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Sick Time is for an Actual Sickness By redvelvetcake57

Once long ago a supervisor decided that he wanted to do something about all the staff that kept calling in sick. It seems that the company would give large amounts of sick time per month to staff and some people could not wait to get the time so that they could call in.

Well one day, I knew this was not the proper protocol, but I stopped the boss and asked him point blank what was the problem with trying to put an end to people calling off so much. I told him that when these staff people call off, they put undo pressure on others who are trying to work.

These were his words to me, he said that when a staff person continues to use up his or her sick time, there will come a time when they will run out. When that time comes, they will create and wreak havoc on their finances. He said there is nothing worse than not having any coverage for loss of pay. The car note does not get paid, the house note does not get paid, your regular bills will not get paid because there is no money. Since you did not actually work, you have nothing to cover all this expense.

There has been some improvement, but we still have the problem sometimes.

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By labtech:

Our workplace demands a doctor's note verifying sickness if you are out sick for more than 2 days. There is also a cap on usuable sick days - we earn 12 a year and may only take half of that before HR sends a warning for 'excessive use of sick time'. And that is whatever HR thinks it is, so some people can take as many days as they like and some can't.

One woman had a heart attack, was out for almost 2 months (she had the time on the books, to use), and yes, she got an 'excessive use of sick time' warning. Delightful, huh ?

By constipatethebull:

I used to pride myself on not taking sick time unless I was about to die, but I have a coworker who took about 34 random sick days in a year in 2010. I complained to management 1,2, and 3 levels above us but was basically told to just "quit my whining" and deal with it and do the guy's work and shut up about it. Now I call in sick all the time. It's great. If I so much as cough I call in. I am waiting for the bomb when I get called to the carpet on it and I will be pulling up some old emails about when HE took of work and nothing was done. Then I am going to sue the organization for discrimination and get a six figure payout.

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... And the Winner Is..! By Sphincter Detector

I've been at my company for over 15 years and I've put in my share of unpaid OT, worked my share of Saturdays, and given up my share of vacation days. Yet, every time I need a legitimate sick day, my boss rolls his eyes and gives me a tone like I'm full of crap. You'd have to literally barf up a lung right in front of him to prove you weren't faking. You'd think after 15 years, I've proven my credibility by now.

I figured since I am being labeled as a fibber anyway, I might as well get the benefit of the time off. I called in sick one Monday morning and, because I am a very shitty liar, I stumbled and ended up making up an off the cuff excuse that I had pink eye.. which I didn't realize was a week long 'vacation'.. I only needed one day, but apparently because this is highly contagious, he had to report it to the company nurse, and next thing you know I get a call from health and safety that I have to stay home for a week. Sweet! .... Except.. now I need a note from my doctor. How the heck am I supposed to get that? I know, I'll rub some moistenedsalt in my eye get it nice and red, and then go see the doc for some cream and a note..
(seemed like a good idea at the time), I put a little salt in some warm water except I don't realize it hasn't completely dissolved yet and as I rub the salt water in, I scratch the cornea and end up having to wear a frik'n eye patch for the whole week I had off. Real fun. I'm stuck in the house because I can't drive, and now the other eye is starting to hurt from over compensating and by the time the following Monday comes, I am literally half blind but I have to go back to work.. I'm out of excuses... suck it up dumbass.

Not withstanding the fact that I now know that Salt water won't actually make your eyes red since we are 95% water and Saline, I also didn't know that pink eye doesn't literally mean your eye gets pink...

I have officially earned won the "Retard of Month" Award.

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California Closets By

I have been missing too many days because I didn't feel safe in this workplace since these co-workers do not receive safety training on machinery or other things that are work-related. I have been telling my boss and manager for 4 years that I am uncomfortable about these workers who have 3rd grade education and have no knowledge of mathematical background or safety training since they have been operating on dangerous machinery. There had been accidents ongoing, so that is why I stop "investing" myself in this company. But they fired me anyway because of my tardiness and absences; I was relieved of this. Now, I can start looking for a better job that I would be able to work in more safety-conscious workplace.
My advice for you: If the workplace is not safe, then find another job and get out of this hellhole. You would rather come out of this workplace as a whole person, than be a cripple or an amputee.

