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machinist Written by tired of jerks at work on 02/08/2013ok if the shop foreman who interviews you and make reference to. i am easy to work for take it with a grain of salt. i been dooped by this and it hurt my family when i got take into the office and was told they no longer needed my services..due to me not liking the foreman which had alot of say so and power..i complained to the vp of the company about hia arrogance which after that it came down on me and i lost my job.. i honestly gave alot of effort at this job and being not so experienced on the machine they put me on i was learning it myself. when i asked the foreman about a code that was in the program his answer just put it in i dont 4 months of working there made me feel what a miserable place it was to be there for 9 hours a day. it had revolving door and such that the writing was on the wall for anyone. sure i can tell you when the foreman on the interview says if you dont work out you can have experience on these machines at least.. when you get interviewed you are also interviewing them also.. i was desperate to leave my other job and i did not think it thru only that the interview process can be a very serious thing some companies are desperate for workers for the skill shortage of machinist but i dont feel sorry.. with temp agencies and such i feel this creates a further easier way to throw people around in and out the door. or even have a person like me make a dumb decision to leave a job out of hoping its gets better at the new place..i wish everyone a well experience on the job the get. but always be on the look out for those interviews from hell that stand out when they open their mouths and give you insight into oh boy this guy sucks big time..Add a Reply
Silent Interviewer Cringe Written by Photo Tech Defect on 10/23/2012So I thought I did really well on my interview. I made the interviewers laugh and I asked a lot of questions. I even had some experience. Well turns out just 20 minutes after I left they posted the same job on the same website I was looking on. My phone refreshed the page and bam there it is. A big ole smack in the face.Add a Reply
Use the car mirror to avoid this gaffe Written by rtfm on 05/18/2012I was tripped up by this before I got used to doing it before going somewhere.

This took place in the 1980's when I was out of work one time. Home computers were still on the horizon, so I went to the main library to do research on a firm I had an interview with. It was a cool morning with a breeze that made my nose run slightly for a minute. I forgot about it as I entered the building.

Later that day I was interviewed by a woman. It seemed to go off without a hitch. I went home and at some point noted in the mirror that there was a bit of dried mucous near the tip of my nose. So it was no surprise when they hired someone else.

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Is that you for real!?! I was expecting someone else! Written by frogleghorn on 03/15/2011I live in a city that is pretty much segregated. It kind of reminds me of one of them 17th century villages where the rich live in the center of town and the pheasants live on the outside except in modern times everything is in reverse. The poor now live in the inner city, the wealthy now on the outskirts. In my neck of the woods, the majority of blacks live on the east side, Asians got their little spot off the lake, the Hispanics congregate on the west side, and the whites predominantly occupy the surrounding suburbs. We all have a clique mentality where we live. If you got caught outside your zone, its not uncommon to get the what the hell are you doing on the wrong side of town look sometimes. With the recession and people losing their homes, its less common that people are getting the looks, but any who here's my interview stories that I've experience. I'm trying to tell the story without making it sound like I'm demonizing anyone, but I just want to share it.
I am of mixed origin and I have the unlucky name that someone associates with white people. Now, usually most people know that you can associate a name with a person's nationality. For example, if your name is Mohammed, a lot of people assume they are Arab, if your name is Jose, they might think you are Hispanic, etc. I'm extremely well spoken and I have a (what the interviewer might consider) a "white" name. Often some people also associate well spoken-ness to them also. I would get called for an interview and I would show up. They give me this look like what the hell are you doing here. Then they would go "Err, can I help you?". I would tell them that this is __________, I'm here for the 2pm interview. They would jump half way out their seats when they find out that I'm not white and they would have to do a double take like they got the wrong person and they are looking for someone else not my race but with the same name to show up. They nervously usher me into the interview room and when I walk in there the interviewer looks at me like he's acting like he's on Candid Camera ready to be pranked. This mainly occurred when I would apply in the suburbs. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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APPLYING FOR A JOB ONLINE Written by T.J. on 09/16/2010Please read below,..I made a list in order of how to apply for ONE JOB Online, it!!

CREATE LOGIN/ PASSWORD (hope that Cookies on yr browser allow the site to accept what you choose)



SELECT AREA OF EXPERTISE (all areas inclduing Toilet Cleaning, Paper Mache, Calculator etc.







READ AND SIGN OFF ON CREDIT CHECK (even though it sux & yr applying for a $20k Yr Job)

TAKE 150 QUESTION TIMED SKILLS ASESSMENT (I.E. 2 trains traveling 143.10112 Kilometers per hr)









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Posted by Sphincter Detector on 09/17/2010:
That was hilarious!

