of degree.

Of course you know which I have.

So she trotted out the usual, "Sorry about this," stuff, but she followed it up with "You weren't chosen because youu don't have a degree." Excuse me? Because I don't have a degree - which somehow makes you into a magical being who can do no wrong - I'm not getting the job? I've been doing it for how long already?

I actually left her office with a chuckle, thinking that the next person who came along would have a lot of fun doing everything I was doing, in addition to doing a bunch of other stuff. Good luck.

Kicker-Part Two: Since I hadn't found another job nor had I retired (yes, you read that right; they slipped the rug out from under me while I was still in that job), I stayed at the position...and lo and behold, the person came onboard 2 weeks later. Collecting resumes? Hah! No, there was something else at work here that made no sense and was disgusting to boot.

The department head walks in, goes past the "candidate"'s desk, and gushes over her. Oh, so the department head knows her! Methinks I smell a favor, all at the expense of the temp, who's nothing but dirt anyway.

So, of course, I trained the woman; what else could I do? They had me over a barrel, and they knew it. You would be right if you think I wasn't enthusiastic about the training, and also slowed down my regular work. Who cared? Not me. If they were going to treat me in such a disgusting manner, then I would do the minimum in getting my work done. Why should I give them more when it wasn't going to amount to anything anyway?

As least the support staff (and only one of the directors) came to me and wished me well, that I had been mistreated, yadda yadda yadda. They even threw a going away pizza party for me. :-)

Lesson learned: Buy a degree online if you don't have one. That way, management can't trot out the "no degree" b.s. and will have to become more creative to filch you out of a job.

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By labtech:

Unfortunately, management will do whatever it wants. And the likeliest candidates are related to someone else and/or really have those 'people' skills, otherwise known as being able to kiss the chrome off a back bumper.
Just doing your job well, demonstrating loyalty to the company and going above and beyond in your work is NOT ENOUGH. You will never compete with the big bosses' relative.

Any excuse will do. If you have the degree, you'll hear "we want experience." If you have the experience, you'll hear, "We want the degree". If you have both, you'll hear "We're looking for the best fit." But the management doesn't care, even if it has to hire two people to do your old job. Essentially they're going to beat the horse that runs until they decide to sell you for glue. But don't feel bad about it; just do exactly the minimum of what's required, to get your paycheck, which is the only thank you a stupid company will ever give you - that's where I am, right now. Don't let their twisted perpective of your self-worth hurt you. Let them sink. Move on.

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Why does everyone who is nice leave By wageslave

Fourteen years ago I was hired at my company. The guy that trained everyone on the computers just retired last Friday. I am very sad about his leaving, it's like losing your favorite teacher. This guy helped everyone and anyone. Most importantly he never condescended even though he is BRILLIANT.

I sit by him and he worked until the very last minute of his tour. Talk about work ethic. The usual lazy jackals did nothing that day but graze on the retirement party food. Life will go on in my little cubicle. Why don't the ba$tards ever leave????? They stay and suck the life right out of the room.

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By CK:

The jackals ALWAYS stay .. you can hear their laughter down the hall as they scheme up a new victim.

By wageslave:

I guess my heart is not broken enough. Management moved the laziest guy in the planet into my hero's cube. He took an entire day to move. He personifies every sterotype of a useless driftwood office monkey. Can you tell I don't like this bully.

Our company normally gives real workers only 1 hour to move. Management usually acts like the genuine hardworkers were stealing time. I hope I can bite my tongue.

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