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By BonusOnus:

You should have also reported your company to California OSHA so they would force the company to correct the problems that you say are ongoing. Someone else, maybe your replacement, could get hurt and be disabled.

By CK:

Yup! OSHA would be on top of my list! But still you should not have been late to your job.

By cushion:

my last job was different,I got vertigo because of the computer I was not use to. I only stayed at that job for 1year due to co-workers from hell, a boss who didn't fight or HELP me settle any disputes and just let the co-worker from hell , vent on me. I worked in that whse and got static electicity every day. It got to a point where I would go home before going to fill in gas in the car. I got shocked from the car, on the way home, from the mail box and when I opened the padlock to open the gate. Yet, I wanted to injure myself so badly so that I didn't have to work at that place anymore. I was so miserable my family was getting worried and have never seen me in this condition before. I thought that I had to go get professional to check my brain or something. ahh I quit that place and have no regrets but they can't keep their employees over a few years...
everybody can't get along in that resort area.

By SouthernProgrammer:

Years ago, I repaired PC's at a MFG facility in the deep South. One day I was called to look at a PC in an area that tested chemicals. I walked into the area and immediately began having problems breathing from the fumes...I asked the ONE PERSON who worked there for a gas mask and he just laughed and said "Come on...BE A MAN!" I put a damp cloth around my mouth and asked to see the PC. The PC would not cut on so I opened it and was shocked to see that the inside was rusty as if it were decades old. It was due to the fumes! When I mentioned to the guy that I could only imagine what the inside of HIS LUNGS looked like he went pale! I walked out of there coughing and told my boss I needed to see the Doctor. The Doctor put me on steroids and kept me out for two days while my lungs got stronger. When I came back, the guy in the chem lab was "out on medical leave" and came back three weeks later and there were now strict rules to be followed in that lab including masks and smocks. Rumors were he had sued the company, not sure if they were true but I do know he had a new car to drive....

By boss:

wow, was this in California or somewhere else?

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Mother Hubbard And The Kid In Her Shoe . . . By Unsympathetic Missy

I don't mean to disrespect what some call the hardest job in the world, but a certain (receptionist) co-worker has broken the last vertebrae in this camel's back!

My co-worker and I are both assistants at a law firm. TOGETHER --- we handle phones, clerical duties, schedule appointments, return calls, and run office errands. If one of us goes missing for a day, things get piled up pretty quickly and creates a lotta late nights playing catch-up.

You see, every now and then, my co-worker likes to sing a tune that goes a little something like this:

"I CAN'T COME TO WORK TODAY. MY CHILD [insert excuse #239].

I bust my ass getting into work Monday through Friday. I'm usually the first to turn the key, pop the lights, cut on the computers, pipe the coffee, prep the switchboard, set up the meeting rooms, and get ready to take calls for the entire office.

I am so grateful to have a co-worker ---- that is, when she is at work. But you can never really rely on her to be there. Just when she's on a good attendance streak, something always comes up with that kid.

If I get sick and miss even one day of work, when I return from my deathbed, I'm treated like a wanted criminal.... and I work for lawyers!!!

I'm even scared to call in sick simply for the fact that my co-worker may decide to clear her throat and sing that damn tune on the very morning that I'm out. That would mean our office would have no one there to handle incoming calls and run of show. Heads would roll!

My co-worker has missed so many days because of the "sick child" excuses that I have gotten a thick skin. And that's just really sad... because I'm a good person and love children. But today, [she called in again].... You can just call me Unsympathetic Missy. I have no sympathy because a lot of those "can't come in today" calls are nothing but a big steamy pile of horsesh*t. Today was beautiful, cool and sunny. I'm sure she just wanted to stay home (just like me).
But I chose to work and earn my paycheck.