Posted by FollowJoshRhyne on 10/03/2010:
Haha, that's funny. On my site, I have a page where you can "Apply to Quit Your Job!"...

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a real attitude towards potential applicants Written by cushion on 01/18/2010I was happily working at my job at the hospital, since I moved towards the West side, I thought I'd go look for something closer to home. Thru a friend the information got to me stating that this care home is looking for new applicants.

So, I got my things together and went to the HR office. I got re-directed to this "guys" door. I politely knocked and I guess I caught him off guard. We conducted this 30 second conversation in the door way of his office.

I asked "Does this facility have any job opportunities?"
This A*s of a man he is tells me:" Why are you applying when there is no job openings?". "Okay," I said, Thank You for your time,and I left the office. I called my friend told him what happened...he couldn't believe what happened. But my friend said "sorry". I told him, "nah, it's okay, it wasn't meant to be".

Now I have a family member as a resident in that facility.
my family members asked "how come I didn't apply here".
I told them the story...they couldn't believe what happened and how business was conducted. I shouldve contacted the Better Business Bureau right away. But, I didn't even get the guys name, he had no name on his desk or door, or any type of certificates? I should've asked what was his full name....

well, that was one of the worst things that happened to me.
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Posted by chubby girl on 01/20/2010:
Go back to the place find the guy and ask his name. You have nothing to lose.

Posted by Company doormat on 02/01/2010:
Something similar to that happened to me about a decade ago. I went in to ask for an application, this b of a lady confronts me before I even reach the office. Gives me the toes to head look, then say there are no openings.

Posted by anonymous on 02/02/2010:
you may have been had, possibly by an other job seeker waiting for an interview. there is a fair chance that the person was not who he pretended to be. (no name tag, no i.d.?) i've seen at least one useless parttimer scare away applicants because she wanted a fulltime job for herself and a friend.

Posted by anonymous on 02/02/2010:
- yes! go back and check! -

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How ambitious should I act during a job interveiw? Written by Diana on 12/01/2009This is actually a question. How ambitious should I come across during a job interview? It's been damned if you do, damned if you don't. If I say I'm looking to get my foot in the door and move up, they don't like that, they think I'll be looking to get out of the current position soon. If I say I'd be content as the Administrative Assistant for years to come, they don't like that either, it sounds like I have no goals. So I don't know which to do! How do you balance that out?Read 1 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 12/01/2009:
Just say you're looking for a way to use your talents to benefit the company. If it means moving up, you're all over it. If it doesn't, that's ok, because you know you're not wasting your talent (provided the company is a worthwhile candidate to begin with). Most importantly, though, be yourself. You shouldn't have to lie to get a job you'll end up hating anyways. The right one will come along.

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Bad Interviewers Written by TJ on 07/16/2009I live in AZ & have to interview snafoos to tell.

Both are Tech Companies in Chandler, AZ.

Avnet and Pearson Education.

At Avnet,..I was interviewing for a Sales/Tech Assistant Position. I was first interviewed by a very professional and kind Sr Manager. I was then passed over to another person a girl who immeidately told me I was unqualified for the job but, proceeded to talk about her life as a Bartender and how cool she was.

Pearson,..I had a 2nd Interview for a Software Sales Position.

The first interview went really well,..very comfortable. The 2nd was conducted by two women. They went over my Resume and started asking me about Employment dates and would look at each other like,.."No Way", turned into an Interogation.
The associate of the Mangager interviewing me was hot but,...she was also wearing a top that totally showed her boobs and the white lace see thru bra she was wearing as her shirt had the top 3 buttons unbuttoned.
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Posted by BonusOnus on 07/17/2009:
At the 2nd job, it sounds like you weren't gonna get the job. You should have made lemonade out of lemons and asked out the hot assistant for dinner.

Posted by dontask 0 :) on 07/17/2009:
...As long as you still have health insurance since after the "dinner" a checkup would be in order. Seriously though I have lived here for quite some time and most job interviews are far from professional. Some of the "hot dress" is due to the lack of air conditioning and high temperatures. It's 112F today, and at least 115F+ at parking lots.

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The Running Man Written by Baset Case on 06/01/2009I have had my second interview for a job. After a week, I've been contacted and told that I'm IN THE RUNNING. They still have a few more interviews.

What does all this mean? I either have the job or not? I'm not familiar with the interviewing process.

What the heck does "IN THE RUNNING" mean if you are still seeking other applicants for interview? Why won't they take me? Can someone explain this process? Have you ever heard of this? Is there a chance that I have the job?
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Posted by BonusOnus on 06/01/2009:
Dude, in this environment (more job seekers than job positions), a company has a wider choice of perspective employees. They are interviewing others to see which of you is the best fit. Unless you had 100% of all the things they wanted in a candidate, they are going to look at others. Just be glad that you're in the running. If they didn't say that you're in the running, then that would be problematic. Be patient. But also keep looking, because you aren't assured of getting this position.

Posted by KC on 06/01/2009:
u didn't get it. if u got it, they would pick u within 1-2 days

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 06/01/2009:
In the 80's I was told I was "in the running" fo d kept getting the same story so I took another job. On a lark, I called four months later and was again told I was in the running. 11 months later I got a letter in the mail telling me I had not been selected. I laughed at how slow this company was...

Posted by twiz on 06/02/2009:
Be patient. It is a good thing that they are keeping you in the loop. It means they want you to know the job is still a possibility...

Posted by Baset Case on 06/26/2009:
I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 06/29/2009:
Hey Congratulations! Now take yourself out to dinner!!!! ^o^

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 06/29/2009:
Wow, almost four weeks since you interviewed! Was this a Government (Fed or Local) job of some sort?

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What would YOU think? Written by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/15/2009Ok Scenario time. So I have an interview tomorrow and I'm trying to prepare for it, and I don't want a potential employer to think I'm unprofessional. The burning question for me today is:
If/When the potential employer asks me when I would be available to start.
You see, all, I don't plan on giving notice to my boss. I'm just gonna scram and leave her a voicemail telling her I quit. How do I put a positive twist on this? >_<

I was thinking of saying something like, "I can start Monday" or "Whenever you want me to start", but I can't help but feel like there's a bad undercurrent if I say that I can start immediately. I mean, they're GONNA KNOW I hate my job and I'm desperately trying to leave. Aren't they?
I don't want to look desperate, I want to come off polished and professional. This bag that I work with is anything but, and I'm trying to get away from her! I don't want to badmouth my previous employer, because that is also unprofessional. I just want to look like someone who is looking for a better opportunity, and a niche in which to use my talents to their fullest, and this job that I have just isn't it.
How do I project that without looking like an animal on the run?
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Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 04/15/2009:
Tell them you must give two weeks notice and then goof off for two weeks around the house......

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/15/2009:
I'd love to, but my tuition money would disappear! Although, that WOULD be nice...

Posted by CK on 04/15/2009:
Simple! It is normal to give two weeks notice. You can explain that you'd like to give your employer enough notice, finish projects, give a clean tranfer, etc. (all to give a good impression). This will give the employer the impression that you are a very consciences and concerned person not to give your soon to be former employer in a bind. Here is the key ... the employer would think if YOU would do this for your ex then you would give the same curtisy to him/her. This paints you in a good light to the employer! See? Then you can do what you want with regards to your soon to be ex.

Posted by sri on 04/15/2009:
in india there's no 2 weeks notice; you come to india w/ me and I explain you.

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/15/2009:
Ok, that's great, guys, however, I have a NEW problem. My evil boss just fired me over email. How's THAT going to look?

Posted by labtech on 04/16/2009:
She's punishing you for looking for another job. I bet the job you're interviewing for called her for information, and this is her revenge. It's happened to me. God only knows what she said about you to this new company, but I can lay some bets on it not being complimentary. You'll have to drop this job off your resume, for certain. You're better off away from the whackjob, anyway.

Posted by bookwoman on 04/16/2009:
Wow. I'm so sorry to hear your boss upped the nasties. If you're not using this boss for a reference, and won't be providing contact info from her, then I would just say that your position wasn't needed after tax season. If you got on well with the other ladies in the office, then use one of them for a reference. I haven't always used previous bosses for references, I've used previous co-workers. Best of all, if you DID get on decently with a previous co-worker, then ask one of them for a written reference. I always get a written reference of some sort when leaving a job for a couple different reasons. One big one being that it might not be possible for a prospective employer to actually reach a prior job reference, the previous co-worker (or boss) might not still be there. Another reason is then you are able to provide a reference from a place you don't necessarily want a prospective employer to call. Then the contact info you DO provide to a prospective employer is limited to only that prior employment that is certain to provide positive feedback to reference checking. Hang in there. This evil boss is now in the past. Regardless of how badly SHE has handled everything, you are now rid of her. Kick the dust from your heels and move on. You are DONE with her. Now you can move onto more a more positive environment.

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 04/16/2009:
Fired you over email? Well that was real professional! Well that will teach you not to invite her out for Chinese food won't it!? Do you think the place you interviewed with contacted her?