Sure.... I know some of you may say that I'm only getting MYSELF out the door in the mornings. I don't have to deal with taking a small child out the door with me. But let me tell you: if I did "choose" to have a child, I would make sure that my ass wakes up even earlier than I do and take care of my responsibilities.

I did not give birth to her child, yet at this moment, I feel like the kid is mine --- especially when my life is impacted by those "sick" little lies.

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By Catbox:

Apparently her absenteeism is not bothering the bosses. Maybe they have children and understand.

By CK:

Maybe you should adopt - a pet! "Oh poochie is sick" - "Poochie has worms" - "Poochie has to go to the vet ... etc.

As a friend told me one time about my current situation at work, "If they don't appreciate you then they don't deserve you!" (I'm actively looking to leave my employ!)

By labtech:

Wow, she sure is lucky to be able to take off as many days as she likes, with her kid as an excuse. Maybe she "knows someone" at the firm. I'd start documenting the days she takes, noting weather conditions - though I know that will be hard to do, you're too busy doing HER work and YOURS. We have mothers where I work, too. They DON'T abuse the system, they get to work and do their jobs. A fruitful womb is not an excuse to be a slacker.

By the confessor:

While it's nice that the company lets her take time off as necessary, but it should never be at your expense. We once had one lazy bitch that left 2 1/2 hours early everyday to attend one of her daughter's "practices". Another claimed to have to register a personal vehicle per week...

By thelma:

It's interesting that a law firm would let someone take off so much time. They're usually slave drivers from what I hear.

There's a urban legend about a guy who would call in with the sick kid excuse. This went on for years. Then he said his kid died and they gave him a month off. It turned out he wasn't married and didn't have any children at all. He just made it up to use whenever he wanted to take a goof off day.

By BonusOnus:

I hate to be the lone dissenting voice but what if her child is sick and she needs to take care of her child?

I am not discounting the possibility that she is just abusing the system to take days off.

But...what if she has a child that is chronically sick? I don't know if she is a single mother or not. Maybe she's raising her child by herself.

If she has a sickly child, then from her perspective, and my PoV, her job is less important than her child. That's just my values - if given a choice between spending my time next to the deathbed of a family member vs working on a project that can spell success or defeat of my company, I would pick the former because you can find another job. You can't get another family member.

I know her days off affect you and make your job much much harder. But are you sure she's slacking? I think you should be sure about the real reason that she's taking days off to "attend to her sick child." If she's slacking, she should be replaced. If she really has a sickly child, then I'd be more understanding.

By SouthernProgrammer:

I know it seems unfair to you but it is good to hear that your company appears to be 'family friendly'.

There used to be an HR rep at my company that was married WITHOUT children and for the longest time could not understand why anyone would have kids because they were such 'icky things' (she actually said this). She even let her administrator go because she was late for work three times (never more than 15 minutes) due to child issues.

A few years later, the HR rep had a kid and suddenly became a champion for all working parents who had such a HARD TIME of raising a family while trying to work....

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Husband Sick By Rosse

That reminds me of a coworker who used to call out every time her husband was sick. And he was sick every other month... all year around.

I just didn't get it. He was not dying (god forbid)... he just had every day fever and oolds.

And when I ask. She said... I have to serve him soup etc. etc. etc.

She was Indian and very proud of her culture. I am sure he was very proud of her as well.

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By twiz:

I can see staying home when your kids are sick... but your husband? I would not want to burn through my sick days... what if I got sick and was out of days? That is a tough one...

I guess if she gets unlimited sick days, then who cares... the more time off the merrier...=)

By Catbox:

Men are pretty big babies when they are sick.

By BonusOnus:

Ah, to have an Indian wife.

First, the wife's family pays you a dowry.

Second, there's no courtship sense. You don't go out with a g/f for 2 years, then get engaged for 6 months. You meet her for two days after travelling back to India, then get married just like that.

Third, the wife is to submit to the husband. So she does all the cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping, on top of any external job she might have. Men have too many other important things to be bogged down by household tasks. And mind your tongue - Indian women should not be outspoken or dominant. It's not their place!

Fourth, no divorce. Thus, I can do a Spitzer and not have to worry about her leaving me and taking half.