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/16/2009:
I don't think they've contacted her, at least not yet. They asked why I left, and I told them truthfully it was a hostile environment and I'd rather take my chances than be in an office with a lady who keeps a gun in her desk. I tried to keep it as brief and concise as possible.

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 04/16/2009:
"Gun in the desk" That was a good answer! I don't think anyone could fault you for being nervous over that!

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/16/2009:
I have my MIL (mom-in-law) to thank for that one! I've told my family about the Derringer in the Desk. The gentleman that interviewed me today was actually a very nice fellow (weak handshake, though). When I told him about the gun, his eyebrows nearly touched his hairline. I agree, SP! I don't think anyone could blame me!

Posted by thelma on 04/16/2009:
Sorry you got fired. It's her loss, not yours. Good luck with your job search. Fired via email is tres tacky. I wouldn't put this job on my resume. Say you were in school or something.

Posted by BonusOnus on 04/17/2009:
HADND, I think you should be glad you are out of that place with your evil boss. Seriously, she was a nutcase. I hope someone above her notices the high turnover of your former position. Sri, in India, there's more than a 2 week notice. In India, there's a culture of corruption with regard to references. People can and do make up phony employment histories and then list a friend's number as a company phone number. Hiring companies can easily get fooled. When I was over there, people told me that if you claim that you worked for a company like Xerox, you must have a letter from Xerox, on Xerox's letterhead, stating that you worked at Xerox. This way, hiring companies have proof that you worked at the companies you claimed you worked at. Companies over there lord this letter over you so if you quit, you need to give them as much notice as they desire, or you won't get a letter from them. That's how bad it is in India folks.

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/17/2009:
Bonus-- Alas and alack, my boss owned the company. There were no higher-ups. Trust me, if ther were, her boss would have heard from me the very first time this BS started up. One of the odd things she told me was that she had a few jobs before starting her own business, and everywhere she went, she got demoted and picked on and even fired because she made everyone else look bad, because she did such an excellent job (read sarcasm here). It's my suspicion that she was such a pain in the @$$, and she was so impossible to get along with, people just couldn't stand her and probably got rid of her. I'm guessing she got fired a few times for gross misconduct. "T" gave me a call and said that the Harpy yelled and cussed all day the day she fired me (I had to call out sick, and that's actually why she fired me), and actually cursed out a client for stopping by to see if his taxes were ready. She used the F-word prolifically and told him he was interrupting her work. From what I understand, she had a visitor in her office for THREE HOURS, and to boot the last couple days I was at work I noticed she was watching way too much TV to be getting anything done (yes, there's a TV on her desk). She has complained more times than I can count that she doesn't have enough clients now and that she has whined that she didn't have enough appointments. Things, according to her, were supposed to be rockin' all tax season. It was soooo dead! You'd think that since there wasn't much to do, everything would have been DONE. Don't you think that makes sense? Yet, she was scrambling on the last day. I can't tell you guys how much free time I had sometimes. All I did was answer the phone that hardly rang, filed minimally, maintained the calendar (and I did make a mistake every now and then, but for the most part, I did it well), assembled folders for appointments, and watied on her immobile, obese @$$. I won't get into all the crap she accused me of (lying, being depressed, etc), because I have to get up and get going, but most of the stuff she listed was outright lies. The only thing she can really accuse me of was making mistakes, and resisting her attempts to control me and my life. I never got a job description, I never got any of the office policies in writing, and I had to track down my OWN W-4 and I-9 forms so they could do what they needed to do with my paychecks. They didn't even ASK for them. I had to seek them out. She even forgot to pay me on time TWICE. I never complained. But anyhow, I definitely have more stories that I HAVEN'T told! This lady is the definition of the boss from hell. Look it up in the dictionary, and you'll see her bloated face next to it. I just wonder what's gonna happen with unemployment....

Posted by the cynic on 04/18/2009:
Wow, well at least you're out of there. Aren't you going to tell us what she said in the email??

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 04/19/2009:
In the email, she said i was being fired for cause: falsifying my time sheet (untrue) coming to work dramatically depressed (someone is projecting, here) ecluding "Y" from my communications (also false) carelessness with office property which caused the need for my phone to be repaired twice (my phone was so poorly put together at the wire anyone could have disconnected it by accident--and that's what happened because I was wiping off my desk, and I moved my phone, and it came APART) She said I had a lack of maturity that had a negative effect on the office (if, you mean immature by allowing myself to be screamed and cussed at and not giving it back, then yes, I'm an immature little jerk). she also accused me of coming to work late and sigining in that I came in on time, also untrue, since I often came to work EARLY. When I talked to "T", she told me that if I needed a witness on my behalf to have my back if the boss appealed unemployment, she would volunteer herself. I don't know if unemployment offices ask for that stuff, but it's nice to know I'm not crazy. This lady is a total psycho. The more I communicated with people, the more she acted like I wasn't talking to anyone. The less I responded to her provokations, the more she accused me of being immature and depressed. I stopped reacting to her, and it made her mad! I'm not perfect, I make mistakes here and there, but if I make one, I view it not as a failure, but as a lesson to be learned. People who don't learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them. The biggest mistake I made this time around was staying with this lady when I could have quit and pretended like I had never worked there within 30 days. Oh well....

Posted by BonusOnus on 04/20/2009:
HADND, Your boss is firing you (termination with cause) because she doesn't want you to get unemployment (UI). You've said earlier that there is a lot of turnover at your position. Well, if she just let people go, then these people would naturally file a UI claim. If a company keeps laying off people too often, their UI insurance rates go up. She probably experienced this so she's filing you as "with cause", in which case, you have no right to UI and she doesn't have to worry about higher UI rates. File a UI claim *and* get ready to be challenged by it by your boss. Trust me, this is what she's doing.

Posted by labtech on 04/21/2009:
Write down what happened, what day, what transpired, all the lunatic stuff; you may need it in the fight to get unemployment assistance. Journal format is fine. She sounds like a serial firer, and you were just the latest in a long list. So she'll have experience fighting it and saying 'the right things' to get her way.

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 04/21/2009:
> She sounds like a serial firer, and you were just the latest in a long list. > I agree with this comment and thus think HAD would stand a good chance of winning. All she needs to do is get her friend "T" to testify that HAD was just one in a long list. So then the point becomes "Why were ALL of these people fired? Were ALL of them unacceptable or is the problem with the employers ridiculous expectations?"

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Tick Tock Written by Mother Goose on 03/20/2009After months of sending out my resume with no response from the other end, I finally heard back from a company. A company that I would cut off my right arm to work for...

I had a 2 (TWO, II, xx, dos) hour interview that I thought was absolutely wonderful.

I spoke clearly, was energetic, listened with interest, looked fabulous and answered everything appropriately -------- A good time had by all..

Now, I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting for the phone to ring ---- from somebody.

I'm waiting for my references to ring me up with gossip and glee and bursting with "soap opera" drama about the delightful conversation they had discussing my grandness with the company.

I'm waiting for the company to call me and BEG that I drop everything and be ready to report to work on Monday to earn some cash and fill my empty kaufer.

I'm sitting here. Still waiting. I've crossed my fingers so much that they look like swollen pretzels, finger foods for the nervous.

It snowed this morning, then it rained and then the sun came out and went back in. I see these weather conditions as a sign of the unusual. Therefore, if the unusual is happening today --- chances are UNEMPLOYED little old me is going to get a job offer this afternoon.

Both my land-line and cell phone are connected. And my email is in working order.

Four more hours before the HR lady calls it the end of a business day. In the meantime, I'll keep waiting.

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Posted by sympathetic reader on 03/21/2009:
Call the HR lady on Monday. There is nothing wrong with showing your enthusiasm for this position.

Posted by BonusOnus on 03/22/2009:
Better yet, MG, if you have an email address of the hiring manager and you interviewed with him/her, send him/her an email thanking him/her for his/her time talking to. Review some of the dialogue you had in the interview and tell him/her not to hesitate to contact you if they have any questions. No matter the job market, you should be proactive and contact them if you are interested in that position.

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Ummm? Written by HaveADamnNiceDay on 01/19/2009OK, I'm two bites for two interviews. I just got back from another interview with a Dish Network contracto (they service people and do troubleshooting and stuff). I think the guy who interviewed me was from somewhere in the middle east. It's really hard for me to tell, but he could have been indian or pakistani. Now he did ask me some questions I did not expect, simply because NO employer has asked me these things...
He asked me about my husband and what he did for a living (as if it mattered)
He asked if I had any children (he said he was concerned in case I had to make time to tote them to and from school).

I guess he gathered I was married because of the rings I wear, but still... I had a faint buzz in the back of my head that told me these questions were inappropriate.
This guy asked me if I could start tomorrow morning. I told him I had interviewed previously on Friday and that I was waiting on a call, and asked if I could call him back once I'd made a decision. He implied there probably wouldn't be a job available if I waited too long (which is understandable), but I hate it when employers do that.
Now, here are the points for each interviewer...