And fifth, if I die, she better commit suti. That's the ritual where she commits suicide at my funeral by jumping in to my funeral pyre.

OK, this last one is very very rare and outlawed by the government in India. But it was common until the British colonialists tried to stamp it out.

But the others? I've seen it in various Indian couples I've worked with or befriended.

The drawback is that your family picks your wife, not you (although that's changing a bit nowadays in India).

Your coworker's husband probably needs her to be his servant when he's sick. And I'm not surprised.

By dontask 0 :(:

If he has a chronic illness it should be treated. He can't depend on his wife's coworkers forever to pick up the slack.

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Dr. Doolittle By JasonJD

We have an employee we semi-affectionately call Dr. Dolittle because she always calls out over an animal crisis, now I love animals but its every other week and it gets absurd. One incident includes a homicidal chicken that liked to kill her compatriots on a semi-weekly basis

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By Catbox:

She should invite everyone from work over to build another chicken coop--kind of like a barn-raising.

By CK:

Or envite them over for chicken dinner ...

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I lied today and didn't go to work! By Liar Liar :)

We had a bit of a snow storm in Chicagoland last night. When my alarm went off this morning I turned it off and fell back asleep. I called in around 8:30 and said I had gotten stuck in my driveway and couldn't make it in. See, I had two neighbors that were stuck, so my story really could have been possible.

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By Wage Slave:

Good for you. Occasional Mental Health days are good for the soul!

By Dumber than a Catbox full of sh*t:

That storm was something! I live in Chicago also--luckily I had a doctor's app't. so I lucked out. I went to the movies, shopping and out to lunch:)

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HeartAche Leave By SouthernProgrammer

I had to share this story, I want to work for this company!

Japanese firm offers "heartache leave" for staff

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By anonymous:

Great idea. Some breakups are worse than divorce and people need time off to sort things out.

Now if they would give some time off to the menopausal crowd to readjust.

By HaveADamnNiceDay:

It sounds like a great thing, but here is something to remember (and this is what keeps me from moving to japan):
Japanese salarymen work themselves nearly to death, and expect nothing (no raises, promotions, nada). They simply work with the *hope* that one day their hard work will be noticed. It's basically seppuku (ceremonial suicide) in slow motion over years and years and years. No thank you.
Also, as a culture japanese happen to be the some of the unhappiest people in the world when it comes to their love lives. No wonder they get heartache leave...

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You Deserve An Emmy... By SunnySideUp

I got foot surgery on Dec. 21. The surgery entailed cutting and shaving a bone in my right foot and putting two screws inside of it. Now my job consists of a lot of walking and the doctor recommended that I take 2 1/2 weeks off, wait until short-term disability kicks in and take six weeks. I asked if I could work after the 2 weeks and he said yes and that the only reason he recommended short-term disability is that most people just prefer to stay out even though they can go to work. I opted to go with the go back to work as I don't have enough paid time off to make it two weeks. The doctor OK'd this as long as I did phone work. So I discussed this with my director and they received a doctor's note. I am now considered temporarily handicapped.

My job is a very high-stress job. I work at a mental health/substance abuse facility so this is the time of year where we have been extremely busy. I am unable to work with patients right now but I can do all the phone work. With it being busy, with me being unable to take patients, it does not help the situation. Today a co-worker looks at me and says "You deserve an Emmy." I looked at with him a confused expression and said "What do you mean?" He was like you're saying you can't work with patients so you can just do phone work. Okay, I HAD FOOT SURGERY...I HAVE SCREWS IN MY FOOT. This was invasive surgery, I am on pain medication and I wear a boot. Oh, yeah, I'm really faking it. First of all, he didn't know that I didn't stay the 2 full weeks out that was recommended. I came in to work and I would PREFER to work with patients then sit at this desk and answer phones. Don't worry about what I'm doing and just do your job. I am not about to make matters worse with my foot to make you happy. I am trying so hard not to let people bother me anymore with ridiculous remarks but that was ridiculous. He went on to say that he was starting to feel sorry for me and he even winked like I was really in on the joke. I told him in no uncertain terms that what he said made no sense and went back to my desk.