Interviewer #1) Is a funny lady with an easygoing disposition, has ADD like myself and plans her day around it to cope and handle it. She loves my personality, and wanted to hire me on the spot. The work didn't sound all that difficult or stressful, and she seemed OK with the amount of money I was asking for (which was quite a lot, but it was because of the long drive). She thinks along similar lines to me, and is in general a lovely person. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the long drive to and from work.

Interviewer #2) Called me this morning at 10 am while I was still in bed, and asked me to come in NOW for an interview. I told him I was available at noon and asked to come then. He agreed, and gave me the address. However, his informal manner suggested I probably should not put a lot of effort into the way I looked today, so I wore a pair of green pants with brown boots and a white sweater (which is almost dressing down for me, but not quite). When I got there, I had to walk up this black iron staircase in the back of a nondescript building (while it was snowing). I was very afraid I'd slip and fall and hurt myself. Inside, the place was a disorganized mess. There were boxes and parts and computers and wires thrown pell-mell all over the place. It was in shameful condition. Sometimes the folks there spoke another language, sometimes they spoke perfect English. Sometimes they spoke a blend of both (which makes me think them indian--they do that in a lot of indian flicks, from what I've seen). It makes me uncomfortable having people all around me who can talk about me outright without my knowing.
However, this place is soooo close to home it's disgusting. I'd have at most a 10 minute drive to work every day. The guy offered me significantly less money than I'd be making in the faraway location, but he said that after a week he'd raise it. I don't necessarily believe he'll keep that promise. I'll have to get it in writing if I take that job.

I have a hard decision to make. I hate making decisions like this, where the lines are all gray and blurry....
What do you guys think???
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Posted by BonusOnus on 01/19/2009:
HANDD, Take the 1st one. Your coworker there sounds much nicer than the coworkers in option #2. One of the things I like about my current job is that my coworkers are so much better than the coworkers at my last job. Having great coworkers really helps your job experience - wasn't there a study by CNN or something that quantified how much in pay it was to have things like great coworkers or bosses you can trust?

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 01/19/2009:
Bonus-- You're probably right. I went back and re-read what I posted and it sounds like the more recent place scared me more than impressed me. I suppose the grueling commute would be worth it if I worked with someone I admired.

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 01/19/2009:
Pick door #1 and do not even consider door #2. 'Promises' to raise your salary? Don't believe that for a minute!

Posted by BonusOnus on 01/19/2009:
Also HANDD, employer #2's questions about your marital status and children are illegal (according to my state laws). Second, they asked you those questions because they want someone who will only live to work, with no life outside of work. And they're offering less than employer #1? Uh, no.

Posted by CK on 01/19/2009:
Asking 'personal' questions is illegal in all states! It is also illegal to ask health, religious, as well as sexual and age questions! Since you're not going to take 'door #2' I'd drop a quarter to EEOC for extra measure! but that's just me.

Posted by chubby girl on 01/19/2009:
I agree with the group. #1 offered a pleasant work environment and more money. I bet you will adjust to the commute. #2 wanted you to start immediately, DANGER Will Robinson DANGER. My experience with employers who want you to start immediately translates into a high turnover rate. Also my mom was born in another country. She does make snide remarks about Americans she doesn't like in front of them. Foreigners do this and I can't imagine it would be a comfortable workday. By the way I tell her not to do it but she is over 80 and no one is going to change her.

Posted by UnsupportedSupport on 01/20/2009:
Given these two options, on a forum about bad work conditions the decision seems obvious. However, how long of a commute is this grueling commute? If it is more than an hour or even two hours, I think the choice is between door number 1 and finding a door number 3.

Posted by thelma on 01/20/2009:
Illegal questions about your marital status? Check! Veiled threat that job won't be available if you don't accept immediately? Check! "Sweatshop" that screams "high turnover"? Check! Demanding boss who lowballs you on salary? Check! Empty promises from said demanding boss? Check!

Posted by avid reader on 01/20/2009:
Thelma hit it right on the head.

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 01/21/2009:
Well, you guys are all absolutely right. More signs came up, so here's a little update: Yesterday DURING THE INAUGURATION that guy called me and asked if I was going to take the job or not. I had discussed it with my husband and turned over everything you guys said about this job, and you're right. I can't trust him, he asked questions he had no business asking, and indicated he had no intention of keeping any promises or guaranteeing that I wouldn't lose that job a week after I got it. Anyhow, he asked me if I was going to come in or not (as though I had already taken the job) and I thought back to a dream I had after discussing this issue with my spouse--In the dream I had two tigers out on my balcony. I opened the door, grabbed one by the corner of its jaw, and removed its head with a knife. Grisly, I know, because then I began to cut the critter up for meat and stuff. After that tiger was finished, I went after the other one, which was male, and did the same thing. The meaning of course is that I decided to take what I percieved to be the difficult road, and faced down a common fear of mine, which is the cost and pain of a long commute. The place is probably no more than 20 or so miles away, but that particular route is oft very crowded in the morning rush. So, anyhow, I thought back to those tigers, and I told the guy (in probably a slightly snotty tone) that I'd been offered the other job and I was taking it because she was offering me much more money. She hadn't, of course, and I wasn't banking on it, but I really didn't want to work for that guy, no matter how close or convenient the location was. Now, I had followed up on my interview with the nice lady after that horrid interview with the TV guy to let her know I was still interested, but I ended up in her voicemail, so I left her a message. She didn't call me yesterday (which I wouldn't have expected, since everyone in the world was glued to their TVs watching Obama get sworn in. While I know a lot of people still worked yesterday, history was being made, and I know a lot of people stopped what they were doing to observe the events taking place. So, at 10 am I was roused by the ringing of my cell phone on my night stand and I answered it with what I thought sounded like an awake and chipper greeting (smirk). It was the nice lady I interviewed with on Friday. She offered me the job and gave me the amount I asked for (woo-hoo!). She asked me to come to work at 10 tomorrow morning to get started. I'll be starting my day at work at 9 am instead of the usual 8am (which is nice, that means that I can still wake up pretty much the same time I always did and still be at work on time). I'm really excited. I wondered if maybe she was still tickled with me and still wanted to hire me. But, she DID still like me and asked me to bring my smile with me to work tomorrow! :oD Talk about the stars aligning...

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 01/21/2009:
Sounds like you really landed a good job. A 20 mile commute is not bad, my closest job has been 24 miles away. The best job commute story I know of is when I worked at a school district as a network technician. One of the schools was in a really nice little neighborhood and the main secretary lived in a house across the street. The distance from her office to her front door was less than the length of a football field! I'm still jealous about that...

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 01/21/2009:
I've made a habit of trying to find jobs that are as close to home as possible. It's how i avoid having to suffer from certain economic woes as painfully as others. It's my cut corner. I also don't typically run my heat (use space heaters instead), unless it's below 18 degrees outside. So, as a result, BGE and the oil companies don't rape us financially as bad as they do other people. I don't make a lot of money, and neither does my husband. We can't afford all of the rate hikes that have been imposed. We try to get inventive to save our money. Long commutes and distant clients add to our costs, so we try to keep local. My longest commute was for a while an hour. I would drive from my hometown into Charm City and frankly, I loved every minute of it. I don't mind a long drive. What I hate is too much traffic. Fact is, I love to drive. But, I hate to waste gas. I'm just glad my old car is tweakable. I may have to add something else to it to tune it for better gas mileage....It's probably time to clean the ol' intake....

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 01/21/2009:
You're right about the gas, my next car WILL be a diesel. I like the VW Jetta Diesel but am really hoping Subaru brings it's diesel to the states.

Posted by HaveADamnNiceDay on 01/21/2009:
if you can hold out for the subaru, do it. I know people who've owned VW's and they all hate them. They sort of deteriorate from the inside out before they're supposed to. I was thinking of buying a smart car if I ever do end up buying another car (however I'd never be able to tote my kids around in it later on...). Either that, or a Honda fit. Problem is, I don't trust the newer cars these days. I want to be able to work on them myself if need be, and not have to pay someone every time I need brake fluid or an oil change or tires rotated. Once again, trying to cut some corners and save some cash. If I can, I'll try to avoid paying someone to do something if I'm capable of doing it.

Posted by SouthernProgrammer on 01/22/2009:
I'm a big fan of Subaru and REALLY hope they bring their diesel over, rumors are they will in 2010. Google on SUBARU DIESEL and read about it, it sounds great!

Posted by UnsupportedSupport on 01/23/2009:
Congratulations on what sounds like a fun job! 20 miles isn't bad at all depending on traffic. I have about a 22 mile commute. Unfortunately it is on the I-4 corridore so traffic can make is between 30 minutes to 90. Of course this was after the office moved. It's old location, back when I started, was a 3 minute drive from my house. But I stopped complaining about the commute after gas prices went down and half the people I know became unemployed.