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By CK:

If you have a doctors note requiring you to be on light-duty so be it! If the other person has a problem with it then it is THEIR problem NOT yours!

I am SO sick and tired of these A**Holes who think they know it all! I am speaking a bit from experience - I am currently on Workers Comp because our A**Hole kept pushing the physical labor until my body said 'quit.'

I went on light-duty for 2 weeks, thinking I could use the break from the low-level cr@p-work out AH was disking out to me. No sooner did I get off light-duty did our AH give me even MORE of the same cr@p that got my injured in the first place!

Being off for 2 weeks and light-duty for 6 more is NOTHING! I have 6 MONTHS of light-duty because of our AH - maybe more!

I am trying to to let my body heal on its own before I decide it Ortho surgery is required. So far I'm healing fine with almost no pain.

Right now I am doing light-duty doing Helpdesk ... (pretty low for an MBA graduate!) but while I am doing Helpdesk I am looking for another job OUTSIDE of where I am working.

By Wage Slave:

Avoid this moron now and in the future.

By Wage Slave:

A few years ago a garbage truck made a right hand turn from the left hand lane and wrecked into my car. The garbage truck company paid for my damage. Luckily, I wasn't hurt. A guy in my office started a rumor that I wrecked into the garbage truck. I found out he was saying other insults behind my back. I made sure Inever confided in him and I never helped him in our work again. His loss.

By Dumber than a Catbox full of sh*t:

Sunny--my heart goes out to you. In mid Aug. I fractured my foot again--5th time in 18months. After a month I finally went to the doctor. X-rays, MRI, Bone Scan, Blood Test, 2 doctors and a Bone Stimulator I have to wear 10 hours daily for 3-4 months. So I know the deal--I'm lucky because I didn't have to have them do surgery to put a pin in my foot!

I had to take days off to keep my appointments but always made sure I got a Doctor's note. I finally went to my (new) Boss at the beginning of November and talked to him. I explained that my doctor wanted me to take at least a week off if not more but I didn't want to do that. I said if he was okay with my taking a day when I needed it and having notes, I would prefer it. He agreed and hasn't said a word to me since.

You are always going to have the naysayers because these days people are either hypocondriacs, need attention and people are guilty until proven innocent. Make sure your Boss knows that you did not take off the recommended time. It is important that he know this and he doesn't need to know that it was financial hardship that prevented you from following the Doc's orders.

I had a student's parent be really mean to me about my foot--but at some point we all get something painful physically that needs medical something--this parent, along with the naysayer worker will have their turn....

By labtech:

He thinks you're faking - which says a whole lot about his work ethic and any 'Sick days' he takes. I'd have said, "You DO understand I had to argue with my doctor just to come back to work - I could have left you with ALL my work, not just a good part of it, for weeks. Since you have no respect for me, I'll reevaluate my respect for you." Maybe he expects you to moan, groan and complain constantly..."Oh...the pain..." but all in all, he's a schmuck.

By SunnySideUp:

I have let my director know that I need take the recommended time off. They have doctor's notes that obviously stated that I should not return to work for two weeks and I came back after a week. The notes stated that I needed to keep my foot elevated, wear shoes that make me comfortable, and not stand longer than 10-15 minutes. Of course, my co-worker does not know this but its none of his business and I do not have to prove myself to him.

I am still working, in fact I am doing work that would have built up if I had to do my regular job. The doctor's notes detailed my procedure and even told them that I am temporarily handicapped. I even have a handicapped parking permit. I am not a hypochondriac, I do not call out from work (the boss suggested that I did and I refused), and I do my job.

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Ultimate On The Job Injury By SouthernProgrammer

Anyone remember the accident with Siegfried and Roy with the tiger? I think that is probably the ultimate on the job accident.

Looks like they may come back to stage.

Read article from CNN

When asked how Roy tasted, the tiger said "It's GREEEEAAAAAATTTT!"

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