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I think JP Morgan dicriminates against whites too! Written by dpc81 on 01/14/2009I agree that Chase bank discriminates against white males in particular. I have applied for numerous positions with JP Morgan and I am positive that I scored a perfect 100% on the assessment exam. I also have 12 years of excellent work experience with references, I was in the USAF, and I am a senior at the Illinois Institute of Technology finishing my Bachelor of Science in Finance and Construction Engineering. Not only have I not even gotten one phone call back from any of these banks, I have also had a Bank One/Chase account for over ten years. I can honestly say that in that time, having been in several banks throughout Chicago and its suburbs, I have seen but one white lady working in all of them, and she is from Eastern Europe and speaks broken English. Being that I am about to be an alumnus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, almost all of my professors are attorneys who also teach at my schools Kent College of Law. As such, I am considering taking this up with some of them. JP Morgan may want to be careful about a class action discrimination lawsuit. Before I do that, I am going to "Dumb Down" my resume, and claim that I am a minority just to see if I get a phone call back for an interview. JP Morgan better hope that that does not happen. Add a Reply
black balled Written by maggie on 11/20/2008I know I'm being blackballed, I went for an interview was told I need to bring in my stuff as in paperwork for wages to be proccessed and then I get a msg that the references didn't turn out the way they had hoped. I have been a great nurse and was told so many times however management from my last job took exception to the peer staff trying to stop me from leaving by making up a petition which they hoped to send to head office above dysfunctional lodge mgmt head and it was seen by lodge mgmnt beforehand and they blamed me for it so then I'm blackballed which is making it improbable to obtain employment, what do I doRead 2 Replies   |   Add a Reply
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Posted by CK on 11/20/2008:
If you are being blackballed or blacklisted I would recommend talking to a lawyer. In many states it is considered illegal in preventing people from employment. If you can't afford a lawyer at this time then go to a legal college and ask one of the law professors if he recommends a student. Granted the student cannot give legal advice until they pass the bar. But they could give you some pointers that may help in your case. Another thing you could do (check with a lawyer first) is have a friend call, representing an potential employer, for a reference. If they talk dirt about you make sure you have everything written down what they said (can't record due to laws). You could then write them a letter regarding what was said (but don't refer to the actual quotes) and by whom. If you did your legal research, you can then refer to the law and ask for a cease before it becomes a legal case against them. Again, and I cannot stress this strong enough, don't take my word for it, ask a legal professional FIRST!!! I don't want to tell you wrong without knowing while hurting your case!!!

Posted by thelma on 11/21/2008:
Can you get different references? People from your church or community or professionals from a previous job? Or former teachers? Or someone from your volunteer work?

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Scott McClellan:George W. Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame Written by CK on 11/18/2008

I can't believe what I heard ... I have played it several times, but I keep hearing the same thing! My question is "Why is he still in office?" Someone PLEASE explain to me why? Is this not considered treason? If so then what is the punishment for treason? And if not, explain! You should see the expressions on the faces of the people in the audience - SHOCKED!

Scottie McC: But the other defining moment was in early April 2006, when I learned that the President had secretly declassified the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq for the Vice President and Scooter Libby to anonymously disclose to reporters. And we had been out there talking about how seriously the President took the selective leaking of classified information. And here we were, learning that the President had authorized the very same thing we had criticized.

Viera: Did you talk to the President and say why are you doing this?

Scottie McC: Actually, I did. I talked about the conversation we had. I walked onto Air Force One, it was right after an event we had, it was down in the south, I believe it was North Carolina. And I walk onto Air Force One and a reporter had yelled a question to the President trying to ask him a question about this revelation that had come out during the legal proceedings. The revelation was that it was the President who had authorized, or, enable Scooter Libby to go out there and talk about this information. And I told the President that that's what the reporter was asking. He was saying that you, yourself, was the one that authorized the leaking of this information. And he said "yeah, I did." And I was kind of taken aback.
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Posted by UnsupportedSupport on 11/19/2008:
I wish this did shock me. The Bush administration has shown no regard for domestic law, international law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Convention, or the will of the people. There is very little that could shock me anymore about this administration. I think I would be mildly surpised if he declared himself emperor and refused to step down. All this aside, I am not sure this is the correct forum for political commentary. Personally, I don't see how this relates to a job unless you work for the CIA.

Posted by anonymous on 11/21/2008:
as of today it's the worst case of boss throwing employee under the bus and all who knew her. looking at the big picture here.

Posted by UnsupportedSupport on 11/24/2008:
Good point anonymous.

Posted by lyndsey on 12/27/2008:
Everyone knows who outed Valerie Plame and it was not Pres. Bush nor anyone else in the whitehouse staff and McClellan is well aware of that. He is just a weasel trying to sell his book. And for those who can't see through the smokescreen of disinformation, Valerie Plame (who was an secret agent on duty abroad) was first outed by her husband on his website and in his who's who listing and than by Richard Armitage of the State Department. There are reasons enough to be upset with George Bush without falling for this lie.

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